Me and my brother Louis

When Nicole's mum and dad start to fight about her and her brother Louis she has no choice to move in with him and ellenor .


7. Chapter seven

No ones POV

Nichole and Harry lay on the hospital bed cuddling into each others warmth , they were both in their own little dream worlds .

Harry's dream being free from everyone sending him hate and calling him a manwhore , worthless ect . And of corse ending up living happily ever after with Nichole ,but there was on small problem that kept circling his mind

'what if she doesn't like me back?'

Nichole had a quite similar dream in a way , her dream was fir people to stop bullying her for who she is . And for her to end up with a guy who can apresheate that fact .She wanted someone to care for her and like her for her. someone who would love all of her quirks. What Nichole didn't know was that her dream guy that liked her is lying right there next to her not even 10cm away!! 

You could see the connection between these two like a match made in heaven! Literally they were a match made in heaven because far far above them was angels holding a meeting. "Right we need to get them two oblivious kids to tell their feelings to one another!" Mark the head angel said standing up at the end of the table. All the other angels nodded. Mark was once Nichole's only friend in high school. He helped her with her problems but what she didn't realise was that Mark was being bullied by people outside of school but he kept it bottled up right down inside him where no one could ever find it ever until his mum died which sent him over the edge and he cut a vein in his arm and unluckily the doctors couldn't revive him . 

But before he left a note for Nichole before he committed and Nichole keeps that in a very special place. In her heart, in her mind and in a box that Mark once gave her with a lock and inside this box it was full of memories r the two of them they really were the best of friends! Nichole has always felt guilty for not noticing and feeling a terrible friend. 

Nichole's P.O.V

        I woke up in near tears at the thought of Mark , I quickly wiped the few small tears that where slipping down my cheeks . After calming myself down I turned around to my left to where harry was last night , and he wasn't there , I frowned then I flopped down back down one to the hospital bed . BIG mistake . I hurt , a lot and plus it didn't help that I had all of these wires sticking out of me , I groaned in pain . 

Then a nurse walked in ,"Good morning Ms. Tomlinson , how are you feeling today ?" He asked taking readings from the machines like blood pressure , heart beats ect . 

I just shrugged my shoulders , "I've been better !" I mumbled . 

He chuckled ,"Well don't worry , with all the reading's I've took you seem fine enough to go home . I just need your next of kins number please !" He smiled . I told him Louis' mobile number then he left . 

Soon Louis came in with Eleanor ,"Come on let's get you home !" El smiled , "And get a proper cuppa into you !" Louis chuckled .

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