Love Struck

After Sherelle leaves home in escape from her abusive mum, she finds herself living with her bestfriend Leah but when an unexpected group of boys join their school, Sherelle experience heartbreak, love, pain and regret. What will happen in these extreme turn in events...


12. The Morning After

The next morning, I was woken by a loud ring; it was my alarm for school. I quickly pressed the snooze button so that it wouldn't wake Zayn up.  I turned around in the bed slowly to face him, he looked so cute, and I realized that he had taken his shirt off in the middle of the night too. I slowly moved closer to him and gently laid my head on his chest whilst I twirled his necklace around my fingers. "You can have it if you want?" Zayn said looking at me - I jumped!

"Zayn!" I gasped "you scared me! I thought you were sleeping?" I asked, still trying to get over the fright Zayn gave me

He laughed "I've been awake since you put the alarm on snooze" He sat up then began to undo the back of his necklace

I sat up too "I cant believe you" I said and laughed with him pushing his arm flirtatiously - I could imagine me and Zayn together... like a proper couple.

"Here" he gestured for me to turn around.

"Zayn, you love that necklace don't just give it away to anyone" I gently pushed his hand back to him

"But your not anyone... your special" he smiled at me I smiled back and looked down

"wow! That's a big statement" I giggled and turned around; he put the necklace around my neck from behind and kissed my cheek. Just as I was about to thank Zayn the alarm went off again. I stepped out of his bed to turn it off and grabbed my phone from the bed side table to see numerous missed calls..... it was my mum! I gasped in shock and accidentely dropped my phone "Whats wrong!?" Zayn jumped out of his silk sheets and picked my phone up from the wooden floor, he saw what I had just seen "I cant go back! I just cant. I don't know wh-wha-what to do?" I stuttord and began crying in fear, Zayn wrapped his arms around me and held me tight "Everything's alright, she wont find you" he said calmly trying to reassure me. 

"I cant go to school today, its not like i moved schools - she'll be there!" tears were still streaming down my face, he still had his arms wrapped around me.

"We can stay here, don't worry" he said as he wiped away my tears

"Bu-but wont your parents come home?"

"Have you ever seen my parents here?" he laughed

"Actually, thinking about it. I haven't" I laughed too "Don't they live her with you?"

"No," he looked down "my dad got a job promotion in Scotland but i didn't want to go because I would miss my friends too much - my dad sends me money for the bills every week. I miss them so much, especially my mum." I felt awful, Zayn doesn't even have his family with him here in London and 'I've been complaining about having my mum around.

"I'm so sorry Zayn, I feel like such an asshole now" I whipped my face with my shirt and took my phone back from Zayn and called my mum back STRAIGHT AWAY 

"What are you doing?" Zayn asked "You don't have to call your mum back because of me Sherelle, i'm fine - i swear" I shook my head, it had to be done! The phone rang and rang but there was no answer. I threw my phone on the bed and sat down "She didn't answer" I said and sighed 

"A second ago you didn't even want her to call you and now your upset she didn't answer" he laughed 

"I'm not upset that she didn't answer but I just wanted to tell her something important"

"Really? what?" Zayn sat next to me and held my hand

"Oh nothing, don't worry" i looked down "Can we still stay here instead of going to school?" I said quickly trying to change the subject

"And miss some good education, oh i would never do such a thing" he said with a funny voice; we both broke out in laughter. 

"Shutup!" I joked "I'm gonna get ready" I got up and walked to the bathroom and jumped into the shower.


Zayn's POV

As soon as Sherelle went into the bathroom i grabbed my phone from my draw and dialed Liams number - he answered almost emmidiatly "Zayn whats up?" Liam asked

"Nothing much bro just wondering, have you sorted it with Lauren yet?"

"Yeah man, i was just about to call her to ask if she wanted to meet up after school" he laughed

"Oh good good - thanks Liam" 

"Its all good Zayn but one question..."


"I just want to make sure that we're not using her like we're not ricking her, right?"

"What do you mean?" I was so confused

"I just want to let you know that, I've always liked her, and i want a real relationship with her, what i'm doing isn't fake" 

"You've always liked her!?" I cant believe one of my best mates liked my ex-girlfriend 

"Yeah Zayn, i'm sorry - i just  think that you should know" he sounded guilty

"Liam, its all good - i guess its even better this way because I do care about her, i wouldn't want her to get played so, its fine" I laughed

"Thanks man, I've gotta go though. I'll tell you what happens, alright?" 

"Alright Liam, bye"

"Bye mate" he hung up - wow! what a morning so far. First I gave Sherelle my lucky necklace because shes special to me, then she breaks down in tears and now I find out Liam likes Lauren! I'm dreading going to school now, i wish I had bunked like Sherelle suggested.


Authors note

Hi guyss im so sorry for the late update - ive been so busy, I know this chapter wasn't all that but i promise... you havent seen nothing yet! (;

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