You Found Me

Belle's life was really complicated. Between dance and school, she comes home to an abusive foster dad. She's waiting for someone to find her. Her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. When she runs into Niall Horan, is there true love in the air?


6. Thank You


I woke up remembering last night. But then I saw a note instead of Belle.

'Wake other boys up and press play on the DVD player downstairs.
Thx! XOXO Belle :)'

I smiled at her cute signature and went to Harry's room.
"Harry get up."

"Harry, Alli's not here because she wants us to wake the others up."
He jumps up automatically. We run to Zayn's room. Then Louis, then Liam's. We noticed Belle and Alli's friends were missing. After telling them what Belle's note said, We went downstairs and got settled on the couch. I pressed play and music started playing. The screen said,

"We don't feel we can thank you enough. So this, is for you."

They made their own music video to You're the Reason acoustic version by Victoria Justice. They were lip syncing or anything, but it showed them holding up signs on why they thank us. They all went multiple times. At the end the order was...

Chris- For becoming friends with me, even though I'm nuts... Communist

Ashley- For letting us come over after you had just met us.

Brittany- For not caring how weird we are.

Alli- For complementing us on our cheering.

Andrew- For taking care of my friends and me for a day.

Then my eyes became tear filled at Belle's final thank you note.

Belle- For showing me that I can be loved.

Just then the video of Belle faded out and it said,

'This is why we thank you.'

Just then Belle walked in with Alli. Belle looked beautiful.

"Everyone else went home." She said. Alli went over and hugged Harry. I ran up and hugged Belle and spun her around. As I stopped spinning, I kissed her. I didn't care if the guys were there. She kissed back and I put her down but we didn't pull away. Louis, being Louis again, "Oooooo, Niall gettin a little lip action." Belle turned red, but retaliated, "Not the first time from me." She smirked at me and I put my arm around her. "When did this happen?" Alli asked her. "Last night thank you very much." Belle said. "Oooooo. Let's go get ready." Alli and Belle headed for the stairs. "Ready for what?" I asked. "Alli, Brittany, Ashley, and I are in dance together so she's taking me today. We won't be back 'til about 4, so you can have the day to-."
"Can we come?" Louis piped up. Belle and Alli exchanged looks. "Sure." They said. So all of us went to get ready.


I'm so glad Belle has found someone who really appreciates her. Niall is perfect for her. She's always had a crush on him. I've also always had crush on Harry, so I was so grateful when he first kissed me when we were getting the mats out.
Anyway, when we got dressed, I had my hair in a high pony tail with a long sleeve purple crop top and black dance shorts with my white tennis shoes. Belle wore here black sports bra with red dance shorts and here cream and blue striped crop top. She also wore her red lace less converse. Her hair was still sorta curly and put it in another half-up half-down with a blue bow. I'm so glad about her recovery. It just looks like a long paper cut.
We go downstairs and Niall and Harry just stare at us. Not that we cared. We giggled at their priceless faces. "I'll take Belle." Niall said.
"I'll take Alli." Harry told me.
"I'll take Zayn and Louis." Said Daddy Direction.
I tossed Harry my keys and we all head out.


I wonder what the boys will think of our dances.
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