Me and my brother Louis

When Nicole's mum and dad start to fight about her and her brother Louis she has no choice to move in with him and ellenor .


1. Chapter one

Nicole's P.O.V  


Ugh , Another day of school , another day of mum and dad fighting . Brilliant ! I pulled my self out of my bed and got dressed into my ugly school uniform . After that I trailed down stairs to the kitchen and made my breakfast , which was cereal . I checked my mobile while I ate , nothing from Eleanor or Louis . I checked the time on my phone 8:15 , I better get moving . After clearing my blow and spoon away I grabbed my bag and walked out the house and off to school , or as I like to call it , hell. 


I plugged my headphones into my phone put the buds into my ear and pressed shuffle . the first song that came on was Fix you by Coldplay , I started to sing along ,.  

"When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse ...." . Next thing I knew I was pushed on to the ground . I looked up and saw Jenny standing above me . 


"Stay down there Tomlinson !! Where you belong !!" She snapped spitting at the ground next to me . After she passed with her little 'gang' I got up brushed my self off and walked into the school gates .


After school I basicly ran back home in fear of Jenny and her little gang knocking me down again , when I reached my street I started to slow down back to a normal walking pace . Both cars were not in the drive which meant that mum and dad were still at work , But I saw the best thing ever in the space of mum and dads cars it was Louis' car !! I couldn't help but burst into a sprint , i ran in to the house not bothering to close the door . 


"I missed you so much Lou !! Lifes been hell with out you the boys' and El !!!" I screamed pulling him into a massive hug . 

 "I've missed you too Nickie so has every one !" He whispered into my ear while rocking me in his arms . We stay like this for a while . Until dad came in shouting ,


"If you love Louis so much why don't you move  you fat arse pack your stuff and go live with him !!" 


I looked at Louis and just nodded as if to say 'I'd love you to live with me and everyone !" . I gave him a small smile in return and went upstairs to my room and started to pack , It didn't take long only about half an hour . I walked down stairs with my few suitcases and boxes and walked out of the house with Louis swiftly following me . I put the stuff in the back seats as his boot was tiny !! I got to ride shotgun and Louis started to drive. I started to look through his CD's as normal he had his 'The fray' CD's , then I found something I never thought I would find in Louis' car .It was Taylor Swifts RED album . 


"Louis William Tomlinson , What is this ?? and why do you have it in your car ??" I asked taking the mick out of Harry's voice and holding up the album .


"I know you like her so I got it for you ."Louis said smiling . After he said that I put the CD into the CD player and started to sing along to every song . I knew them off by heart I'm a massive swifty! 


We soon pulled up out side the boys' house which was MASSIVE !!!!!!! I've only been there a couple of times but I know my way around it like the back of my hand . I got my stuff out the back seats and ran into the house dropped the suitcases and boxes and tackled the boys' into a massive hug . 


"Oh how lovely to see you Nichole ." Paul said in a very sarcastic voice . we don't get on at all . 




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