Love Struck

After Sherelle leaves home in escape from her abusive mum, she finds herself living with her bestfriend Leah but when an unexpected group of boys join their school, Sherelle experience heartbreak, love, pain and regret. What will happen in these extreme turn in events...


11. She is going to pay!

Leah's POV

 I ran out of the community building leaving Lauren in the middle of the hall to figure out what was going on. When I got outside and ran down the road, I saw a bracelet on the ground surrounded by weeds; I picked it up to examined it, it was Zayn's bracelet, the one that Sherelle just had on. I looked up and saw Sherelle sitting on a worn out wooden bench crying waterfalls "Oh my gosh!" I gasped "Sherelle are you okay?" I ran over to her and sat beside her wrapping me freakishly long arms around her shoulders trying my best to comfort her. 

"No Leah, I am not okay" Sherelle replied and placed her head into the palms of her hands beginning to sob. I slapped my myself for asking such a stupid question, of course she wasn't okay!

"Why are you crying?" I asked

"Because Zayn has a girlfriend!" She looked up at me "He lied to me about everything! How can he love me if he has a girlfriend, it just doesn't make sense." She looked down crying uncontrollably  "I cant believe I fell for all his bullshit! My mum was right, I am a stupid mistake"

"Sherelle, don't say that! You are no where near all that crap she called you! You are beautiful and smart-"

"If i'm so smart then why the hell did i fall for a lying pig!" She butted in.

"These things can happen, but everyone learns from them" I opened my hand to give Sherelle Zayn's bracelet "here, I think you should talk to him; there's no way Zayn was lying about everything, he spoke about you all the time" I attempted to hand her the bracelet but she pushed my hand away violently

She stood up "Leah, I don't want it, I don't want to talk to him and I don't want to see him!" As soon as she said that, Lauren came around the corner not looking very happy.

"Wait!" Lauren began marching towards Sherelle "Your that little slut who was at my boyfriends house" She began pushing Sherelle backwards

"Get out my face" Sherelle pushed Lauren back and tried to walk around her

"No! You were at Zayn's house and I want to know why!?" Lauren grabbed Sherelle's hair and pulled her back violently

"Ouch! Get off of me you little bitch" Sherelle screamed and turned around in a shot

"Tell me what you and Zayn were doing?" Lauren now had Sherelle's wrist in her hand tightly

"You don't need to know!" Sherelle yelled pushing Lauren extremely hard

"STOP!" I shouted jumping in the middle of them attempting to break the fight up

"I cant do this" Sherelle ran in tears grabbing her bag from the ground and running around the corner

I locked Lauren's gaze and pushed her violently "Your such an idiot!" I said then chased after Sherelle.

My phone began to vibrate in my pocket as I turned the corner - It was Harry.


Harry: Hey babe

Me: hey Harry <3

Harry: I heard you were with Sherelle at an extra class

Me: Yeah we were x

Harry: want me to pick you guys up? xx

Me: yes pleaseeee your a life savor x

Harry: I know right lool see you in a sec babe x

Me: Alright x

I locked my phone and put it back in my pocket. I had now offficially lost Sherelle! I ran down a small path leading to a park, Sherelle was sitting on the grass sobbing, she looked up at me as she saw me walking towards her. She jumped up and hugged me tightly "Thank you" she whispered 

"For what?" I laughed hugging her back

"For being an amazing friend, I love you so much Leah"

"I love you too Sherelle" I grabbed her hand and we both ran back up the path towards the community building. Harry was already there waiting for us. 

