No Perfection !

Hi ! I'm Harriet and im eighteen ! Me and my BFF's wanna be stars and YES we did it but then something i was not ready for is coming...


1. Prologue

Hi there ! I think you already know who i am but now let's introduce my friends : So first, Louisa, she is a very weird girl but i like her because of that ! she's the oldest with 23 years . Next Zaynie she 's the most vainest girl in the world !! If we are not on the stage she can't stop taking photo of her or changing clothes to ask us if she is pretty with it !! Oh my gosh this girl can get tired anyone in five sec' ! and then we came to Liame who is the most mature like a mommy ! If she wasn't there we're already been in prison ! And then last but not least : Here we go with Nialla she is the most BIGGER eater in earth !!! She can eat all in a house in less than a hour ! But she is so cute with her long blonde straight hair and  her blue sparkle eyes and her accent !! aww ! And me i have long curled brown hair with green eyes and im kind of cheeky...

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