Me and my brother Louis

When Nicole's mum and dad start to fight about her and her brother Louis she has no choice to move in with him and ellenor .


6. Chapter six

Nichole's P.O.V 

I woke up to Louis singing 'how to save a life' by the fray , we both love that song and being the lovely younger sister I am , diceided to confuse him . 

"You missed a line Lou !" I whispered with my eyes still shut . 

"Nichole ?? Are you ok ??" Louis asked me . 

"Besides the injuries and mental scaring I'm fine , you ?" I replied tryna brush this one under the rug . 

"I'm fine now , I was so worried about you ! And when me and Harry saw you lying on the ground at the school gates I just couldnt stop myself from thinking the worst !!" He whispered nearly in tears . 

"Louis , I'm fine !! Everything's gonna be ok , see I'm I ok just some stuff that time'll heal !" I reassured him ,"Can I get a hug off my big brother please ?" 

"Don't ask silly questions !" He yelled playfully while climbing on the hospital bed and hugging me , I could just make out the time on the clock on the wall . It was 10:35 . 

"I'm mad now , I missed I'm a celebrity get me out of here !!" I complained letting out a fake huff . 

Louis shook his head ,"You're in hospital and all you can think about is a tellie program ??" 

I shrugged ,"So what ?" I mumbled . Louis started to laugh . "What's so funny ?" I asked . 

All he could do was point the the glass window thing which looks onto the ward and I saw Harry making silly faces at me , I couldn't help but laugh at him . I waved at him signaling him to come in , he finally got the message after like five times of him mouthing 'what ?' ."Move over , room for a little one !" he basically yelled while walking in and getting on the bed , squishing me ! 

"Yeah and the little one being me Harry !!" I said jabbing him in his arm gently . 

"Group hug !" Louis said while wrapping his arms around me , Harry soon following what my brother did . 

"ok can't breathe here !!" I gasped . 

"Sorry ." Louis mumbled loosening his grip around me . 

"it's fine !" I whispered , cuddling into both Harry and Louis . I soon fell asleep .  

Harry's P.O.V 

Me and Louis both watch Nichole fall asleep cuddling into us but she was mainly cuddling into me . 

"You alright Lou ?" I asked . 

"Yeah , I need to go back to the house to sort some stuff out can you look after Nickie for me please ?" Louis asked me . 

"Yeah course mate . Don't worry !" I said in a 'well obviously' tone . 

"Thank you cupcake !" He smiled getting off the bed being careful not to wake up Nichole . 

"No bother Boo Bare !!" I smiled back as he left the room . I looked at the clock it was 11:01 PM . then I looked back down to Nichole and started to quietly sing 'wake me up' by Ed Sheeran , Nichole loves him ! 

I remember once she met him and she went MAGORE fan girl and it was so funny , I started to giggle at the memory , and I soon fell asleep too , cuddling next to one of the most lovely girls in the world . Nichole Tomlinson . 

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