Love Struck

After Sherelle leaves home in escape from her abusive mum, she finds herself living with her bestfriend Leah but when an unexpected group of boys join their school, Sherelle experience heartbreak, love, pain and regret. What will happen in these extreme turn in events...


2. Fingers Crossed

As soon i entered the school building, I was greeted with a hug by my other bestfriend Megan "hey Sherelle, i'm sorry about what happened with you and your mum" Megan said apologetically

"wait! what?" i asked with a confused look on my face "how did you find out?"

"Oh, Leah told me"

I sighed, of course Leah told you. I love that girl but honestly she just cant keep her mouth shut! "Leah told you? ermm... okay. Well, thanks" Megan and I hooked arms and skipped towards our lockers through the corridor like 6 year olds. "So whats your first lesson?" Megan asked me whilst reaching into her locker to get her books out "I've got history for my first and second period" 

"Haha! That sucks big time" Megan teased

"Ahh shutup!" I joked "At least i get to miss it"

"how comes?"

"I don't know, Mr James said he thought I'd be the best student to show these new boys around school"

"LUCKY! Are they cute?" Megan drooled

"I'm not sure, i haven't seen them before, but hopefully they will be, i'll keep my fingers crossed" i imagined a tall guy, with dark hair and sparkling eyes; that one though made my excitement levels 10 times higher!

"Have you seen Leah?" Megan asked

I shrugged "I haven't actually, i stayed over at her house last night and on our way to school this morning she started talking to that really hot guy Blake and she said that she would catch up with me"

"Awww them two are so cute together" Megan stated

"I know right! And after her brutal breakup with Jake, this should be good for her. Maybe she will get over him" I paused "hopefully!"


After Megan and I had finished getting our books from our lockers, we decided to go and look for Leah. Megan gasped "What happened!?" I asked

"Look!" Megan pointed towards to people hugging and holding hands

"OMG! Its Leah and Blake!" i screeched with excitement "I knew he liked her!"

"Hahaha didn't everyone" Megan and i giggled then ran back the opposite way.



The bell rang violently, and i knew Mr James would be waiting outside my history class to take me to see the knew group of students.... boy students! "Hi Mr James" I waved 

"Hello Sherelle, are you ready to meet the knew students?"

"HELL YEA- I mean yes Mr James" I smiled trying to look as innocent as possible. I followed him to his office; my stomach began doing back flips like a gymnast competing in the Olympics! "Wait here." Mr James said and went into his office, i waited outside his office whilst trying to make myself look as attractive as possible; I began scraping out the last of my bubble gum lip gloss, and fixing my high pony tail to make sure it wasn't lop sided. "Wait!" I thought to myself "Why am I getting all excited and worked up for nothing? They might not even be cute!" My excitement level suddenly dropped! Then i flung my lip gloss back into the bottom of my bag disappointed with myself for killing the mood.

Mr James' office door flew open, I jumped! "Sorry, I didn't mean to make you jump Sherelle" Mr James apologized

"Oh, its fine" I laughed 

"These are the five knew students joining the school" As Mr James spoke, five extremely HOT guys walked out of his office one by one. "This is Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn" They all smiled and i couldn't help but giggle like the fool I am. "You will be showing them around"

"Hello" I waved "my name is Sherelle and i'll be showing you around" they laughed "Oh, he said that already!" I stuttered causing them to laugh "I'm such a fool!" I laughed whilst covering my face with my hands in  embarrassment. "Its fine, trust me" Zayn,The hottest one of them all said, trying to make me feel a bit better with myself and my stupidity. He had beautiful black hair with a blonde stripe in his quiff, he was tall and just damn right HOT! 



Whilst lessons were still going on, I walked through the corridor with Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall and pointed to anything that was worth talking about and gave a brief statement about it. "So, how am i doing so far?" I asked, trying to get a conversation going "I suck right?" we all laughed

"Your doing great!" Harry winked with a cheeky grin; a pathetic smile automatically formed on my face I couldn't stop blushing!

"Thanks" I giggled "Should i carry on?" I asked hoping they would say yes and want to here me speak more.

"Yeah sure" they all called out.

"Alright, lets go." they all followed whilst i continued talking about the boring school! 

After the tour the bell rang! It was time for break. "ermm... You guys can sit with me and my friends at break if you want?" I asked with a little bit of hope

"Yeah, we'd love that!" Zayn said with a smile.

"Great lets go!"

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