Inferno Soul

A troubled teen named Melody struggles to find her inner self on a life changing quest regarding her true identity after her parents tragic death. Misfortune and disaster follows the girl everywhere she goes making it hard for her to trust anyone she comes in contact with. She learns of the horrible secrets and deception that has clouded her judgment for many years that her family kept dormant; now as the girl starts to realize everything is not what it seems to be her life is filled with hatred, anger, sadness & doubt. Will Melody find peace not only within herself, but in the world surrounding her?

....Sometimes you take destiny into you own hands, and determine your own fate...


15. Whatever Your Heart's Desire



Chapter 15: Whatever Your Heart’s Desire


[Melody’s P.O.V]


I feel dizzy and lightheaded. I stagger around some, feeling for the vibrations that bounced off the ground. My vision is unclear, I try to make out two male figures in front of me, standing still. Whilst I wave my arm in an angle, I fall backwards. Dust, and dirt flies everywhere, covering my hands—and clothes. My lungs let out a loud breath, churning my nose into the humid air.


The sun is beaming in my face, I see a pair of legs strolling my way. Placing my arm over my eyes, I shield out the bright luminous light. A hand lifts me out of the pulsating ground, chuckling a little.


It appeared the guy was that dreadful Victor. I couldn’t last one day with him to save my freaking life! How dare he steals my backpack, then tries to befriend me? He picks a fight with poor little Jason for no reason at all, and goes behind my back to conspire with that backstabbing best friend of mines. It shows what kind of people I attract.


As my blood begins to boil I visualize me shutting Victor off completely. He had to know I was the wrong girl to mess with. I was so sick and tired of everyone taking advantage of me.


A strong voice spoke in a distance, making the trees rejoice in happiness.


“—why little brother, you are doing it all wrong. Help the girl to stand on her own two feet.” “She is tired of being carried.’’


Well that guy I am assuming must be Victor’s older brother. I don’t know how he knows, but he is damn right! I am not a little helpless baby.


Victor grunted in annoyance. “You always know everything don’t you?’’


“I bet you don’t know she’s as stubborn as a pregnant mule.”


[Scoffs] What?! Did he just compare me to an animal? We definitely weren’t going to get along, and I was going to show him stubborn.


He waited for me to stand up on my own, looking heavily within his eyes I kicked dirt all over his black shoes.


“Ha! [Laughing hysterically.] “I’ll show you a stubborn animal, and why am I here?’’


I kick a few other things around like a couple of cans, trash, and other miscellaneous items. Victor’s brother gazed at me with excitement.


“Oh brother, I like her!” “She is quite a little storm, just as our dearest Faith used to be.”


I was just about to tear some heads off about my backpack, but now I wanted to know what they knew about my mother. My body became intensified, ready for them to reveal more of her. I hadn’t really thought about her in the last few months, ever since I was preoccupied with school. Her name brought me much sorrow.


Glaring at Victor, and Michael I sneered. “What do the both of you know about my mama?” “I have never seen you are him a day in my life!’’


Michael spoke first. “Don’t you already know princess?’’ A simpered expression spread across his lovely face.


“A princess—no way, no how…” These accusations of royalty, and pure bloodline was burying me deeply. Honestly I was surrounded by whackos.

Victor did that weird bow thingy again. I could not manage anymore royal curtsies.


“So Michael--, [totally ignoring Victor] what do you know about my mother, Faith? And where is my bag? I have so much important things in there. And one more question, if you guys are on the good side, who are the bad guys?’’


Victor exhaled, “That is what I have been trying to tell you the whole time. [Sighs deeply]

“You accompany them every day, Melody.”


Michael grabbed his book bag off of the ground, “Okay, okay I know we have so much acquainting to see to, but right now it is getting a bit late and we can talk somewhere else secure.”


