Love Struck

After Sherelle leaves home in escape from her abusive mum, she finds herself living with her bestfriend Leah but when an unexpected group of boys join their school, Sherelle experience heartbreak, love, pain and regret. What will happen in these extreme turn in events...


9. lies

Zayn's POV

"What confession?" Sherelle asked whilst staring up at me. I really wanted to be honest with her, but the truth would only destroy her! The only option I had that could save this possible relationship was to lie... I hate lying to her, anyone.

"HELLOO? WAKEY WAKEY!" Sherelle shouted whilst waving her hand in my face trying to get my attention

"Sorry" I quickly replied snapping back to reality 

"What confession, Zayn?" She asked again and crossed her arms, I had to give an answer

"I love you, that's my confession" I knew that wasn't what I wanted to confess to her, but I do love her I guess. I grabbed her waist and pulled her closely, I kissed her lips and let her go; she smiled.

"I love you too Zayn but are you sure that's the truth?" Sherelle asked me. I could see her eyes welling up with tears she knew that wasn't what I wanted to tell her

"Yeah, that's the truth" I kissed her cheek and grabbed her hand. I led her out of her room and downstairs. "Do you wanna go out?" I asked her trying to change the subject

"Yeah sure" Sherelle grabbed her jacket from the coat rack and slid her feet into a pair of red converses "Oh yeah!" She began "I'm gonna go to this extra curriculum class after school on Monday so I cant go to your house after" she turned her face into a frown

"Oh, don't worry about it babe; me and the boys can do something instead but you can come over on Tuesday?" 

"Alright" she grinned and we made our way to the car


Authors Note- 

Heyy guys its me again (BooHoo!) I know these notes can get really annoying so i'm gonna cut this one short; This chapter was kinda short -I know- but it was just to give you guys a quick idea of what Zayn was thinking. But stay tuned because in the next chapter Sherelle will experience something like shes never experienced before.... what could it be? I don't know ;) remember to:















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