Love Struck

After Sherelle leaves home in escape from her abusive mum, she finds herself living with her bestfriend Leah but when an unexpected group of boys join their school, Sherelle experience heartbreak, love, pain and regret. What will happen in these extreme turn in events...


5. Ashamed...

As soon as i got back to Leah's house I couldn't stop thinking about Zayn; his gorgeous hair to his sparkling eyes. He's just beautiful! But, I wasn't thinking about what happened at his house in a good way, if anything I was ashamed. I'm not the type of person to sleep around with anyone, especially someone I had just met! Something is not right with Zayn. He has only just started the school and already he had a girl in his bed THIS close to actually sleeping with her. He's obviously a player! 

"Sherelle?" Leah called from downstairs 

"Yeah?" I answered

...She didn't answer. I got up from the mini sofa in her room and limped down the stairs. "Yes?" I asked once again!

"Here's a snack" She handed me a bowl of cheese and onion crisps 

"Thanks..." I said suspiciously 

"Your welcome bestest friend in the world!" She smiled

I sighed "Okay! What happened and what do you need?"

"Nothing, I swear! But..."

"But?" I gave her a serious look

"But, you left your phone downstairs and Zayn texted you" she grinned

"Wait! How does he even have my number?" I was so confused 

"Oh! Me and Megan gave it to him this morning at school"

"ermm... why?" 

"Because he asked for it" she began to laugh and jumped on the stool by the kitchen counter. 

"Okay, so your telling me he texted me because?" I began to become very annoyed. I didn't want to think about Zayn at the moment!

"It said 'I had fun today at my house ;)' whats that about?" she raised her eyebrow sarcastically

"Well, that's what I was going to tell you but you might just blab it to the whole school!" she stood up and slamed her packet of crisps onto the kitchen counter

"That;s a bit rude don't you think!?" she shouted

I shook my head "No its not, its true! You told Megan what happened with me and my mum!" I yelled

"Because shes our bestfriend!" I could tell Leah was upset

"I know, but I trusted you with a secret and you didn't keep it" I took a crisp and smiled, only to annoy her.

"Why are you smiling bitch!" she came closer to me in a threatening way

"Back off Leah! I was only joking!" I rolled my eyes "You have serious anger issues" i laughed 

"Yeah, only when one of my bestest friends is rude to me" she hugged me and apologized "anyway's, what happened with you and Zayn and why were you at his house?" I told her everything; from when me and Zayn were on the bed kissing, to when we were naked. She was just as shocked as I was. Just as I was about to tell her how ashamed I was, my phone started to ring and guess who it was... Zayn Malik.

"Hello?" I said 

"Hey Sherelle, you alright?" he asked 

"Yeah i've been better" I sighed 

"Whats wrong?" he sounded concerned "Is it about what happened at my house?" 

"Yeah..." I waited for a response 

"Don't worry about it Sherelle"

"ermm... yeah! I think I do need to worry" I rolled my eyes wishing someway he could see how angry I was


"Because we only met Zayn!" I was getting angry

"But you stopped, which meant nothing happened" he tried to be smart but failed

"Actually something did happen, have you somehow forgotten we were nacked on your bed!?" I yelled. I looked to my left and Leah was jumping up in excitement as if this was a reality T.V show, she kept gesturing to me so I could put my phone on  loud speaker, but I refused. 

Zayn giggled "How could I forget, you looked hot" I could just tell he was smiling which made me blush but I was still angry. 

"You obviously don't understand how ashamed I am"

"Look, I'm sorry. If I knew how upset you would be I wouldn't have done it! But its over and done with now, we can't go back. So we might as well use this experience as a life lesson and carry on with our day" this time he tried to be smart and pretty much rubbed it in my face, because he was actually right

"You know what, your right. I don't know why i'm getting so worked up for! I mean you are a nice guy..."

"Thank you," he laughed "you are a nice girl too" he made out a kiss sound

"Thanks, anyways I'll see you tomorrow"

"Alright gorgeous, byee" he hung up

I put my phone down on the counter and shook my head. "Are you okay?" Leah asked 

"Yeah why wouldn't I be?" I said nervously and ate a crisp "At least he's hot, right?" we laughed and went upstairs. 


.... I cant face the awkwardness of school tomorrow.

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