Me and my brother Louis

When Nicole's mum and dad start to fight about her and her brother Louis she has no choice to move in with him and ellenor .


5. Chapter five

-the next day- 

Nichole's P.O.V 

I picked up my school bag and headed for the door , 'Thank crunchie its Friday' I thought as a turned the handle . 

"Hey wait Nickie I'll give you a lift to school !" Harry said grabbing his car keys . 

"Ok hazza boy !" I smiled , we got into his car a he started to drive . 

We soon arrived out side my high school , "have fun !" Harry beamed .

"I'll try , thanks for the ride !" I said kissing his cheek and getting out the car and closing the car door behind me . I started to walk up the concreat stairs to the campus when a ball of scrunched up paper was thrown at me , I just kept walking . 

"Oi Tomlinson , turn around !" Heather one of Jenny's followers yelled at me . I just kept walking , I finally made it to one of the wooden benches and I pulled my English notes out and started to read over them . 

Suddenly the note book was pulled away from me and thrown on the floor ,"Did you not hear us ?" Heather spat , I didn't reply until Richard yanked my hair I let out a small yelp in pain . But he still held it tight in grip . How have the teachers not seen this ? . Thankfully the bell rang signeling the start of the school day . "Be here at four or else !" Richard whispered thro gritted teeth . He let me hair go and I fell to the ground with a thump , Jenny's gang walked off high fiving each other and laughing . Me , I just pulled my self off the ground , dusted my self off and collected my things and went off to class . 

The day dragged on until sixth period when it went passed in the blink of an eye , soon enough I was outside next to the flag pole waiting on jenny and her group , oh I should introduce the to you first there's Heather the schools slut and she also wears the most shocking and skimpy outfits ever !! . Second there's Angie , we were best friends in primary then a soon as we reached high school she turned into a mega bitch . Third we've got Donald he's the schools bad boy . Forth Jenna , she's not to bad compared to the rest of them . Fifth we have Richard Jenny's boyfriend who's a repulsive , full of him self arse hole !! And last we have the queen bitch herself Jenny , I could go on hand on about her but we'd be here forever !! 

Right on at four the group a peered , no warning , no words yet , the first thing that happened was I got punched in the jaw by Angie . I stumped back . Next was a kick to the shin . Followed by a punch that was aimed at my gut but I moved out the way in time , "Donald get behind her and make sure she doesn't move !" Jenny commanded . Donald carried out his orders , he walked behind me seizing my arms in his clammy hands . Richard rearmed his punch and this time succeeded , I doubled over in pain . Another blow was aimed at my wind pipe . This serisle hurt !! 

Donald dropped me for his grasped and I fell onto the ground hitting my head on the hard concreat tiles . Kick after kick was hit on my back and tummy . It felt like hours before they stopped . Jenny bent down to my level , "This is how it's going to work , you lie your ass of to every one including your gay brother Louis and his fagot pals ok ?" She spoke through gritted teeth . I shook my head there is no way on this earth I am lying to them again !! 

Another dozen or so kicks were kicked at me all over my body including my face and head , eventually they stopped !! They never said a word or anything they all just walked off . With all the strength I had I pulled out my mobile phone out of my blazer pocket , I scrolled through my contacts until I came across Harry's number , I sent him a text saying ,"Please help me at the school grates it's urgent !! X" 

Harry's P.O.V 

Me and the guys were having a FIFA day , it's so so so much fun!!!! I pt was currently Louis who was AC Milan versus Zayn who was Manchester United and Zayn was losing by a very big margin , the scores were AC 7- MU 0 . I felt my mobile go off I pulled it out thinking it would be Gemma or my mum as their coming over to visit soon , but no it was Nichole . The text read . 

"Please help me at the school geats it's urgent !! X" 

My stomach dropped straight away , I switched off the tv which Louis wasn't best pleased about , before he could say a word I graped his arm and basically dragged him out of the house . "What the hell is up with you Harry ??" He asked very confused . 

"It's Nichole she's in trouble !" I gushed out while pulling my self into the car Louis done the same . His mouth fell into an 'O' shape  . We quickly reached the school gates and saw Nichole lying on the ground with splatters of blood around her . This isn't good ! 

Louis P.O.V 

We reached the geats of Nichole's school very quickly , Harry and I didn't speak much during the ride after he said something about Nichole being in trouble every idea possible went thro my head !! . As soon as we climbed out the car and found her lying on the ground I couldn't help it I just broke down crying , I felt Harry's arm on my shoulder in an etempt to calm me down . 

"I'll call for an ambulance , mate ." Harry said still by my side . I walked over to her side and bent down to her level she had bruises all over her which made me cry harder , it started to feel as if she was gone forever I started to sing her favouret song from midnight memories and that was half a heart . Right after I finished the song Harry came back . 

"Everything's gonna be ok , Nichole's gonna be fine , everything's gonna be ok !" He said trying to hold back his own tears . 

"Thanks haz !" I whispered . Soon the paramedics arrived and took her in the ambulance , I went in with her , Harry said he'd meet us at the hospital . The paramedics said she was uncontish and she was also in a stable condishion with a broken arm , shin and wrist . 

We soon reached the hospital and Nichole was taken into a room by her self while they put the casts on her . We were soon aloud in but only one at a time , Zayn , Liam , Harry and Niall said that I should go first so I did , I sat next to her bed on one of the hard green chairs singing her favouret songs to her these included : 
No body knows by pink .
The lucky one by Taylor Swift . 
Half a heart by us . 
And how to save a life by the fray . 

She started to wake up while I was singing how to save a life , she still had her eyes closed when she whispered ,"You missed a line Lou !" 

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