We all walked together to the school parking lot, as a quick beep sounded, with a vivid flash in front of us gleamed. Wow Michael really had a very nice car.  He is what you call a stylish fiend. We all stand in front of his jet black Range Rover, discussing who was gonna sit with who. Flicking my nails back, rolling my eyes I contemplate, while trying to argue my case in front of Victor.

“—No, you sit upfront with Michael, I want to sit by myself.”


We both agreed to disagree and not sit by each other at all. A harsh coldness still lingered before Michael opened the door for me to hop in his car.


“Fine!” Victor snapped angrily.


“Okay fine!!” I snapped back at him even louder.


“You two cut it out, why all of the animosity?” “We all have to get along right—so let’s put our differences behind us and try to at least communicate without the shouting please.”


I sat in the large backseat, admiring his white leather. Victor jumped in the car, and slammed the door furiously.


“Calm down Vic.” Michael looked at me through the rear view, as he drove off.


What was I getting myself into?


As we conquered the road, my phone vibrates. [Text message]

“It’s just nana.” Victor turned his whole body to face me, being nosy.

“Well--?” He probed, busy eyes waiting for an answer.


“Gosh, she just wanted to know where I am, if that is okay with you!’’


“Well what did you tell her?’’


“I told her I was out fighting crime, is that a good enough lie for you?!’’


Victor turned back around, facing the road ahead. Michael tried to decrease some of the tension while switching on the radio. Okay that didn’t help at all, it just made the situation even more uncomfortable. Gazing out the window I see the sky. It is so gloomy. The clouds are a dark purple, with slight flashes of lightning rushing through the sky. Thunder bellows through all of the land, sending chills up my spine.


“Hey, everyone just needs to relax,” Michael said calmly. “Right now you don’t understand your purpose in all of this, but you will my sister.”


“Sister?’’ I scratched my head, I felt like someone had just knocked me smack in the middle of it.


“Don’t worry Melody, you are not my sister—‘sister’, that is something I prefer to call you since I am going to help look after you.” I then focused on Victor.

“Oh, Vic is actually my brother.”


Victor hadn’t mumbled a single sound through the rest of the ride. I guess I really upset his ego. Outside hail began to thump and pommel down on everything. We passed up trees, lots of trees. All of the houses we passed were huge. I’d never saw so many mansions in one place before. This site was spectacular. My eyes widened, pressing my face against the icy cold glass window in excitement. Everything was so wonderful, and I livened up. My face was putting up an unexpected grin in disbelief as we made a stop unto a large gate. There was a huge gate securing an extravagant mansion that lit up my day. The anticipation built, looking at the scenery I could live in a palace such as this. Who were these people really?


The gates opened, and the amazement and beauty the home displayed sparkled so brightly. I really was impressed, I had never been anywhere like this before. No words could describe this once in a lifetime experience.


Even though it was pouring down heavy rain that stung my pale skin, I still admired the beauty of their home. It was magnificent in each and every way. I just hoped this was really their place while I gloated in amazement. As I stood aside of the car, Michael got out along with me, as Victor took the car to park it



No words escaped my mouth. I think I held it open for so long, it became dry. Gazing at the lights, and beautiful landscape—I simply melted.


Michael interrupted my lovely bliss. “So do you like it?’’ [His voice was modest.]


“I—I-- …umm—I wish this was MINE!! I LOVE IT!’’ “Wow that felt better.” [Exhales.]


Michael smiled. “Well at least you like it, Victor likes it. He was the one who sought it out you know? You guys have a similar taste, me on the other hand doesn’t fancy it the utmost.”

My bottom lip shivered, both of us still in the cold weather.


“Come on then, shall we have a look?’’ [Opens the door, and welcomes me in.]


Victor has already dried off, walking around with his shirt off. He had a remote in one hand, aiming it towards the TV that was mounted highly on a peach flavored wall.


I glanced at him, as he eyed me from the corner of his eye, disappointedly turning away to flop on a pearl colored couch.


Michael looked at his brother with worry, as he turned his direction towards me again.


