Love Struck

After Sherelle leaves home in escape from her abusive mum, she finds herself living with her bestfriend Leah but when an unexpected group of boys join their school, Sherelle experience heartbreak, love, pain and regret. What will happen in these extreme turn in events...


4. Ouch!

 After my last lesson, i made my way to my locker to put my books back.  Then suddenly, a figure jumped in front of me! "OHH MY GOD!" i breathed heavily in fear "Zayn! You scared me" we laughed.

"Oh sorry Sherelle" he hugged me trying to comfort me as much as possible! "So, do you wanna make our way to the car?"

"Yeah sure, lets go!"

Zayn grabbed my hand and ran through the corridor, making his way towards the car-park with me on the end of his arm hanging on for dear life! "Zayn! Slow down!" I shouted as my ankle twisted; i went plummeting to the ground! "OUCH! My ankle." I cried

"Sherelle!" Zayn shouted in concern "are you alright?" he held out his hand. I looked at his hand then looked at his beautiful face, he smiled "don't leave me hanging" he winked. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me to my feet. "Are you alright now?" he asked as i limped in pain "Ohh; you are not okay!" we laughed 

"I would never have thought!" I joked sarcastically

"Jump on my back, i'll carry you to the car" Zayn gestured, pointing to his back; he put his hands around my waist and slowly picked me up and swung me around and placed me on his back. "Are you comfortable?" he winked and grabbed my thighs tight so i was secure. 

"Yeah, i'm very comfortable" I giggled. We began to make our way to the car-park "Zayn, everyone is staring!" I said shyly 

"Don't worry babe, we look cute together" he giggled and moved his hands further up my thigh; yet again my stomach began doing back-flips, i was so happy!



We got to the car and made our way to Zayn's house. "Hows your ankle?" Zayn asked

"Its still really sore"

"Aww don't worry, when we get to my house i'll put an ice pack on it for you. Okay?" he winked

"You love to wink don't you?" I laughed

"Yup, only for you though" I began to blush

"I bet you say that to all the girls" I said hoping he would say no

"Of course not!" he laughed "I'm not a man hoe" i began to laugh 

"Yeah, okay Zayn" 



Zayn parked his car into a garage that was next to a huge house! It had so many windows, i couldn't keep count "WOW! This is your house?" I asked in shock

"Yeah, you impressed?" he said; i raised my eyebrow as if to say DUHH!!



He carried me into his room with my legs still rapped tightly around his waist, he put me down on a king sized bed with grey silk blanket. "Everything about you is just... WOW!" I confessed 

He laughed "Thank you" he smiled and blew me a kiss "I'm coming back, just gonna get you an ice pack" he ran down the stairs and I waited patiently on his bed, so tempted to get inside. 


Zayn ran in with an ice pack and shut the door behind him "You alright cutie?" he smiled and placed the ice pack on my ankle. He sat next to me on his bed and put his arm around me " Your so cute" he said whilst looking into my eyes

"Yeah, you said that already" I laughed

"Why are you so mean to me?" he asked then gave me the puppy dog eyes

"No i'm not" I began laughing out of control "Why are you so creepy?" I asked then raised me eye browns

"I'll show you creepy?" he laughed then jumped on top of me then stuck his tongue down my throat, he began kissing me; I couldn't breathe! I pushed him away "Zayn!" I shouted 

"What?" he laughed "I couldn't help myself" he smiled then looked down

"Its not that..." I whispered

"Then why don't you want to kiss me" he asked then wiped away his fake tears


"Because?" he asked

"I'm afraid of getting hurt" i looked down in hope he would understand

Zayn gave me a peck on the lips "Babe, I would never hurt you" He smiled

"Alright, I believe you" he kissed me even more then he grabbed my waist and placed my body on top of his; I felt his hands creep up my top, honestly, i liked it. He took off his top and hugged me tight by the waist and began taking off my skirt. By this point, we were naked...

"Wait!" I said

"Whats wrong?" he asked 

"I only just met you" I began to put my clothes back on suddenly feeling exposed

"I know, but i feel your the one" he said and grabbed my waist and pulled me closer

"Zayn, no! How about, we hang out at school first... and then you will get a treat" I winked and limped out of the room

"Sherelle! Wait!" He got up and put his boxers back on and ran towards me "I'll drop you to back to Leah's, just tell me where she lives"

"How did you know I was staying at Leah's?" I questioned

"Oh! Megan told me" 

No one can keep their mouths shut!

"Okay Zayn" I told him where she lived and he put me back on his back and put me in the front seat of his car. We drove threw the traffic and finally reached outside. "My ankle is feeling a bit okay now, I think I can walk to the door" I smiled

"Okay babe, be careful" he kissed me on the cheek. I opened the door to get out then he grabbed my arm "By the way, I cant wait for that treat" he winked and I laughed then got out the car. I watched as he drove of, his smell was all over my body, it was amazing!

I had to tell Leah EVERYTHING! Just then i thought " I'm just as bad as them" I laughed to myself and went inside. I cant wait!

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