Me and my brother Louis

When Nicole's mum and dad start to fight about her and her brother Louis she has no choice to move in with him and ellenor .


2. Chapter two

Louis' P.O.V

Nichole has lived with Eleanor and the boys and I for around 8 months now and honestly I love having her around full time !! Its brilliant !!

"Louis , whens Nickie's birthday ??"Harry asked .

"November 3rd , in two weeks ."I answered while flipping thro my mail I had .

"Why didn't you tell us this earlier ?"Zayn questioned .

"Because she hates big party's and people making a fuss over her and spending a loade of money on her too."I said putting the mail on the table and getting comfy on the sofa .

"I'M HOME !!" I herd Nichole yell as she walked thro the door .

Nichole's P.O.V

"I'M HOME !!" I yelled as I walked thro the door fixing my hair to mask my black eye that was starting to a peer . I got beat up again today at lunch !!

"Hey gurl hey !!"Harry smiled wrapping his arm around my shoulders , "Lets see those lovely blues ." He said moving the hair I'd deliberately put in front of my right to hide the black eye , I tried to stop him but he moved it just in time .

"What is that !!" Louis yelled pointing to my right eye.

"N.. nothing .I stammered fighting the tears that were nearly spilling over .

"Nichole Elizabeth Tomlinson . Answer the question !!" Louis said quieter then his last statement .

"I got beat up again today at lunch !! Nobody cares about it or me !! Everyone fucking hates me at that school !! Even the teachers !!" I cried .

Then I walked up stairs into my room I slammed the door behind me . I threw myself onto the bed and cried my heart out . About an hour and a half later I herd someone come into my room , "Are you ok sweetie?" The voice asked , I knew it was Eleanor .

"yeah why wouldn't I be ?" I sniffled into the duvet .

"Face me ." She demanded sitting down on my bed next to me . I rolled my head to face her straight away , she saw the mark on the right side of my face straight away . I quickly saw the anger in her eyes flair up but , she tried her best to keep it hidden and so nearly succeeded . She shook her head , "Who and why ?"She asked gently stroking the marked skin around my right eye .

"Jenny and her little gang and just cause I'm different from everybody else . they hate me !!" I yelled .

"How often does it happen ?"Her voice was now hard and emotionless .

"A few times a week ." I answered my voice was just loud enough to hear what I was saying .

Eleanor started to shake her head ,"Why didn't you say anything ?"

"Cause I was handling it fine on my won !" I snapped . I didn't mean to snap it just happened , and plus she knows how bad my anger management skills are so she just let it slide this time . "Dinners gonna be ready soon ," She said getting off the bed and walking back down stairs to Louis and the lads .

'Your an idiot Nichole Tomlinson ! A worthless idiot!' Was the last things I hear as my mind switched off as I drifted off into a state of unconsciousness .

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