“Melody, I know everything we have been telling you seems farfetched. But what reasons do we have against you to lie? It is against our honor to do so. But look around, is this not spectacular to you?’’


Victor interrupts to help his brother plead his case. “What about your blackouts Melody?’’


“Your visions, the amplitude of your intensified emotions?”


Michael spoke. “—or what about your ability to do things unexplainable, that you cannot understand?’’ “What did Faith tell you?


“Well it was so long ago, and I try to blackout most of it. Nana has told me to move on, and forget the past, because living in it will hinder me from moving forward.”


“Melody, what are the coincidences, and what are the odds? He has been blessing your eyes with answers, and all you can do is deny?’’ Michael sounded in sadness.


“He knows Melody; your faith: doubt, hate, anger, pain, and your heart’s sorrow. Victor, and myself has come to deem you of this unearthly pain.”


“Well Michael, if he cares for me so how come he took all that I ever loved away from me? Why was my whole life built on a foundation of lies?’’ Flashes of anger struck Melody’s face as her sadness began to shift into those piercing violet eyes again.


“Melody, [Michael cautioned] you are going to have to learn how to control your strength, or it will destroy you. We cannot answer those questions for you Melody. We all are a part of a special purpose, and we never understand the cause for us. Have you ever heard of the name Shira? She was one of the first to fall, but inevitably her strength consumed her and destroyed her in the end. She was one of the angels who couldn’t control herself.”


“Unfortunately he gave us all freewill. A will to be of our own, think of our own—while we can soar for our own desires.” Victor arouse from the sofa.


“He doesn’t let anything happen. The things of this world have minds of their own, and nothing of this earth is stronger than your own freewill.” Michael tried to explain everything the best way she could easily understand.


“He looks down at us right now, glad we are his children no matter what,” smiled Victor.


“Any more questions,’’ asked Victor while putting on a shirt.


“Well no, but thank you both for answering them honestly. I just love this house so much! Melody hurried to switch to another topic. She felt like she’d never been so close to God before in her life. Then she meets two of his children. Now she can feel it through her bones, to embrace her destiny. She is a part of everything, and now realizes all that she dreamt of was no illusion.


Were these two my allies? Michael seemed relaxed, and Victor just seemed a bit too boastful. Could I trust their word as Saints of God? I mean it seemed pretty legit to me. But I still needed to know. I still wanted to find out why Victor took my bag. I looked around the room, evaluating its secrecy. So many places they could of hid my bag, and I was going to find it.


Snapping me out of my daze, Michael walked over to me lacing his hand down my shoulder. Vic was nowhere in the room.


“Now this bag you speak of, do you want me to tell you about it?’’


“Yes.” My curious eyes bulged in excitement.


“You have a very, very ancient delicate story within your grasp.”


“What is it?’’ As he lead me to the sofa.


“The earlier times this probably would have been a scroll. In the later centuries it was known to be a codex. These very old testimonies, or stories later became the books we have today. The world’s oldest story known is the story of how God created our home. Then there is a tragic love story about man and wife. This all has been formatted and changed in various ways; but it still derived from a codex form. You can call it the first volume, or primary source.”


I am now confused. Do I have the first Bible of the earth? Why would Marcus have something in that manner?


“So Michael, you are telling me I have the first Bible?’’


“Oh no, this is something much different. It is not what’s in the Bible, it’s what’s excluded we are worried about.”


“And that is…..please elaborate.”


“There is a foretelling of The Fallen, a prophecy if you will. It spoke of a female child born from descendants of the first Angels that were cast out unto the earth. As you know my eldest brother, whose name we rarely speak of chose freewill instead of the will of father. Beautiful he was, witty, and a lovely musician. But he also was a tempter. He was also jealous of man, and didn’t want any part of their well-being. Well there was this big fight. It even leaked out unto the earth. He fell for a female angel named Shira. Shira loved the stars, and well she hadn’t thought to love my brother in a way he wanted her to. Wait I’ll show you.”


