No Perfection !

Hi ! I'm Harriet and im eighteen ! Me and my BFF's wanna be stars and YES we did it but then something i was not ready for is coming...


5. Truth or Dare !

Nialla P.O.V :

We played all night at 'Truth or Dare' !

'So Zayn it's your turn : truth or dare ?' Louis said with a evil smirk 'What a sadic face... Zayn , be careful...'  Zaynie said as we all giggled and Louis glares playfully at her . ' Tru...No ! Dare yeah dare...' Zayn said hesitating . Poor Zayn :( . '  Your dare is... to kiss Zaynie ! ' he said with another devilish smirk on his face at Zaynie who was really shocked at she turned to red ' I'm not afraid of challenge .' Zayn with little bit of pink shade on his cheeks . How cute they are !! They both leaned together and kissed and i sensed that Zaynie had an electric frozen shock. Yeah pretty weird i know but that's the way she fell in love .I always sense what those girls feels and it's why i'm friends with them and  they always there for me . I love my girlies <3 . Back to the game , after the kiss , we all awwed . Zaynie shot us a ' Shut your mouths off !! ' look . ' Sorry ' we all mumbled . The night passed to fast ! At the end of the night , Harriet was sleeping into Harry's arms on the first couch , Zayn and Zaynie were on the floor. Zaynie had her head on his shoulder and he put his arm around her as they fall asleep in that posiiton. Liam and Lila ( Liame) were on the second couch looking on his laptop for videos on Youtube , Facebook and on Twitter . Louis and Louisa were in the pool how weird they are to do that outside when we are in winter . So then Niall and me were in the kitchen eating lots of food and laughing and joking . And then i swear i had a feeling that he would ask me that anytime . ' So.... Got a boyfriend ? ' he asked as he looked worried ' No i'm still waiting for the ' One ' to come to me . ' i said a  little bit shy but he walked to me and hugged me  . ' I 've got the same problem so don't feel lonely  ' Nia ' . ' it's really weird how i can be attached at a person i knew few hours ago and get really closer to him . ' Thanks ' Nially '  ' he smiled i turned to face him and i look into his beautiful blue sparkless eyes . He leaned in and ... i  pushed him  away and see hurt in his eyes . I was too scared 'cause i'd never had this feeling... And then we sitted with a very poundless atmosphere . I feeled a pound in my stomach and i was really guilty . Thank you God , Liame get's me out of there and told to wake up the girls to go . GOSH I LOVE MY ANGEL !! So i've go to wake up first the worst : Harriet . She is such an bitch when she wake up . ' HARRIET WE NEED TO GO !!! ' I was prepared to the worst. She opened slightly her eyes and opened slowly and softly Harry's arms to not  wake him up as  she kissed his cheek , she grabbed my hand to go out . Oh oh . No Good Sign . When we were outside i turned to her when she punched me in the face .I  was already on the floor ,with the blood already coming out . I tried to get but then she kicked me in the stomach making throat blood out of my mouth . I looked at her with tears in the eyes because of the hurt , then i see that she was still a little bit asleep but angry . Then i saw Louisa behind her giving her a hit on her head to wake up . She woked up and her widened when she seen at what she did . Her eyes were now with tears too as she run next to me to held me to the car . She cried ' Nialla...I..I..I ' m sorry... I didn't meant to hurt you..'  I smiled a bit ' It's okay Harriet... Don't worry.' she sits next to me when Louisa sits to the driver seat and glares at Harriet with anger  . ' Why did you do that bitch ? ' She asked angrily as Harriet looked down at her Converses . I rubbed her back ' It's fine Lola (Louisa)  she didn't know what she was doing and ya know that she's Dark Harriet when woke up ! ' I joked to detend the atmophsere . Seems like it didn't worked out .

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