No Perfection !

Hi ! I'm Harriet and im eighteen ! Me and my BFF's wanna be stars and YES we did it but then something i was not ready for is coming...


2. Where we met.

Harriet P.O.V :

I was sleeping when i feeled someone holding up off my bed thighter and thighter . I slowly opened my eyes and guess who ? Louisa was holding me and she run out of my room still holding me on her shoulder . Damn...She is strong . She kept running in the stairs and then she throw me on the couch . ' HOLY SHIT !! LOUISA COME BACK HERE DUMB ASS !!' i screamed at her while she is running into the kitchen and laughing and yes i know im not myself the morning when im still tired :s . And then i runned to her but i stopped when i see Liame in front of me . I looked up of her shoulder and see Louisa giggling. Damn ! Next time i will got ' ya !  and then i looked back to Liame  and she shot me a ' Don't try if you wanna stay alive ' look . Gosh this girl got a really scary dark side ! ' Where's my food ? '  Nialla said giving me a hug and taking a sit at the table . Liame start cooking some bacon and eggs . I trun on the TV and my eyes grows bigger at the same moment Zaynie comes in the living room  and look me with a questionng face ' Vas'Happenin' ? ' i paused the TV and pointed with my finger the TV . Her eyes grow bigger two . We we're totally shocked . Nialla comes in with a sandwich in her hand and looked at us ' What's going on girls ?' she turned to look where we we're looking. Her eyes widened too . ' WHO'S THOSE GUYS !!!!????'  i turned louder the volume so  Liame and Louisa could hear . The interviewver said : ' So a lot of applause for the One Direction !! ' ' WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ???? ' Nialla screamed , i giggled . Zaynie was even more in shock . Louisa and Liame run in the living room to see if they misheard what they heared . ' Hi i'm Zayn '  the first guy said ' WTF?!!' Zaynie said back to  earth. ' I'm Niall ' said the guy with a Irish accent . ' How cute ...' Nialla said seductively before taking a bite in her sandwich . ' I'm Liam' said the guy who as seem to be serious ' WHAT THE HELL I GOT A TWIN ???!!!' Liame said loosing her control . ' I'm Louis ' the striped guy said ' YAY !! NEW BUDDY !! ' Louisa screamed imitating  a guy voice . I laughed . Wow these girls are really too much  dramatic overreact ! And then come the last curled guy . ' I'm Harry ' ' WHO ' S THAT CREEPY HARRY FUCKING STYLES WHO IS SIMILAR TO ME !!!!????' i screamed .They all giggled . ' Girls we need to search informations of those ....clones in male version or One Direction !' Liame said trying to get back her calm . ' Let's take a break before : who's going  with me to Starbucks ?' Zaynie said going up stairs to change her Pj's ' Bitch ! I'm fabulous !' into a white Jack Wills hoodie with a grey shirt and a black little short . ' You look like you gonna do a publicity for ' Vanish ' ' i said before giggling ' Shut up you're just jealous because more sexy than you bitch !' she replied ' Wow calm down i'm kidding Miss Sexy ! ' we giggled and then a huge smile was on her face ' I'm happy because you said IM SEXY! ' she said ' AND I KNOW IT !' i replied with the same tone than her and we giggled more louder . Few minutes later we were all ready to go . I sit on the driver seat , Zaynie was on the passenger seat she wanted to look her in a mirror and that seems very important to her ! Louisa , Liame and Nialla were on the back seat and then we were on the way to Starbucks .


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