You Found Me

Belle's life was really complicated. Between dance and school, she comes home to an abusive foster dad. She's waiting for someone to find her. Her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. When she runs into Niall Horan, is there true love in the air?


17. Recital Surprise

*BELLE's P.O.V.*

The show's about to start, I've never been so nervous. I have no idea why I'm this nervous. Hmm. I bet I can't say it five times fast, nervous nervous nervous-

"Umm, B, you ok?" Alli asked me.

"Mhm. Nervous." I answered.

"I'm sure everything will be fine." She smirked and headed to her side of the stage in her neon green version of my purple costume. I stood there confused. I didn't realized the show started and that I was dancing until I heard the chorus come in,

"So be my stereo stereo stereo soldier.
My stereo stereo stereo soldier"

Next thing I knew, our first dance was over and we were getting ready to watching the first solo. I was already in my costume. I was going to go talk to Alli until I remembered she's on stage so that's outta the question. Bri and Ash have been very distant lately so I'm just gonna sit here.

/-_After Alli & Bri's solo_-\

Great. Ashley's dancing now and I'm next. I tried talking to Alli but she said she had to go "handle" something. Is there something wrong with me? Brittany's not talking to me, neither is Ashley. Niall and I haven't spoken in a while, and now Allison's avoiding me. Well. Gee. Thanks. Best friends. As I'm about to go on stage all of the girls gave me hugs.

"About damn time." I let it slip. Oops. Sorta.

"Go dance your little heart out." Bri whisper/ yelled to me. The music started and I couldn't help but think of Niall. I think I missed him so much I thought I saw him in the front row. Wow. My mind is strange. Now I'm picturing Niall here. Soon enough I took my bow and went backstage. The junior team did they're dances and it was time for curtain call. Junior went first then us. Alli went downstage and did the bow we all do for some reason. Turn, lift arm, and curtsy/ bow type thing. And yes. That is the technical term. I think. But Alli was followed by Bri, then Ash, then me. After I took my solo bow, we all held hand and bowed together. The four of us got a standing O. Our teacher told the audience thank you and stuff like that.

I went backstage, threw my hair in a high ponytail, and changed into my gold sports bra, a pair of Niall's grey sweats, black converse, and our recital shirt that Alli cut into a crop top for me. It was red with a picture of black curtains opening on a stage with "ONE SINGULAR SENSATION" in glittery gold letters. On the back, all of the girls signed it. I also let Andrew sign it. Not Chris. Who knows what he would've written. I also put on my charm bracelet. I couldn't handle it anymore. I decided to call Niall. But sadly he didn't pick up. I whispered to myself,

"Why don't you pick up?" I started crying silently.

"Because I'm right here." It couldn't be. Is it? No. I turned around and there he was. The one guy who stole my heart. The one who saved me from my living hell. I ran up to him and he picked me up spinning me around while embraced in a bone-crushing hug. But I couldn't care any less. We were both crying he was back. My Prince Charming was back. He put me down with his hand still on my waist and my arms still around his neck. He rested his forehead on mine. I sniffled and managed to speak through tears.

"I missed you so much."

"I missed you too. But I'm back now. The tour was cut short. I'm back now." He wiped my tears and hugged me again. He kissed my forehead before speaking again.

"I'm back baby girl."

We then heard cheering come from the door way. It was everybody. The girls and guys. I walked up to the girls.

"We're you all behind this?"

They all smirked and giggled. I whacked Ashley's arm.

"I hate you so much." I said then hugged them. They all just laughed.

"Umm, were gonna get goin. Bye B, bye Ni." Harry said and everyone left.

I couldn't help it. I hugged Niall again. I just held him close. Taking in his scent once again. He pulled away a looked at me.

"Belle. I love you so much. I have to ask you something." He seemed nervous as he reached into his pocket a pulled out a black velvet box while holding my left hand with the other. I gasped and put my free hand over my mouth.

"Belle, I do realize your life was hard. I realize you've been through so much. But I also realize I've never loved so much as I love you. No one's ever made me feel so loved or so wanted. I never want to leave you like I did for tour. I love you so much Belle it hurts. So, will you please give me the honor," the let go of my hand and opened box while getting on one knee. My eyes decided it was a great time to initiate Niagara Falls.

"of becoming my wife?" I couldn't even answer. I just nodded my head a lot. He took the ring and slid it onto my finger. I couldn't contain it anymore. I kissed him. He kissed me back. This is the rest of my life I'm getting ready for. Later Niall and I discussed it and we're having the wedding the year I turn 19. It's going to be in the summer on a beach. I was so excited. In 2 years, I'm going to be Isabelle Horan. Wow.
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