Me and my brother Louis

When Nicole's mum and dad start to fight about her and her brother Louis she has no choice to move in with him and ellenor .


3. Chapter three

Harry's POV

We all sat at the kitchen table and started to eat the fantastic carbanara I made for tea . yeah ok I maybe went a bit OTT there but , so I make the best carbonara ever !!!

I looked over to see niall taking another spoon full from the tub that was in the middle of the table , "Leave some for Nickie !" I said pulling the tub away . I wonder why she wasn't at dinner ?

"But Harry !" Niall wailed like a 2 year old . "Please !!!!"

He knew I was a push over with him when I came to food , but this time I was standing my ground .

"No Niall James Horan you are not having any more !!" I said sternly .

"Fine ." He mumbled .

"Where is Nichole , Eleanor ?" Louis asked .

"Oh , she's asleep . she had a rough day at school so I said I would bring her dinner up later ." Eleanor said while buttering her peace of bread .

"I think she needs therapy , and a lot of it ." Paul said out of no where walking into the dining room . "Why ?" Louis asked clearly pissed off .

"Well , you've seen the the way she mouths off to us and Simon not to mentune when she flipped out and nearly smashed up the living room !! And Harry , Zayn and Liam had to remove her from the room !!" He said recalling all those moments . He hates her and she hates him back .



"She didn't mean any of that Paul and you know that . " Louis said holding back the urge to smack Paul . 

Nichole's P.O.V 

I woke up and looked at my self in the bedroom mirror on my night stand , I sighed as I herd Paul something about me needing therapy ? Like what the frack ?!?!? . I got changed into a old pair of joggers and one of Louis' old hoodie's , walked in to my en suit and picked up my razor blades ,"I've not done this for a while !" I mumbled to my self . Yeah I cut no body knows about it , I've had a few close calls before mostly by Harry . 

I managed to sneak out the back door and walk up to the woods behind Lou's house , I slumped down by the side of the tree and took my blades out and rolled my sleeves up to see the faded scar marks . I put the cold silver blades to my skin and dragged it along my skin . I watched as the crimson coloured liquid came pouring out . I repeated that action several times then I done it again on my right arm but I done it diagonally and even more blood came out . for some weird reason this made me feel alive . 

Then I suddenly heard some one come through the woods calling my name it was Harry's , "Nichole what are you doing ?" He said from be hind me .   
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