No Perfection !

Hi ! I'm Harriet and im eighteen ! Me and my BFF's wanna be stars and YES we did it but then something i was not ready for is coming...


3. Hey guess who's here too ?...

Zaynie P.O.V :

It was hard to enter in because there was paparazzi all around Starbucks and they were shooting flashes all over us because ya know that's showbiz and then they all turned  to get photos of some guys . ' Who is those guys ?' Harriet said walking towards after have locked the car . ' 'Dunno girl .' i was walking more near to see the guys faces and i recognize it.... I pulled the girls out of the crowd of paps' to sit at a table near to the guys were sitting . ' Girls the clones are there !! ' i whispered to the girls . ' OH MY GOD ! ' Louisa squealed standing up  'ssh' i whispered making her sitting back . ' DON'T SSH ME  BITCH !!' Louisa screamed making the striped guy alias 'Louis' looking at us . Then he whispered something to the others guys and they come'd to our table ! Damn it Louisa why couldn't you shut up sometimes !!! 'Hey girls!' said the sexy guy ...'Zayn' yeah that's his name . 'Can we join' ? ' asked the curly guy 'Harry' i think . ' YAY !!! NEW BUDDYS !!' Louisa screamed and we all laughed. So they all sit with us i was next to  'Zayn' who was next to Liame and she was next to 'Liam',Harriet was next to Harry and Louisa was next to obviously 'Louis' and Nialla and 'Niall'. We talked and it seems like we're very similar like twins. 'So you girls wanna go to our hotel to play 'Truth or Dare' ?' Liam asked . Obviously we all said 'YEAH !!!!!!!' in same time ' Wow good timing !' Niall laughed . Those guys are very cute,sexy,adorable,attaching i feel like i'm already closer to them.

Louisa P.O.V :

Those guys are really cool ! Especially Louis.... i love the way he smiles , his beautiful eyes, his sense of humor and he's more weird than me !! I think he's perfectly my kind of guy ! I wonder if he got a girlfriend....or if he feel the same way than me...

Harriet P.O.V :

Then we get in our car to follow guys car .  When we enter in guys places , Harry pulled me in his arms , and now his hands is on my waist while he is looking at me in eyes . ' Come with me ' he whispered grabbing my hand , dragging me to his room... WAIT !!! WTF HE IS GONNA DO TO ME IN HIS ROOM !!!! i thought at myself and i go back to earth feeling his eyes undressing me . i turned around ' DO THAT TO ANOTHER GIRL!!!! PERV !!!' i screamed at him and what did he do?... he laughed ! ' What are talkin'about ?' he said approaching slowly ' Don' play at that game with me Styles and get awa..' he cutted me with a kiss and at that moment i felt butterflies in my stomach...Damn Styles...Why now ?

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