Love Struck

After Sherelle leaves home in escape from her abusive mum, she finds herself living with her bestfriend Leah but when an unexpected group of boys join their school, Sherelle experience heartbreak, love, pain and regret. What will happen in these extreme turn in events...


6. Tears? Really...

Me and Leah had finally reached the school entrance after lugging ourselves to school in the pouring rain; As soon as i stepped inside the school building Zayn was there and greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek "Hello beautiful" he smiled 

"ermm... hi Zayn" i said with an awkward expression on my face. he laughed then grabbed me hand. Has he forgotten about that happened yesterday? 

We were walking down the hallway hand in hand, all of a sudden I didn't have a care in the world. As long as i was with Zayn. We turned the corner and Louis, Liam and Niall were leaning on the wall then Zayn suddenly let go of my hand and stepped away from me "Hey guys!" Zayn shouted awkwardly as if he was doing something he shouldn't be doing.

"Hi Zayn, what you doing?" Liam said sarcastically whilst looking at me. This was ultra awkward!

"Nothing just talking to Sherelle, you know the norm" he smiled, and looked at me weirdly... what is he hiding?

I couldn't bare the awkwardness any more so I walked away, Zayn didn't even try stop me he just watched me and frowned. By this time I was close to tears until i felt a tap on my shoulder i turned  around, it was Louis "Are you okay Sherelle? you look sad" Louis asked concerned 

I quickly wiped a tear away "Yeah" i cleared my throat "I'm fine" 

"You don't look it love" he laughed "No offence!" I looked at him

"I am kind of offeneded" he laughed even more and so did i; Louis is so funny. He can always make you laugh! 

"What you doing after school?" I asked "Me, Megan and Leah are gonna study, you can invite the rest of your 'gang' if you want" I laughed, by gang i was referring to Liam, Harry, Zayn and Niall. I hope Louis understood my pathetic sense of humor.

"Oh nah! I'm good. We're all going to Zayn's after school" he smiled

"Oh" I looked away "ermm... okay then, well have fun!" I tried to put a fake smile on but it wasn't really convincing

"hmmm..." Louis began "Are you sure your alright?" he gave me a friends hug, wow! was he really that concerned

"Louis, im fine, honestly" I smiled then added a friendly pinky promise at the end of it

"Okay, well i'll see you around" 

"Alright Lou, byee" I waved as he walked away


I feel much better now(: I almost even forgot about Zayn. If only...

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