No Perfection !

Hi ! I'm Harriet and im eighteen ! Me and my BFF's wanna be stars and YES we did it but then something i was not ready for is coming...


6. Night in a hospital.

Louisa P.O.V :

' Seriously Harriet !! ' i said but it's true looking at what she'd done to Nialla looking like Bloody Mary . I left the car with Harriet and Nialla in to search for Zaynie and Liame and also for search an ice for Nialla . ' Liame !!!! Zaynie !!! We need to go hurry up !!! ' i screamed and Liame comes to me ' Why so urgently ? ' she asked as i explained her and she was totally shocked and told me to go and catch Zaynie to go at the hospital for Nialla . ' ZAYNIE COME ON WE NEED TO GO !!! ' i screamed more louder . She didn't answer . I got up stairs to Zayn's room and find her sleeping on his bed while he is next to her pulling  her next to him  . ' ZAYNIE MOVE  YOUR FAT ASS OUT OF HERE !!! ' i screamed impatiently as she woked up . But Zayn didn't wanted to let her go so i gived him her number and our adress and i holded her on my shoulder to go down stairs . ' But....Louisa.....I need to see me in the mirror....I don't want to go out ugly..' she said still asleep . I sighed and ignored what she said . I walked to the car to put her on the back seat next to Nialla and Harriet . I drive to slow so Liame drived and i was on the passenger seat . We went to the hospital , Nialla got into the emergency room and we waited in the attent  room . Liama and were really worried , Harriet was crying and Zaynie was comforting her even if didn't why we were acting like that and why Nialla had blood on her Liame explained her and she started to worry . Finally the doctor told us to enter in her room . ' So it seems like Nialla nothing really dangerous for her life don't worry , she need just to stay in examination here for few days . ' he said . we were all relaxed and were to Nialla . I tooked her right hand and Harriet tooked the other still crying of guiltness . ' I...I 'm really sorry Nialla...' she said with red eyes ' Don't worry i'm fine Ririe (Harriet) !! It's not like i'm gonna die without eating before ! Oh and talking about i need to go search food...' she said giong up of her hospital bed ' NO MISS YOU STAY IN BED !! ' Liame said looking more  worried like it would happened something more worst . ' But Liame my fo..' ' NO STAY IN BED !! I'LL GO SEARCH YOUR FOOD !!! ' Liame said acting like a mom and exiting the room to search food . Nialla giggled ' You girls don't need to stay or do anything for me i can do it from my own ! ' she said ' But Nialla we know that we can leave but we want to stay with you ! You know we're your bestfriends and bestfriends support eachothers ! ' Zaynie said ' But bestfriends don't  beat to blood her bestfriends...' I said glaring at Harriet still a little bit angry of her . ' LOUISA !!! I WAS ASLEEP !! ' she said trying to defend herself ' WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU DREAMING OF ???!!!!!  '  I said getting more angry as she looked down at the ground ' Nothing....' she mumbled . She really in theater so she's not a good liar . She comes to me with tears falling oon her cheeks i hugged her . Damn it . She got me again with her adorable face . ' You forget me ? ' she said with an innocent voice like a kid . I laughed ' Do that to her or anyone again and I WILL KILL YOU !!! ' we all giggled ' I love you lola <3 ' she wispered ' I love you too Sweetie <3 ...' . Later we all sleeped in Nialla's hopital room , me next to Nialla with Harriet , Zaynie sleeped on the other side of Nialla's bed . Liame cames in with the food and posed it on the table and finds blanket to sleep on the chair who was in the room .

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