Me and my brother Louis

When Nicole's mum and dad start to fight about her and her brother Louis she has no choice to move in with him and ellenor .


9. Chapter nine

Nichole's P.O.V 

After everyone left my room , so it was just me and fluffy the puppy . I gently placed her of my lap and onto the duvet next to her . I hobbled for my bed to my wardrobe and pulled out a pair of dark blue jeans , Harry's old Ramon's T-shirt and my black hoodie . After I got changed into today's outfit and sorted my hair out I grabbed my crutch and fluffy and started to walk downstairs to the kitchen , where hopefully the dog foods gonna be , I think that my baby's getting hungry. Yes I just called my puppy a baby deal with it !! After I had fed Fluffy , She ran ahead of me in to the games room where the guys where . 

"Hey Hun how's you ?" Liam asked while he stroked Loki who was on his lap . 

"Yeah am good thanks !" I said while taking a seat in between Niall and Zayn . 

"Took your tablets yet ?" Niall asked , I nodded my head in response . Then I noticed that Harry was staring at me .

"Take a picture it lasts longer , Styles !" I smirked as he started to blush . 

"What you doing wearing my T-shirt ?" He questioned . 

"Cause it was in my wardrobe and it's comfy !" I answered as I picked fluffy up and put her on my lap as she cuddled into it . 

"So what we gonna play lads ?" Louis asked . They ended up playing FIFA and I have to play the winner , so after Niall loosing to Liam , Liam loosing to Zayn , Zayn drawing agents Harry and Harry had scored the first goal so Zayn had got knocked out . Then it was Louis against Harry , and supraisingly Harry won against Louis so it was now me against Harry . "Shit just got real , Styles !!" I said as I got passed the Xbox controller . 

"No swearing !!" Zayn said gently poking my arm . I mumbled a quick 'Sorry' as I selected my team I picked Liverpool and Harry picked Manchester United . I was the first to score in the few opening minutes earning a cheer from Louis and Niall . Then Harry scored just before half time and everyone cheered for him !! 

"Louis I thought that you were supporting me !! Not Harry !!" I mumbled sadly , my great acting skills coming into action . 

"Awwwww babes you can't make me choose between yahs !! Can I just support both of yous ??" He asked with puppy dog eyes . 

"Of course !!" I smiled ,"Half times up back to work !!" After about ten minutest of Harry , Louis , Niall , Liam , Zayn and my self screaming at the TV , I won by scoring a last minute goal to win 2-1 . I was just about to start doing my Minnie celebration dance and screaming 'In your face' at Harry , Eleanor and Sophia walking in to the games room where we were at . 

"You better not have been playing FIFA since we left !!" Eleanor playfully scolded as she sat on Louis lap as did Sophia but on Liam's lap .

"Sorry Miss Calder , we were !" I answered like a seven year old who had just got in trouble at primary school , Eleanor just rolled her eyes at me . I looked over to Harry to see that Fluffy had now curled up on his lap , I hadn't even noticed that she'd moved !! 

"Look at the time it's two in the afternoon come on Sophia help me get Nickie upstairs so she can get ready for her birthday dinner treat !!" Eleanor smirked at me and Sophia . 

"But I'm comfy here !" I whined , backing into the beanbag sofa thing I was sitting on . 

"Just so you can stay and stare at Harry for the rest of the day !" Sophia giggled , and Harry started to blush as did I . I like Harry a lotlle bit (lotlle is like a little but a lot ! but I don't think that he likes me though ). After about another ten minutes of El and Sophia begging me to get ready I finally gave in !! 

"Ok , first of all we're gonna do your make up and nails then your gonna get changed then we'll do your hair . Ok ?" Sophia explained while we got into my room and I had sat down on the stool in front of my dresser . I nodded my head as Eleanor plugged the curling wand in and Sophia got the box of nail polish out that Zayn had got me . 

Harry's P.O.V I can't believe that Sophia said that !!! But I wouldn't mind in all honestly , that gives me and excuse to stare at Nichole as well . 

"What you smirking at , Harry ?" Louis asked . 

"Nothing Lou , just thinking 'bout stuff ." I shrugged as I stroked the puppy that was on my lap . 

"What sorta stuff ?" Louis asked again . 

"Just stuff Louis !! Nothing bad just some old memories !!" I shrugged again . I couldn't tell him that I fancied his sister now could I ?!? 

"Right ok , so where we going tonight ??" Zayn asked finally looking up from his mobile phone . 

"We're going to Italiano prefession , yah know the new one that's just opened near the studio ?" Louis explained . 

"Oh , sounds fancy !!" Niall mumbled . 

"Yip it is Horan , so dress smart !!" Louis said while getting up off the massive bean bag we we're sharing , so I ended up slipping sidey ways down it . "Come on Styles your helping me get ready !" 

"Ok Louis ." I said while getting up of the bean bag and fellowing him up to his and Eleanor's room . 

"Back in a sec I just need to grab something from down stairs !" Louis explained as he left the room . 

Even though I've been in here millions of times before I start to notice thing in here that have been in the room for ages . Right now I'm standing in front of the wall oppist the door that leads to the en suite , I was looking at the massive picture wall with millions of photos that Eleanor and Louis had token or received over the years . The photo I was looking at inperticular was the one when we all went out for dinner ages ago , it was when we were doing the 'Up All Night' tour after the final show when we were all messing around on stage after the show , even Danielle was there . 

"Which shirt Styles ?" Louis asked holding up a freshly pressed black shirt and a light blue shirt which was also freshly pressed . I turned around and exzamided both shirts . 

"The blue one Tommo ." I said pointing to the item of clothing . 

"ok," he said chucking me the black one and taking off his shirt and pulling on the blue shirt and buttoning it up. I got a pair of black skinny jeans as well putting them on. Louis put on white ones and we set off downstairs where we were meeting everyone else. Niall and Liam were there and of course Zayn was probably still doing his hair or something. 

"Hey," we said sitting on the couch. 

"Hi," they responded. 

"I bet you anything the girls will be faster than Zayn at getting ready," Niall said laughing. After about 15 minutes Zayn came and joined us in the living room as we continued chat about what we might have at the restaurant , so Sophia came down stairs dressed in a dark navy pengalem dress with matching ballet shoes . 

"Ok lads Nickie and Eleanor are coming down any minute so bottom of the stairs now !!" She spoke leading us to the hallway , Liam stood next to Sophia poised to where the rest of us where standing . As a door was shut upstairs I could hear Nichole's voice mumbled something like "does my makeup look ok ?" And "is my hair going flat?" . A few seconds later Nichole appered at the top of the stairs with Eleanor . She looked stunning , beautiful just amazing . I must have been starring for a while I only snapped out of my trance when Niall whispered in my ear . "Don't get a boner Styles ."

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