Love Struck

After Sherelle leaves home in escape from her abusive mum, she finds herself living with her bestfriend Leah but when an unexpected group of boys join their school, Sherelle experience heartbreak, love, pain and regret. What will happen in these extreme turn in events...


14. Teasing

I nervously got out of the car and grabbed Zayn's hands, that fit mine like a glove. I was so scared of what awaited me behind Liams front door. Who was she? Why did I need to be here? and why is Zayn sweating more than I am? "Zayn?" I quietly whispered before he knocked the door

"yeah babe?" he looked me in the eyes so deeply, I knew i wernt in for a treat

"I dont think I want to go" I looked down to the grown 

"Babe, nothing will happen, what are you afraid of?" He lifted my chin with his index finger and pecked my lips

"I dont know but i can just tell this isnt going to be good...."

"Do you trust me?" he asked innocently, I couldnt even lie because i truly did trust him 

"Yes" I looked at him 

"Then you dont have anything to worry about, love" he wrapped his masculine arms around my waste and pulled me closer to him whilst reaching out towards the door bell. It sang a small tune. We waited.

"Zayn!" Liam opened the door with open arms and gave Zayn a hug "Hey Sherelle you alright?" he asked me whilst hugging me tightly 

"Yeah, I-Im good, thanks" I stuttered nervously but covered it up with a small smile.


Zayn and i walked in and Liam closed the door behind us. "She's in here" Liam smiled and pointed towards the lounge. I stopped and took few deep breathes and confidently strode into the lounge and smiled "Hey- oh shit!" I said when I realized who was there..... Lauren.

"Hi Sherelle" she said with a smile "How are you on this fine evening?"


What the hell?!


"ermm.... hi?" I said questioning 


Liam broke the conversation with a laugh "Sherelle this is Lauren -"

"I know who she is" I said cutting him off

"Oh, well alright" he giggled nervously "So you know who she is right?" Liam asked me. Zayn sat down awaiting the drama that would probably soon occur. 

"Yes, I know who 'she' is" I sat down beside Zayn, hoping that he would realize this wasnt a good idea and decide we could leave

"Sherelle, im so sorry for what happened with us" Lauren said smiling whilst walking up to Liam to hold his hand

"ermm, sure... it alright, I guess" I didnt know what to think at this point, something about her was just so fake! But, I couldnt put my finger on it. 

"Well, I guess we can go now" Zayn said whilst grabbing my hand tightly, aiming for the exit 

"Hold on Zaynie" Lauren called out blocking the door way


What did she just call him? 


"Lauren, dont call me that" Zayn said clearly irritated

"Sorry babe, i just want to apologies for our rough relationship but it was obviously your fault"

"Dont call me babe! And everything was your fault Lauren, you had a problem with everything i did and everyone i hung out with; even when i went to hang out with my sister you had a problem just cause she was a girl! I mean, honestly? Grow up!" Zayn officially lost it, he was cursing and just constantly shouting. I have never seen him this angry before, it was kinda scary! 


Lauren just stood there clinging onto Liams arm with her mouth wide open "Good luck Liam" Zayn said shaking his hand as if to congratulate him for the award of the bravest man in the world. Zayn grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the hose before disaster struck.




We arrived at Zayns house and he apologized for making me go to Liams house to meet Lauren "Babe, im sorry I should have told you" 

"Zayn its fine, honestly" I placed my hands around his face and kissed his lips. We began making out intensely. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waste, he carried me up stairs to his bedroom still kissing me. He pulled his shirt off and began to undo mine "Zayn wait!" I said whilst we both breathed heavily. Making out seemed to take all our energy 


"What? whats wrong?" Zayn said very fidgety 

"I dont know if im ready to lose my ermm... " I looked down

"Babe, what is it?" he asked 

"Zayn, im a virgin!!" I confessed, looking down - I was so scared of his reaction. I sat there waiting for him to reply. Scared. Nervous.

"And thats okay babe" he said kissing me on my cheek. My heart rate slowly slowed down in relief. i sat on his lap and whispered in his ear teasing him. I felt a hard lump beneath me. I laughed and got off of him and took off my top and bottoms leaving myself only in my matching lace bra and knickers. I grabbed the covers and jumped inside bed and rested my head against the pillow "Babe?" Zayn shouted in disappointment.  

"Oh im sorry did i forget something?" I asked giggling 

"Yeah, kinda" he said pointing to his crotch area 

I laughed "Oh im sorry lovely, but im just not ready yet" I kissed his cheek an rolled back into bed 

"So then why did you tease me?" he asked, I could tell he was giving me puppy dog eyes without even looking at him 

I sat up and whispered "Because you have to wait" I kissed his earlobe because I know that turns him on intensely! He moaned in pleasure but I just laughed and said goodnight laying back down 


"Im so gonna get you back for this Sherelle, just wait!" He laughed and rolled into bed too.


Once again he quietly whispered "Just wait"....





Heyyy guyss, sorry for the late reply. I will definitely be updating more regularly and there is WAYYY more to come (;








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