Have You Quite Finished? (The Sixth Member Of One Direction)

“I had this dream...that we had this new sixth member, for some reason, and he actually ended up being quite horrible! And he started a fight with me! And I wanted him to go away and none of the boys were helping me!”- Louis Tomlinson.

Jesse is a rude, arrogant, bigheaded YouTube Star, with the voice of a angel and the perfect pop star image. But what will happen when he joins the biggest boyband in the world- One Direction, and clashes with Louis Tomlinson?

This is a Fanfiction based on Louis's dream about them having a sixth member in the band.

Warning~ Contain some strong language.


2. Lou Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In.

Thursday 19th May 2016.
Still A Studio Somewhere In London

"Hi." Harry smiled, as their new member arrived a few minutes later. "It's nice to meet you."
Harry put his hand out to shake his.

"Yeah. Same." He replied, returning the hand shake, but he didn't seem all that happy to be there.
"I'm Harry, this is Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn. What's your name?"
"Jesse C!" He announced.
"Jesse C?" Louis repeated,
"Yeah, first name Jesse. Second name C. Do you have a problem with that?"
"No...I just thought it was a bit unusual to have a single letter for your last name. Is it an abbreviation for something?"
Jesse shock his head.
"It's Just C."
"Oh, come on. Are you really telling me it says Jesse C on your birth certificate? What's your actual last name?"
"Louis, Does it matter what it says on his birth certificate?"
"No not really. I was just curious that's all."
"Well...anyway. Welcome to the band Jesse." Liam greeted, "Why don't you tell us more about yourself. You know like, how old you are, where you come from..."
"Your real last name." Louis added. "So we can have a police check done on you just to make sure you aren't a criminal or anything."
"Louis!" Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn all cautioned at the same time.
"What? I'm only joking." He insisted.
Harry looked at Jesse.
"Louis's a bit of a joker. You'll get used it. Just try not to take anything he says seriously."
"Oh. Alright."
"So...Jesse...You play guitar." Niall guessed, noticing Jesse had brought his own guitar. "I play guitar too."
"Good for you." He replied, "Of course, I'm much better at it than you are."
"Oh...Err...Ok. How good are you at singing?"
"Well...I don't like to brag but...I'm a fucking incredible singer. I've got millions and millions of hits on my YouTube videos, I even broke a record for most viewed video of 2016. I'm sure you've seen my videos, I'm some what of an Internet sensation, I'm even bigger than Justin Bieber."
"Aww...Don't put yourself down Jesse." Louis remarked sarcastically, in reaction to Jesse's overconfident attitude. "I'm sure you're better than you think are."
"In-fact..." Jesse continued, completely ignoring Louis comment. "I'm pretty sure I'm better than the 5 of you put together. To be honest, I don't really need to be part of boy-band to become successful, I could make it just fine on my own."
The boys looked at each other.
"Well...Why are you here then?" Zayn asked. "If you think you can make as a solo artist, why do you want to be in the band?"
"Because Simon asked me to join to help you guys out." He explained,
"What are you talking about?" Harry questioned.
"Well being the YouTube Star that I am, I already have a pretty big fanbase and Simon thought that my talent and popularity would boost your bands success. So he contacted me and asked me to be in the band." Jesse told them, "Basically, I'm the missing ingredient that One Direction needs to stay on top. Without me, you'll just fizzle out and nobody will remember you. Which is probably a good thing, considering how shit your music is."
"Look, I don't know who you think you are. But if all your going to do is slag us off then..." Louis fumed, getting annoyed at Jesse's comment
"Lou, calm down." Liam warned, and then turned to look at Jesse, "Alright mate, You obviously think that you can do better so why don't we put that the test? If you're as good as you say you are than you won't mind giving us a little demonstration, will you?"
"Of course not, I'd be happy to show too. I'm sure you'll be very impressed by my vocal range. I am one of the best."
"Well you certainly don't lack self-confidence, do you?" Louis pointed out.
"There's nothing wrong with recognising your own talent; after all confidence is the key to sucess!"
"Yeah...well...there's confidence and then there's just being arrogant."
"It's not arrogance when your as a talented as me."
"Well...why don't you let us be the judge of that. What are you going to sing?"
"More Than This." Jesse replied.
"More Than This? That's an old one...That was on our debut album back in 2011."
"I know, but its about the only song of yours that I actually like, So I thought I'd show you how the song should be sung, because obviously I'll sing it much better than you did."
"Alright, Jesse. whenever your ready, go for it." Harry instructed.

Jesse cleared his throat and then picked up his guitar and began to play the chords for the classic One Direction song, 'More Than This.'

"I'm broken." He sang, "Do you hear me? I'm blinded, cus' you are everything I see. I'm dancing, alone. I'm praying, that your heart will just turn around..."
He actually had a great voice, and despite his obvious need for a personality transplant, he sang the song really well; if only he hadn't been so bigheaded about his talents.

"I CAN LOVE YOU MORE THAN THIS...Yeah!" He sang, empathizing the words to show how strong his voice was. "When he lays you down I might just die inside, it just won't feel right, Cus I can..."

