Me and my brother Louis

When Nicole's mum and dad start to fight about her and her brother Louis she has no choice to move in with him and ellenor .


8. Chapter eight

Nichole's POV

YEAH !!!!!!! Today is my birthday , my 17th birthday to be exact . And am sooooooo exited , I would dance for joy and jump around like a little kid but I have my left leg in a full cast , so sadly I can't dance and jump around .

A few seconds later everyone . And I mean EVERYONE !!!!!! And they all jumped on my bed careful not to hit my cast and they all started to sing happy birthday . After they finished singing started to scream 'OPEN THE PREZENT I GOT YOU FIRST !!!"

"Guys chill !! If you keep screaming I won't open your prezzies !" I yelled , kidding ovisally . Every one shut up after I finished , Paul pushed his present forward , "hope it'll come in handy !" He smiled . I ripped it open and basically destroyed the carboard box which contacted my present . It was a blood red punching bag and matching gloves .

"Thank you sooooooooo much Paul !!" I cheered with glee .

"No bother Nichole , thought I would help you instead of self harming you can beat the crap out of the bag ." He rambled .

"Thanks a lot !!" I smiled . Next was Sophia's present which was chlothes , make up and a lot of funky colour brackets some , chunky , some thin .

Louis basically throught Liam's gift to me , "Turtle onsie !!! " I screamed "And a bat woman costume !! Thank you Lili !!!"

Eleanor gave hers over next , El got me a fantasic dress which was black and matching heels . "Eleanor Jane Calder , you know me to well !!" Smiled giving her a massive bone crushing hug . Niall passed me over a red envelope , I opened it to revile his Nandos black card it came along with. note saying 'for one week use only , had back again in seven days , love nialler xx' I thanked him for the card .

Zayn handed me two presents over "ones from me and the others fromPerrie '" he informed me , I nodded and opened his present first , it was a lovely nial polish set with about every colour under the sun !! Seconds later I opened the one from Perrie and it was a navy blue bobble hat and a bottle of our moment perfume "Thank you Zaynie and Perrie even though Perrie isn't here !!" I said .

"Who's next ?? Harold or Louis ??" I asked looking at the two males stirring eather side of me . Harry passed me a little black box over , 

“Hope you like it,” Harry said nervously. I opened it and in it was the most beautiful golden locket with an amazing pattern round the golden circle. I carefully opened the locket and inside was the first picture me and Harry ever took together. He had an arm around me and we both looked so happy with big cheesy grins plastering across our faces.

“Thank you!” I squealed holding my arms out for a hug, as I couldn’t get out of bed because of this goddamn cast!

“Me now!!” Louis squealed. I saw he had no present in his hand so I was a bit confused and even more when he whistled twice. A bouncy husky puppy ran into the room and lay down at Louis’s feet. It was the most adorable thing ever!

“Thank you Lou Lou!” I squealed and he lifted up the puppy.

“She’s yours,” he said and sat her on my lap. She immediately cuddled up on my lap.

“So what you going to call her?” Louis asked.

“Fluffy,” I said ruffling her fur.

“Why not Louis?” Louis said pouting.

“She’s a she not a he,” I explained.

“Oh but you can still call her Lou,” Louis suggested trying to get me to call it after him.

“Nope sorry Louis her name’s Fluffy!” I said.

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