You Found Me

Belle's life was really complicated. Between dance and school, she comes home to an abusive foster dad. She's waiting for someone to find her. Her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. When she runs into Niall Horan, is there true love in the air?


11. Friends and Late Conversations


After eating a magnificent plate of pancakes, I went and took a shower. I left my new bracelet on the counter and removed the bandages that were around my right shoulder. It showed a small scar where the bullet glided across it. I gently touched it expecting it to hurt terribly, but there was only a slight pain. *Buzz, buzz* My phone went off. I received a text from Alli.

Alli-gator <3:
'OMG, Belle. The girls and I heard about everything that happened. Ash, Brit, Andrew, Chris, & I r coming over in 2 hours. <3 ya. Sista from anotha mista. ;)'

I replied.

'Cool. FYI, I'm ok. I miss u guys. <3. Sista from anotha mista. ;D'

I took a long, well deserved, shower and got dressed in my clothes and put my bracelet back on. I dryed my hair, curled it a bit, and but it in a half up/ half down.

I told Niall my friends were coming. The guys were coming over too. I sat next to him on the couch watching him play Mario Cart. Wait, scratch that. I sat next to him on the couch watching him FAIL EPICALLY at Mario Cart. He lost, again and was mad. He stood up screaming.

"UGHH! DAMMIT!" I couldn't help but giggle. He was his sweet self again.



"No seriously Belle what?" He sat next to me again and put his arm around me.

"Well, Nialler, you are really cute when you're mad." I giggled again.

"Well, Belle," He mocked my tone. "you are really cute, always."

"Aww. I love you."

"I love you, too."

We kissed but the door opened. The boys stood in the doorway.

"Belle?" Louis whined, "Where's my love?" I laughed and ran to give him a hug. Followed by the rest of the guys.

"Zayn, wait up." I saw a pretty blond girl come out of a car. OMG. It was Perrie from Little Mix. Zayn's said a lot about her, but I haven't met her yet. Zayn introduced us to each other and we all went in the back yard. Perrie and I sat on the porch watching the guys playing on a jungle gym. Perrie and I talked and talked until I heard the door bell. Perrie followed me and I introduced her to everyone.

"PERRIE?!?!" Zayn called for her outside.

"Oh my. I'll be outside." She sighed and walked outside.

"Oh gosh, Belle are you ok?" Andrew asked me.
I hugged him.

"Yes, Andy. I'm fine."

I hugged Chris and the others and we all went outside.

"Belle, I have to go. It was great to meet you." Perrie said and then left.

It was about 5pm now. of the boys were ok the jungle gym. Harry was holding Alli in his arms in a beach chair. Louis and Brittany were sitting at the edge of the pool with their feet in. Liam was walking and talking with Ashley. But Niall and I were on the trampoline together. He was just jumping, but occasionally watched me in awe. I would do backflips, back tucks, front flips, handsprings, and more tricks.

"HEY, LIAM?! TRUTH OR DARE?!?" Louis shouted. Once he said that, we all joined him and Brittany and our our feet in the pool.


"Who here would you date?"

Liam blushed and put his arm around Ashley.
"Why, Ash, of coarse." He kissed her cheek causing her to also blush. She looked at me and I gave her a thumbs up. Liam next asked his turn.

"Ashley, truth or dare?"

"Um- uh- dare."

"Hmm, oh, I dare you to do your favorite competition dance you told me about."


To make her feel less nervous, without thinking I said, "I'll do it too."


I realized what I said. We put our shoes on and i plugged my phone into the surround sound system. I pressed play and Ashley and I started dancing.

(To hear the song, listen to Scratch by BG5)

We finished and continued with the game. Alli and Harry had to kiss for 2 minutes, Andrew and Chris had to run around in their underwear, Zayn had to try and do a toe touch, and i had to sit in the splits for about 10 minutes. I saw the time was around 6:30.

We all decided to camp out tonight. Niall and I gave everyone boat loads of blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows. Harry and Alli were going to sleep on the trampoline. Ashley, Liam, Zayn, Andrew, and Chris slept on beach chairs (Liam and Ashley were on the same one). Louis and Brittany made a fort in the jungle gym. Everyone was out like a light very quickly. So, Niall took me, along with some sleeping bags and pillows, into the woods.

I didn't know where we were going until I looked up and saw a huge tree house with a huge balcony. We climbed up and set our pallet up inside. While Niall watched the tv that was inside, I sat on the balcony looking at the stars. I was getting cold, but the sky seemed almost too beautiful to leave. I felt a warm arm on my shoulder. It was Niall.

"Hey, you ok?"

"Uh," I shivered. "Ya." He took his green hoodie and made me put it on. Now Niall was, again, in only sweatpants. No shirt. He held me in his arms and leaned against him.

"So, whatcha doing?"

"Nothin, just looking at the stars, thinkin."


"Well, you love me, right?"


"Whenever we go official, I'll get hate and I know that. But with the hate I was hoping you'd help me cope with it. Would you?"

"Well, duh." I giggled and rolled my eyes at his comments. He kissed my forehead and we went inside the tree house. He took out his phone and he took a picture of us hugging. After a few minutes on his phone, he showed me what he did. He posted the picture on Instagram with the following comment,

'I got the BEST GF EVER!'

I giggled and we fell asleep to watching family guy.
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