"Ok. Ok." Louis announced holding his hand up to stop him, in true Simon Cowell-X-Factor style. "I think we've heard enough now."
"Excuse me, Did you just stop me in the middle od my performance?"
"I'm sorry, we haven't got time to listen to you sing the whole song, we've got lots to do today."
"I don't care how much you've got to do, you can't just stop me from singing. That's so fucking rude."
"Yeah and so is slagging us off and calling our music shit." Louis reminded him.
"I'm only trying to be truthful. Your music is shit, that's why I'm hear to make you a better band."
"You know what, I think you should leave now."
"Louis...What are you doing?" Liam wanted to know.
"Well he obviously doesn't want to be in the band, he doesn't like us, he doesn't like our music and he thinks he can do better on his own. So there's point in him even being here."
"I can't believe how un grateful your being, I'm just trying help you out here. I don't need to do this for you, I've got record companies lining up to sign me. I could get a record deal any time I wanted."
"Well go on then...What are you waiting for? Go and do that."
"Fine, if you don't want me in the band...that's your loss. But don't come crying to me when I'm an international sucess and nobody even remembers your names!" Jesse shouted, and then stormed out of the studio.

"Oh my god, what a dick!" Louis concluded, once he had left. "He really thought the world of himself."
"I know...but still...you didn't have to kick him out though Louis." Niall told him.
"Well you don't actually want him in the band, do you? He was the most self absorbed person I've ever met!"
"That being said...he was a good singer." Liam added, "I know he was a bit arrogant, but I think he's got potential."
"Potential?" Louis repeated, "What the fuck are you talking about Liam? The guy was a disaster waiting to happen...you can't seriously be considering having him in the band."
"He's talented Louis. And he's popular, I had to admit it, but he is right we could really use him in the band."
"Are you fucking kidding me! After everything he said about us, you are actually saying that you want in to a part of One Direction?"
"I'm not saying anything, I'm just looking at the facts. If we have to have a new member, we need someone who can sing well, and despite being a complete dickhead, Jesse has the talent that we're looking for!"
"What do you think Harry?" Liam asked, turning to their youngest member.
"Well..." Harry began, looking at Louis and then back at Liam, "I have to agree with Louis on this one...That guy was too far up his own arse, he doesn't know what it means to be in a band, he's just out for himself."
"There...See! Harry agrees with me! Jesse doesn't belong in One Direction. There's no way we could ever have him in the band, it just woundn't work."

"LOUIS!" Simon Cowell fumed, storming into the studio.

The boys turned around to see their manager looking very angry for some reason.

"Err...Hi uncle Si." Louis replied, sheepishly. "What's up?"

"Don't you, 'hi uncle Si' me." He snapped, "What the hell was all that about with Jesse?"
"What was what about?"
"He's just came and told me that you kicked him out and said you didn't want him in that band."
"It wasn't like that, I didn't kick him out...well I suppose I kind of did...but the guy was being a complete dickhead. He was so full of himself, he said he was only there for our benefit and that he could get a record deal any time he wanted, so I just told him to go and do that because we didn't need him to help us."
"You idiot! What did you do that for? Jesse is perfect for the band and you've just gone and sent him packing."
"What are on about? He's not perfect, he's the complete opposite. He doesn't fit in to the band at all."
"Ok...I know he has a bit of a attitude problem and believe me I'm working on that, but at end of the day the kid is talented and like it or not you need him."
"No we don't. We're fine as we are...If you like him so much then sign him as a solo artist, but we aren't going to let him ruin everything we've worked for. He doesn't belong in One Direction." Louis inisted, "Right lads?"

Louis turned to look at his band mates, but they didn't seem to agree with him.

"Lads?" He repeated.

"Err...Well...maybe Simon is right. I know he wasn't a nice person, but he's got the talent. We can work on his personality." Niall said.

Liam and Zayn nodded in agreement with Niall.

"I don't believe I'm hearing this!" Louis exclaimed, and then looked at Harry. "Harry, you agree with me don't you. You just said that Jesse didn't know the meaning of being in a band and he was only out for himself. Tell Simon you don't want him in the band."

But Harry didn't say a word.

"Harry! What are waiting for...Tell him we don't want Jesse to be in One Direction."
"I'm sorry Louis." He apologised, "I'm going to agree with the others this time."
"What! But you said..."
"I know but...if Simon thinks its a good idea then...who are we to question his decision."
"You're all crazy, do you know that! You've all lost your fucking minds! I can't actually believe that you think this is a good idea!"
"Well you'd better start believing it Louis, because Jesse is going to the sixth member of One Direction, weather you like it or not!" Simon stated.
"Now I'm going to go and talk to him and hope that I can convince him to come back, in the meantime you'd better think about what are you are going to say to apologise to him."

What? Louis thought, appologise to him...He should be the one apologising to them. This was absolute madness....Why did Simon want Jesse in the band so badly? And why wouldn't the boys stick up for him. This was turning in to Louis's worst nightmare and he didn't know what to do to get things back to normal again.

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