I like imagines! Sooooo.... give me your name, your favorite celebrity, actor, singer, whatever... and tell me what you want to happen. Then I will make a chapter with your name and the person you want, then write about it!!!! I love to write, so if you want to check out other stuff I've done, I've got a movella in the making called "Finding Love... Unexpectedly." It's a One Direction fanfic! Thanks guys! :)


4. Kayleigh and Kellin

Weekend out to go see her favorite band with her best friends? Heck yes! Kayleigh and Leah were going to see Sleeping With Sirens in concert, and something pretty cool happened.




The taxi dropped the girls off in front of the arena where the concert was being held.

"This is so awesome," Kayleigh said.

The two of them walked in, and found their seats, and took loads of pictures, uploading them to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, tagging Kellin Quinn in every picture in hopes that he would see them.

The lights in the arena dimmed, and Kayleigh made one last post to twitter:


@Kellinquinn!!!! At your concert in Orlando right now!! I'm your BIGGEST Fan! I hope you see this!


The concert went really well, and girls loved every second of it. On the last song, Kellin was on stage, and said, "Now, there's a girl out here tonight, who I've heard is actually a pretty big fan of ours. She was blowing up my phone with twitter updates right before the show, and I couldn't help but read a few of them. She seems like a sweet girl... Is Kayleigh in the audience?"

Kayleigh froze, and looked at Leah.

"Did he really just say my name?" She asked.

"YEAH! HE DID! GO KAYLEIGH!" Leah screamed.

Kayleigh made her way up to the stage, and was greeted with a hug from Kellin himself. They brought out a stool for Kayleigh to sit on, then Kellin said, "I want to dedicate this next song to our biggest fan, Kayleigh."

They began to play the song "All My Heart" and Kayleigh didn't take her eyes off Kellin for even a second. She was still in shock that she had gotten a hug from the actual Kellin Quinn.

When the song was over, it was the end of the concert, and Kellin took Kayleigh off stage with him and the rest of the band.

"So what did you think?" He asked Kayleigh.

"Uhm, that was amazing!" She replied.

"Well, anything for our biggest fan," he answered.

"I'm mainly just in love with you," she blurted out before she could stop herself.

He chuckled then said, "I'm flattered. It was wonderful to meet you." He kissed her on the cheek, winked at her, then walked away.

This wouldn't be a night that Kayleigh would too quickly forget.

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