Michael placed his hands over my eyes, and there I was in Heaven. Simply unexplainable. No words of this world will be able to describe its wonders.


I stood by a pillar of light, as Michael moved thick, heavy burgundy drapes. I watched in wonder.

~~*~~ *v* ~~*~

“Father, I don’t understand! Those petty humans do as they please—and I cannot?’’

“YOU will not Lucias. For they don’t understand, I haven’t given them that power yet. They are not ready.’’

“I don’t speak against you father, I just feel something for my sister; Shira. She is beautiful, and I love her.”

“I am grateful you have love for your dear sister Shira. But she is not to become of you, and you not of her.”

“Those humans have each other, and who do I have?! I am better than they are, am I not? I was your child first!”

“Son, you have a specific purpose, as I cannot attain you. Do as you will, but if you do-- you will have to leave from this place.”


~~*~~ *v* ~~*~

I watched the anger flash upon his face, he did not want to obey. He let anger consume his spirit. He swiftly passed by me, looking backwards. We met eye contact it almost seemed. My heart beat at a rapid speed. I hurried to turn to look for Michael, as he was nowhere to be found.


I looked for shelter, somewhere to hide from him. I saw nowhere, looking desperately into his eyes. He comes a little closer to me. With shimmering black hair, and vivid cherry eyes. The look on his facial expression gave out a burst of light, as his mouth spoke no word.


As I look around for Michael again, the dark angel surrounded me. Tempting me to see, to see what happened next. I called out for Michael.


“Michael!’’ “Michael!!!!!!”


The dark angel spoke, words as sharp as a sword. His sadness flowed through my body, overwhelming me completely. I was in no control of my body. I was now looking through the great Shira’s eyes. He and her together were so beautiful.


[Singing a lovely poem] [Also in the mirror twirling.]


Come with me, we shall share much bliss.”

“Take me there by the depths of your heart.”

“A sister forever, forever it shall be…”


[Lucias joins] His voice was unimaginable. So beyond anything my world has ever heard.


“There you are, so lovely and mild.”

“You are my sister, and forever you shall be.”

“In the depths of my heart, I shall not take thee.”


My eyes began to water, as Lucias lets my hand go.

“Father says we are not to be together.”

“I asked his permission for your hand in marriage, as the humans do—his answer was still no.”

“I understand.”

“We are meant to stay this way I suppose.” Tears formed in Lucias eyes.

“These feelings I feel for you are unbelievable, it feels different than when I play my music.”

“Feelings of love?’’ Shira questioned. “Well I love you brother.” She smiled gracefully.

“But Shira, you are not in love with me, there is a difference.”

“Noooo….love is love—there’s no difference you speak of.”

“It is different, and I can show you…”

Shira stands in silence, wondering about the difference he speaks about.

Father didn’t mention more than one type of love. [Thinks to herself.]


He grabbed her quickly, wrapping his strong arms around Shira’s waist. Her body trembled, as he slowly moved her dark brown hair from her neck. His breath tingled the small hairs on her neck, as I could see passion overflowing in her brown eyes. This was done with a small modest kiss, as Shira’s body began to weaken.


He turned Shira back to him, so he could see her face to face. Her eyes watered, expecting more. What else did she lack—she wanted to know more.


He placed his shaking hands on both sides of her cheeks, as he stoked her hair back.


[Shira gasps.]


Now he brings her even closer, and kisses her gently. He kissed her again, and again as she backed away.

“No brother—this is not right, I don’t think we should be doing this. We shall never speak of it again.” Shira sat on a ruffled, soft like pillow. It was a radiant white, placing her hands down beside her trembling body.

“I told you there was a difference, is it not?’’ Lucias stood his ground.

“Brother, that was not love, I don’t know what it was—it is definitely something different for us. What if the others find out?’’

