You Found Me

Belle's life was really complicated. Between dance and school, she comes home to an abusive foster dad. She's waiting for someone to find her. Her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. When she runs into Niall Horan, is there true love in the air?


12. Really Gonna Miss You


*Buzz, Buzz* my phone went off. I got a text from Alli.

'Hey, B. Listen, the girls, Chris, Andrew, the boys, and I left. Niall's in the house. They've got some news.'

I got worried. I don't know the way back to the house. Niall wasn't here either. I climbed down the ladder and started walking. I had no idea where I was until I had reached the back of the property. I was very scared. I began to cry. I called Niall and told him where I was. He said to stay there and he's on his way.
I sat against the fence. It was about 7 in the morning, so it was very cold still. I was freezing and I started shaking. My nose was getting red and I was giving up hope. Until the bushes nearby bean rustling.


I couldn't say anything but "Mmhmm."

"It's Ni, I'm here." I lifted my arms letting know I wanted him to carry me. He responded by picking me up. I laidmy head on his shoulder and wrapped my legs around him. He rested one hand on my bum to support me up and his other hand on the back of my neck stroking my hair. He gives me an occasional kiss on my temple. We made it back to the house soon. Niall sat on the couch with my arms still around him, but I put my legs on either side of him. He began to cry. I pulled up,

"Niall, what's wrong?" I looked down at him and wiped a tear from his face.

"Management called today, we're starting tour tomorrow. I didn't know about it until this morning. I tried to convince them to let you come, but they wouldn't let me. Oh Belle, I'm so sorry."
He hugged me again and I returned the favor.

"Ni, don't cry, please. I hate seeing you upset."
We sat in each others arms for a very long time. After awhile, Niall got dressed and went to pick up some McDonald's. I turned on the tv and was shocked at the top story of the week.

'Yep, it's official. One Direction is all taken, ladies.'
It then showed everyone with pictures together when the lady said their names.

' Liam Payne is with an Ashley Walker, Harry Styles is with an Alli Short, Louis Tomlinson is with a Brittany Bradley, Zayn Malik is still with Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, and finally Niall Horan and his mystery girlfriend. This photo was posted on Instagram last night of the lovely couple. But will any of these last? Find outworn we interview the boys next Friday.'

Oh my. We were trending on the news. I wider what we're like on Twitter. I grabbed my phone. I logged in and #NiallersMysteryGF was
trending. I looked at some comments, some were so supportive of us. Until I scrolled down more.

'That chick is too fat for him! He can do soooooo much better!'

'She's so ugly.'

'Poor Niall. I bet she's using him to get stuff.'

'She clearly only likes him for the fame!'

'Believe me, it'll pass. It's just a summer fling.'

I began to tear up. I saw the next comment.

'@Niall_Offical. Stop making fun of her! She's amazing. Don't you dare say she's fat, or ugly, or I'm too good for her. Belle is the best girl I ever met. And if you were true fans, you would be supportive of us. #Nielle4EVER.'

It was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me. Our front door opened and Niall came in and put the food on the kitchen counter. I hugged him from behind.

"I saw what you put on Twitter. Thank you." I got on my tip toes kissed him on his neck. (I'm only 5'2")

"Is that all the thanks I get?" He smirked and turned around, planting a kiss on my lips.

We pulled apart and took our food the living room. We sat on the floor and ate while watching Finding Nemo. Niall cried through more than half of it. It was kinda funny. When we were done eating, I sat in Niall's arms. We put in Rocky Horror Picture Show. When Time Warp came on, I danced and sang like a weirdo. I also taught Niall the dance and it was hilarious watching him try. We both sat down again. I sang when Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me came on. Niall was rubbing his hand up and down my shoulder. When the lines said 'Creature of the night.' he'd say it along with the movie into my ear. After about the 5th time he said it, he turned me around slowly. He pushed a strand of hair out of my face before cupping my face with his hand. He leaned in and crashed his lips onto mine. I didn't stop him. He kinda got on his knees and laid me flat on the floor without breaking the kiss. He took off his sweatshirt that I was wearing and we kissed more.

"Hey, Nialler. What's up, Buddy?" That sounded like Louis. Niall and I sat up and saw the guys standing in front of the kitchen. I guess they came in through the back door.

"Damn, you guys. Don't you knock?" Niall questioned.

"No." A gleeful Louis replied.

"Why are you here?" Niall asked.

"We're here to help you pack." Liam said.

"We would've said something a minute ago, but you looked busy." Harry winked at Niall and smiled. I blushed a bright red. They apparently saw the whole kissing scene between us.

"But we now see you're ready. Lets go help you pack!" Louis said running up the stairs. The boys followed but Zayn came back down to me and sighed.

"Belle, can I talk to you about something?"

"Sure, Zayn."

"Well Niall, he loves you. A lot. I've never seen him so happy about a girl before. When it's just us, he never stops talking about you."

I was blushing at the fact of how much Niall DOES truly love me.

"But Belle," he continued, "He's been hurt before, too. And I guess what I'm trying to say is please, don't do anything to hurt him. Please?"

"Zayn, I wouldn't dream of it." I smiled and we 'bro hugged'. He ran up the stairs to Niall and my shared room. I meant it. I would never intentionally hurt Niall in any way. I love him. Nobody could change that. Hhhhh. I'm really gonna miss him.


I heard everything Zayn told Belle. He was right about everything and when I heard her say she wouldn't dream of hurting me made me feel so much better. I would never hurt her intentionally hurt Belle in any way. I love her. Nobody could change that. Hhhhh. I'm really gonna miss her.
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