Love Struck

After Sherelle leaves home in escape from her abusive mum, she finds herself living with her bestfriend Leah but when an unexpected group of boys join their school, Sherelle experience heartbreak, love, pain and regret. What will happen in these extreme turn in events...


13. Secrets Exposed

I walked into school feeling extremely confident with Zayn holding my hand. All my insecurities disappear when i'm with him. Suddenly, Zayn pulled my hand causing my to change my direction "Where ar we going?" I asked in confusion

"I'm just going to talk to Liam quickly" Zayn replied 

"Okay, about what?" 

"About his crush" Zayn looked at me and smiled 

I gasped "who's his crush?" I was beggining to sound very nosy 

"Oh just some girl, i dont know if you know her - she doesnt go to this school"

"Hhhmmm okay Zayn" I said sarcastically 


As we were walking towards Liams locker, Harry came darting towards me in a panic "SHERELLE!?" Harry yelled as he grabbed my other arm

"What you doing Harry!?" Zayn asked "Get off her" 

"Zayn its fine, go talk to Liam like you were doing" I said trying to reassure him that I was fine, he walked away looking back several times " Harry whats the matter?" 

"Its Leah - shes - shes" He couldnt get his words out, he was breathing uncontrollably

"Whats wrong with Leah?" I asked very concerned

"Shes gone!" Harry began to cry a little, i grabbed his arm trying to calm him down"

"what do you mean she's gone!?" I reached into my bag getting a packet of tissues out for Harry to wipe his face with

"We got into a big argument and she left - she - she just left!" He began to cry even more

"Left school?" I asked trying to get him to explain as clearly as possible

"Yeah!" he said

"So, what your telling me is, you and Leah broke up and she left school?" I asked less concerned

 "No! We didnt break up, we just got into a big argument" he driend his eyes with a piece of tissue from the packet I gave him

"Harry dont worry, nothings wrong with her, she probably left to got calm herself down. She'll be back trust me"

"But I love her!" tears slowly rolled down his cheeks 

"Aww Harry" I hugged him "why are you so upset about an argument, what actually happened?"

"I - I - cheated on her" he put his face in his palms and began to cry even more

"You did what!?" I was so mad " How could you Harry?" 

"Well, I wouldnt say cheated but I was texting my ex about meeting up and Leah saw them" i wiped his tears " Im so stupid" he turned around and punched the wall "OUCH!" he began swearing and kicking lockers whilst clenching onto his throbbing hand 

"Harry, STOP!" I ran over to him trying to stop him from hurting himself even more - he swung himself around and accidentely hit me in the face knocking me back into a wall landing on the floor, I grabbed the side of my face where he hit, It was bleeding. Zayn came round the cprner after finishing speaking to Liam, he saw me on the floor with blood on my face "SHERELLE!" He shouted whilst running to me " What happened?" Zayn asked

"Zayn im so sorry," Harry began "It was an accide-"

"You did this!?" Zayn butted in

"Yeah but it wasnt on purp-"

"Are you crazy!?" Zayn stood up cutting Harry off again, he ran up to Harry grabbing his collar and pushing him onto a wall violently "You hurt my girlriend, are you stuoid" Zayn became red with anger, he raised his fists ready to punch Harry in the face - "Zayn! Stop!" I staggered onto my feet "It was an accident"

"How can someone possibly do that on accident" Zayn looked at me with his fists still aimed at Harrys face

"Well its possible, now let him go. Please." I as literally begging him, I didnt want him to get into trouble with the school. Zayn let go of Harry''s collar and stepped back. "You are so lucky Harry!" Zayn said whilst pointing at Harry 

"Haary go, dont worry i'll call you later - you can explain the" I said, he nodded and walked away


I picked my bag up from the floor and began walking to the girls bathroom "What do you mean you'll call him later?" Zayn asked whilst running up to me, he grabbed his water out of his bag and poured some onto a tissue and wiped the blood off of my face "What happened?" He asked 

"Babe, dont worry its fine, but thank you - i love you so much" I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tight  

"I love you too but i still want to know what happened" 

I sighed and started talking really quickly "Basically, Harry was upset because something happened with him and Leah and he started hurting himself so I tried to stop him but he swung around and accidentely hit me in the face!"

"Wow! I didnt understand any of that" he laughed "Come, let me take you to the nurse" he held my hand and took me to the nurses room, Harry was there too

"Look, Zayn im really sorry, it was an accide-" 

"Yeah I know, it was an accident" Zayn cut Harry off again "Its all good" Zayn reached out and did a random handshake with Harry

"Hows your hand Harry, is it hurting really bad?" I asked concerned

"Nahh, its alright now, Brenda sorted it out" Harry looked up at nurse Brenda and smiled

"What can I do for you sugar?" Brenda asked me 

"I just need a plaster, please" Brenda went to get the plaster, I waited. 



When school ended I got into the car with Zayn and began to drive back to his house, I reached into my bag and got my phone out. I had to call Leah ASAP! "Hello?"

"Hi Sherelle" Leah sniffed

"whats wrong sunshine?" I asked trying to cheer her up 

"Well, Harry was texting his ex" 

"You guys should talk to each other, he could have a reason for it, maybe he needed to get something - i dont know"

"Sherelle, what reason is a good one to be texting your ex?" 

"I dont know, but all i know is he was a wreck today, he was crying for you and he even punched a wall which led to him needing a cast from the nurse, he loves you Leah"

"How do you know?" Leah sniffed

Because he told me!" 

"Ohh, well - ill think about it, see you later" Leah said and hung up before i could even say bye


I put my phone into my pocket as we pulled into an unfamiliar drive way "where are we?" I asked

"Liams house" Zayn smiled 

"Ermm... why?" I asked confused 

"Because his crush is here and we all need to talk"

"But, I dont even know her" 

"You do, trust me" Zayn held my hand, now i was really confused...

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