You Found Me

Belle's life was really complicated. Between dance and school, she comes home to an abusive foster dad. She's waiting for someone to find her. Her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. When she runs into Niall Horan, is there true love in the air?


15. Scary Parks


After a long ride and several pit/ food stops, we arrived at Schlitterbahn in Galveston. I was so excited. We grabbed our bags that had our money, phones, towels, and extra clothes. Walking into the park, we reserved lockers. Ashley & I shared one, Brittany & Allison did, and Andrew & Chris did. We were about to run into the lazy river when I just remembered, "Guys, wait!" I recieved harmonys of "whats". Alli practically read my mind. "She has to have her Gummi bears before anything!" We walked into the gift shop and bought, not only my Gummi bears, but Chris bought a weird shark fin you can wear on your head so it looks like your a shark. Andrew would freak out. Within heading back to our lockers, I finished my 3 pound bag of Gummi bears.

That didn't go unnoticed. Brittany posted a picture of me eating them on Instagram with the caption,

"Belle's nickname has always been Gummi Bear. Gummi bear eating gummi bears? #candycannibolismFTW."

Andrew reported the same picture, but instead put,

"Niall would be so proud ;)" I put my trash in the locker along with our phones and coverup clothing.

"Hey Belle? Looky here." I turned and faced him with a puzzled expression. He passed me his phone and my face went from puzzled to blushing like a tomato. A comment on Andrew's post of me, it was from Niall, "I'll always be proud of her. She's so... PhenomiNIALL ;) <3 u B." I just kept rereading the comment. I truly began to realize how much I love this boy. I could just stand here and read this again and again and aga- "As much as I love you like your my own sister, I need my phone back so we can, ya know, ride rides?" "Oh ya. Um, sorry Andy." He locked his phone up and all 6 of us ran to the lazy river.


Everyone went on the lazy river once, but then Belle and I went on rides together. Later, we got everyone together again and I convinced them all to go on the Wolfpack. While going down, Chris screamed like us girls. I didn't know if he was really scared, or if he was just mocking us. After being here for 2 hours, we decided we'd ride the lazy river again then get our stuff and head to the gift shop before we leave. Going down the river, Brittany and Belle shared a double tube, as well as Alli and myself. But we all faced each other to talk. Andrew and Chris were playing around, but I haven't seen him in awhile. I guess be went to the bathroom. I just continued to engage in the conversation.

"So, out of all of the guys, who do you think would get married first?" Brittany asked. Alli and I both answered, "Belle and Niall." "That's what I thought too." Brittany said. For some reason, Belle looked surprised. "What? No. It would be either Zayn and Perrie or Harry and Allison." The rest of us laughed.

"B, listen. Think about what you went through and the one who was there the whole time after the storm. Your foster dad stabbed you and Niall took you to the hospital. Niall called us just to let us know and to come visit. Your foster dads brother freakin shot you. Niall saved you and loves you more than anything. More than food even. We all can see the way he looks at you. Without him, I don't think you'd be here, Belle." I preached to her.

She finally gave in with a sigh and a "Fine, I guess you're right." Brittany put her hand on Belle's shoulder. "We are. Believe m-"


Chris was just laughing at Andrew. So that's where Chris went. He got that weird sharks fin thing you can put on your head. I knew Andy was scared of sharks, but I didn't know he was THAT scared. We made it back got the beginning of the river so we got out. We dried off and put our hair in ponytails with our new shirts. We all got matching flowy, burnout, crop tops that say Schilitterbahn in glittery black. Mine was purple, Alli's was pink, Brittany's was red, and Belle's was blue. We were heading out, everything was great, until those words were screamed. "One Direction's Girlfriends!" We ran to the van as fast as possible. We got in but two were missing, Belle and Andrew.

We ran to the van as fast as possible. But Belle was on the ground, I picked her up and over my shoulder before she could get hurt any more. I pushed through the crowd. I finally reached the van and set her in the very back next to Allison. She was sobbing and shaking. I notced her right cheek, red. Her nose, oh no, it was slightly bleeding. "Chris, reach in the glove box and pass me a paper towel." He did so and I put the paper towel around her nose while tilting her head back. "Belle, what happend?" She shivered. Not answering, just a little shiver. This isn't good. Belle always tells me everything. "Belle, what happened?" She still didn't answer. I sighed and got into the drivers seat. While driving back home I heard Allison whisper, "What happened?" Belle whispered in reply, "A girl threatened me and hit me."
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