You Found Me

Belle's life was really complicated. Between dance and school, she comes home to an abusive foster dad. She's waiting for someone to find her. Her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. When she runs into Niall Horan, is there true love in the air?


18. Special Members

/-_Approximately 2 years later_-\

*NIALL's P.O.V.*

January 8th. Just 6 more months until Belle and I get married. She's 18 now and I'm 21. I'll be 22 later this year. Wow. So much has happened. Not only am I going to marry the love of my life, but a mini Horan is 8 1/2 months along. Yes. That's right. Belle's pregnant. It's a little tough while still being in the band. But, we're making it work and it's working very well. Not only will I be a husband to an amazing wife, but going to be a father to the best kid ever. Belle and I decided to keep the gender surprise.

B and I were just sittin around the house. I was in the living room watching tv and she was in the bathroom. I ran to the bathroom when I heard Belle scream.


"What? What wrong? Are you okay? Did you hurt yours-"

"My water just broke. We have get to the hospital."

Oh God. The baby's coming. I grabbed the bag we had packed for the hospital. I took Belle to the car and started driving. Her contractions began to be about 5 minutes apart. We pulled into the hospital. A nurse put her in a wheelchair and ran her in with me running right next to her.

"Sir, you're fiancé is in labor. This baby's coming now." The nurse said. We got into the room. They put her in a gown and me in other clothes. Her contractions were now less then a minute apart. She was breathing heavily and screaming due to the pain.

"Ok. So, Isabelle. I'm going to need you to push on three okay?" The doctor said. She nodded and the doctor started counting.

"Ok now, one, two, three." Belle pushed when she said three and she screamed too. I held her hand, which she squeezed.

"That was very good just push again on three." I told her.

"One, two, three." Belle pushed again.

"Just one more push. Okay one, two, three." Belle pushed again along with screaming. We both heard a cry. They took the baby to clean it off.

"Wait there's one more, Isabelle. I see the head. A few more pushes. " The doctor said. What? Twins? We thought I were expecting only one. I couldn't contain them. I was crying along with Belle.

"One, two, three." She said, so Belle again pushed with the doctor's count.

"Again, one, two, three." That final push and both babies were here. The doctor came back with one and a nurse with the other.

"Congratulations. You have given birth to a beautiful baby baby boy and a girl." Belle was holding both of them. She wasn't crying if pain anymore. She was happy. So was I. I have a daughter and a son. Wait till my mom finds out. We were just looking at them.

"Hold him honey." Se said. I picked up my son and cradled him in my arms.

I sat in the bed next to Belle.

"Hey there little guy. I-I'm your daddy. I'm so happy to see you." The next thing made me cry even harder. He looked up at me and smiled. He had Belle's mesmerizing chocolate eyes with my original hair color, dark brown. Belle was talking to our girl who had my blue eyes and her light brown hair.

"Hey baby. I'm your mommy. Your daddy and I are so happy to finally meet you." She kissed her forehead and our girl smiled. Belle hugged her close. She seemed exhausted and her eyes began to close.

I talked to our boy again even though I know he didn't understand me. In a more whisper I said ,
"See that beautiful woman holding your sister son? That's your mommy. You better treat her very well. She's daddy's queen now. Your sister's my princess now. And your my little prince. Was it you who kept mommy up all night with the kicking?" I hugged him again. I found Belle a few years ago struggling to survive. Now, she's my fiancé and is better than ever and gave me two of the greatest gifts I could've ever gotten.

I couldn't wait to tell the boys and Belle's friends that Liam Timothy Horan and Zoey Makenna Horan have finally arrived.

����The End����
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