"Hello girls" Harry said and gave me a peck on the lips 

"Hi" Sherelle said under her breath trying to hide her face so he wouldn't see that she had been crying, she didn't succeed

"Whats wrong Sherelle?" Harry asked, hes so sweet

"Nothing I'm fine" Sherelle was such a bad liar, it was unbelievable 

"Something is definitely wrong" he laughed trying to lighten the mood

"Don't worry Harry" I said and tugged on his arm hinting for him to get into the car and drive us home



We pulled up outside Harry's house "I thought you were dropping us home" Sherelle said

"No, Leah was always going to come to my house today but your here too" Harry smiled cheekily

"Wow! Thanks" Sherelle rolled her eyes and got out of the car " I'll just walk home" She said

"Are you crazy?" I gasped and jumped out of the car, "look how late it is" I pointed to the moon hoping it would prove my point, it didn't - instead Harry and Sherelle just laughed at me

"Don't worry babe" Harry said "I'll get Zayn to drop her home" 

"NO!" Sherelle and I yelled at the same time

"Why not?" Harry asked whilst getting out of the car and rummaging in his pocket for his house keys

"Because he's a lying pig!" Sherelle shouted then covered her mouth realizing what she had just said

"Oh, I see what this is about now" Harry said feeling proud of himself for figuring it out "Well sorry girls, he's already here" he said pointing towards the front door of his house, Zayn came out and began talking before he was even in reach distance of Sherelle, he could tell she was pissed! 

"Sherelle, I swear I can explain" Zayn said trying to reassure her

"Go on then! I'm waiting Zayn" Sherelle said putting her hands on her hips

"I do love you, honestly. The other day, when I said I had a confession, it was about Lauren. But I didn't want to lose you so I-"

"So you lied" Sherelle said cutting him off

"No, I didn't lie because I do love you I just didn't tell you the real confession. I don't love Lauren anymore, we've been on the edge for a while now - we barely speak its just that we haven't officially broken up.. yet!" Zayn's eyes began to tear up, even I could tell he was telling the truth but Sherelle on the other hand just laughed and turned away.

"Zayn! I don't want to hear it - I just don't trust you" Sherelle said whilst wiping away a loose tear 

"I swear i'm not lying! Believe me" Zayn said desperately he had tears all over his face 

"That's the thing... I just can't believe you." Sherelle began to walk away and Zayn chased after her holding onto her arm begging her to listen. Harry and I felt extremely awkward so we walked inside the house leaving them to it.


Zayn's POV

"Sherelle please!" I was now in an ocean full of tears 

"Zayn stop crying." Sherelle was now getting teary eyed 

"I cant stop can I!" I shouted wiping away his tears "Liam said that he would sort out the situation me and Lauren were in." 

"Oh, so in other words you wanted Liam to fix you and Lauren's relationship?" Sherelle asked

"Yes" I answered 

"So you had no intention of being with me? You were hoping to get back with her?" Sherelle began to cry

"Wait. What?" I asked in confusion "That's not what I meant!" 

"Then what Zayn?" Sherelle asked me looking into my eyes

"I wanted him to try and break up with Lauren for me" I looked down

"Why?" She asked lifting my head back up

"So I could be with you." I sniffed and wiped away another tear 

"Really?" Sherelle asked smiling 

"Yes, do you believe me now?" I asked in hope

"Yes" Sherelle said smiling, I grabbed her waist and swung her around gently like one of those couples in a movie.

"Would you like me to drop you home now?" I asked whilst placing her back onto her feet

"No! I cant go home and Leah has her house keys" 

"You can come to my place if you want?" I asked

"I don't really think that's a good idea Zayn" Sherelle looked down

"I promise nothing will happen" I replied

"Its not that" she said looking up at me

"Then what is it?" I asked in confusion

"Its Lauren" Sherelle said 

"What about her? Did she hurt you?" My pulse got faster in rage

"Kinda" Sherelle began "But its fine trust me" 

"No its not okay" I was so angry no words could explain

"Zayn calm down! I'll go to your place just please don't be angry" Sherelle grabbed me checkered shirt gently whilst looking up into my eyes

"Alright, lets go" I held her hand and walked her to the car.


Even though I had calmed down in front of Sherelle, I was still angry - Lauren is going to pay!...


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