Arranged Marriage

I'm Sarah and this is how I ended up marring Justin Bieber.


2. I need a favour

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Pattie? Pattie couldn’t be dying. She was perfectly fine when I talked to her a little while ago. Pattie was like a second mother to me. I could never lose her. I just sat there shocked. Time went by fast as me and Justin just sat in each other’s embraces. Tears dripping out of my eyes as all the memories of our two families came rushing back.


Hours later when the jet landed, I got up from my seat and stretched out my legs. I felt a little tug on my arm and I looked down to find Justin still sleeping. He was curled up in a ball now pulling my hand to his chest probably thinking it was a pillow. I tried to lightly pull it away from his grip without waking him up. It didn’t work to well because Justin just pulled it close to his chest again. I looked down at him and he looked so peaceful. Like everything was fine. I couldn’t help but stare down at him. His hair oddly calm for someone who was sleeping. I kept looking at him admiring his handsome features until I saw the tear drop from his eyes. I had forgotten about Pattie in the moment, because I realized just how much I actually missed Justin while he was on tour.

“Justin, we’re here” I lightly whispered while shaking him a little. I pulled my hand out of his hold completely which woke him up immediately.

“what..?” he asked a little confused about his surroundings considering he just woke up.

“We are here. Come on get up.” I pulled him up a bit so he would wake up.

He got up and stretched a little, before opening the doors of the jet. Kenny got off the jet first with our bags, and then Justin and I descended the stairs. Justin held my hand on the ride back to his house. When I stepped out of the black minivan I realized we were in California and I was standing in front of a ginormous mansion. I’d come here before so it wasn’t like it was totally new to me. Justin took my hand once more and took my inside the house. When we first entered the first thing I noticed was that the walls that used to be bare the last time I came, were now full of pictures of me and Justin. There were also pictures of Justin and Pattie together. And of course Justin’s step family; Jeremy, Jaxon and Jazzy. The floors were beautiful and exactly the way I remember them. They were made of marble and they were sparkling. Oddly, I didn’t see any maids at the house today.

Justin guided me up the staircase, which seemed to go on forever, and into a big maroon coloured room. Inside the room I noticed something on the bed. When I went closer I noticed that it was Pattie. Expect with her health conditions she looked nothing like her. 

She lost a lot of weight. She lost a lost of that beautiful, long, brown hair she used to have. The closer I walked to her I noticed that the glow she had in her eyes was now gone. 

"P-Pattie" I stuttered to afraid of what I was seeing. 

Right next to her was a doctor. He was injecting some liquid into her arm and I heard Pattie wince a little. I saw pain etched on her face when she opened her eyes. 

"Justin, dear is that you?" she asked. I hurt me to hear that pain in her voice. 

"Mom, I brought Sarah with me" He took my hand and led me to a chair placed right next to her bed. 

"Sarah, dear how are you? I haven't seen you in a while." she talked to me in a little less pained voice. 

"What I just gave her should help her with the pain when shes talking to you." The doctor said to me as he moved away to talk to Justin. 

"I good, Pattie. I missed you" I took her hand in my hand and held them tightly, not to tightly, I didn't want to hurt her. I took everything in me not to completely lose it in front of her. 

Pattie was looking over at Justin, like she was contemplating something. I just let her think and listened to the doctor, while he told Pattie's condition to Justin. 

"So did you find out if its cancer?" Justin asked in a small voice.

"No, not its not cancer. I know this because after all the tests there has been no sign of any cancerous cells." I looked over at  Justin who looked like he was about to cry again. 

"What is it then Doc?"

"I'm not sure what the name is. But it is a very rare disease that has only been seen very few times. The symptoms and the way her body is reacting to the drugs show that someone from her previous generation has had this disease before."

This left Justin in shock. 

"Justin, can you and Doc please leave me and Sarah for a minute. I want to talk to her for a minute." 

Justin looked hesitant before he walked outside the room with Doc by his side. 

"What's up?" I asked her with my voice cracking more than I expected.

"I need a favour from you."

"Of course, anything. I'll do it." I said, knowing that this maybe one of the last favours I would ever be able to do for her. 

"Will you marry my son?"



This is one of my very first stories that ive written so please tell me what you think (:

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