“They won’t! Promise me Shira, you won’t tell the others. They can never know of this.”

“I am at fault,” Shira placed her head down in the palms of her soft hands.

“I have never meant to shame you Shira, you must understand.”


~~*~~ *v* ~~*~

“You see Melody,” Michael stood behind me. I could here is powerful voice, and as I turned to see him, he was no longer Michael. He was the dark angel, in a sadden blur. You can say he was in a never ending melancholy, consumed in heartbreak, pain and distraught.


Michael appeared from out of nowhere, grabbing my hand. I had my first outer body experience that was extraordinary. And I learned new things, about The Fallen, and the humans on earth. This was even bigger than I could ever imagine it to be.


Feeling disorientated, and faint I suddenly fell to the floor. All I could make out was a very concerned Vic, running to my aid. Why does he keep doing that?


“Melody?!” Are you okay?!’’


Victor sits me up on the sofa, with a little water. “I don’t know why Michael did that, he knew you couldn’t withstand the impact!’’


“It’s okay Victor, really it is I have saw so much that words can’t even explain. One thing that is still a mystery is God, I didn’t get a chance to see him.”


“Melody most of rarely do, like myself. I have personally never got a chance to meet father. I know Michael, and a few others have. I have only gotten a glimpse of him myself.”


“And what of the stone I possess? The necklace Vic, what do I make out of those powers—should I forget those things too?’’


“No Melody, you aren’t going to forget any of those things. For they are yours, and only you can attain them. You must first learn how to balance your strength, and concentrate on your mental force. Michael will train you.”


“So what about him, the one you do not speak of? Is he here with us now?’’


“Well I haven’t saw him in a very long time, but I know he has a bloodline descended unto here. Don’t worry yourself so much, I am here to protect you.”


I see the time realizing that it is about time for me to go home. I hate to leave this beautiful place, but I am worried about nana. And evil forces are out to destroy the world, they are definitely out to get me and anyone else I care about. My mother is already dead—and James who knows his role in all of this. Jason and Mariah are some type of immortals that has an ancient curse. What if they try to get nana? I can’t let that happen—and Samelle, she must’ve known I was going to find out the truth sooner or later.


I am almost frightened to return to that school, I mean is anywhere around here safe?


“Victor, can you take me home now? I have to make sure my gran’ is okay. It is too dangerous just for her to be left alone by herself. I know she is probably worried about me, and where I am at now.”


“I understand completely, I will get you there.”


Michael comes out of the back, and smiles—I really wish you’d stay, but I know your heart. I know you worry about the ones you love dearly. The world needs more souls such as yourself, loving and caring.”


I went to give Michael a hug, hoping I’d get a chance to see him again



“Be well and travel safe Melody.” Michael lit up the whole room. I was sad Ii had to leave such a wonderful place, but it was my calling to do so.


Walking out into the afternoon atmosphere, I looked up at Victor. Quite curious on why hadn’t he fetched the car.


“Vic—um, where is the car?”


In a blink of an eye, we were soaring through the winds as one. I was completely frightened. My lungs felt like they were going to explode, but the breeze was very nice. I couldn’t believe I was actually flying! As I looked beneath the clouds, for the very first time I saw the earth from above. I was in awe, flying as an eagle… [Well sort of.]


Before I knew it, we was at my door. Standing face to face. I wanted to tell Victor I had so much fun today with him, even though we started off on the wrong foot. But I know it was getting late, so I hugged him goodbye.


He handed me my bag, and told me to keep it safe, as he promised me he was going to see me at school tomorrow.


Fixing my hair from my insatiable jetlag I slowly unlocked the door. Nana was on the sofa sleeping peacefully, as I carefully shut the door.


The wonders I witnessed today were amazing, and I could only hope to see what tomorrow would bring me. I tiptoed to my room, and collapsed on my fluffy bed. My room was a mess, but I didn’t care. I had real live angels for friends.




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