Me and my brother Louis

When Nicole's mum and dad start to fight about her and her brother Louis she has no choice to move in with him and ellenor .


4. Chapter four

Nichole's P.O.V 

shit ! Harry's right behind me and I haven't got time to hid the blades or clean myself . 

"What are you doing ?" He repeated he said taking a step closer crunching some leafs under his feet while he stepped closer . 

"N... Nothing h...Harry , just go away !" I said Turing round to face him and also pulling down my sleeves . 

"You were doing something Nichole , so tell me !!" He demanded . 

"Harry just , just piss off !!! You don't know me . Well properally anyway !!" I screamed at him . 

"Tell me !!!" He bellowed . 

"No Harry just , Fuck off and go bum Louis or something !!! " I yelled back automatically regretting it , I hate screaming stuff like that at Louis or Harry it can hurt them more then slapping them . 

He took a deep breath and rubbing his temples ,"Nichole I am not leaving you right now or anytime , your my best friends little sister , Lou would kill me if you got hurt in anyway shape or form !" He said taking my hands into his and pulling up my hoodie sleeves , He let one of my hands go as he went into his pocket and produced a packet of wipes and plasters . And he started to clean my cuts , he started to hum one of my favourite songs ever !! Which was heart of a girl by the killers . After about ten minuets he'd finished cleaning up both arms . 

"All clean , love !" He said giving me a small grin . 

"Thanks mate . " I grinned pulling down my sleeves . We started to walk back to the house and I started to sing I don't believe you by p!nk . 

"Your a really good singer nick ."Harry smiled . I nodded . 

We finally made it back to the house Harry went in first then I went in and I was met by a very , very angry Louis and Paul , "Hi Louis ." I mumbled as I walked past into the kitchen . I herd a loud sigh come from Harry soon after he mouthed 'You better tell them!' . 

"What's that blood doing on your trackies ??" Louis asked . 

"I cut !" I mumbled . 

"You what !" Louis exclaimed .

"You herd me , I going to bed !!" . I started to walk out the kitchen when Louis grabbed my upper left arm , pulling me to face him . 

"Why didn't you speak to us instead of doing what you did !!" He asked trying to calm down while he spoke . 

"You were on tour , no one answerd their phones and El had to study a lot !" I mumbled . "Paul'sright I do need therapy !" 

"You don't need therapy , " he paused , "Just please don't do it any thing you want to talk to us about just say ." 

I pulled him into a massive hug ,"promise !!" I mumbled into his chest . 

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