I like imagines! Sooooo.... give me your name, your favorite celebrity, actor, singer, whatever... and tell me what you want to happen. Then I will make a chapter with your name and the person you want, then write about it!!!! I love to write, so if you want to check out other stuff I've done, I've got a movella in the making called "Finding Love... Unexpectedly." It's a One Direction fanfic! Thanks guys! :)


2. Cathrine and Louis

Cathrine and Louis were walking along the beach one night after a date. They had been dating each other for a few months now, and were both wondering where this relationship was going to take them. This evening could be a turning point, or a setback...




Louis grabbed Cathrine's hand, and she felt a jolt of electricity run up her arm. She didn't know why he made her feel like that. Every touch, every smile, every wink, made her insides knot up, and her legs feel like jelly. Every time she looked into those blue eyes, she just melted.

"Cathrine?" Louis asked.

"Yeah babe?" She replied.

"What... What do you think about us?"

"I'm not sure what you mean."

"I mean, do you think we're a good match?" He replied. "Do you think we'll last?"

Cathrine stopped, and stepped around in front of Louis, grabbing both of his hands in the process. "I think we're a great match," she replied. "I think we'll last. I also think we can have one of those relationships where people see us, and wish their relationships were like ours. Full of trust, and faithful love for each other."

Louis stroked the side of her face, and placed a light kiss on her soft, rosy lips. "And that's why I fell in love with you," he said, as he pushed back the hair that the wind had blown in Cathrine's face.

"And, Mr. Tomlinson..." Cathrine said, with a little twinkle in her eye. "What do you think of us?"

"I think," he replied, making it look like he was thinking very hard for something to say, "That I love you more than I've ever loved anyone before. Every time I am around you, I just can't believe that you're all mine, and find myself hoping that you always will be."

A single tear rolled down Cathrine's cheek, and she asked, "Do you really mean that?"

"Every word of it, love," he replied, as he wiped her tear away with his thumb.

They continued walking down the beach a little while, then decided to lay down. ('Cuz who doesn't want to just lay down on the beach with a hot guy right?! ;P)

Louis laid down, and Cathrine laid next to him so that her head was on his chest. For a while, they just lay there, the sound of the waves rolling in, and hearing each other breathe. After a while, Louis asked, "Cathrine? Do you love me?"

Cathrine turned to look into his eyes, and said, "With all of my heart." She stroked his face, and leaned in for a kiss. The kiss started softly, and grew more passionate every second. They both realized then, just how much they wanted, no needed, each other. They stayed on the beach all night kissing, talking, laughing, and hugging.

No matter how hard the fans tried, this was going to be a relationship almost impsosible to break. Cathrine and Louis remained inseparable like the links on a chain. Bound together by their love and loyalty.


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