Inferno Soul

A troubled teen named Melody struggles to find her inner self on a life changing quest regarding her true identity after her parents tragic death. Misfortune and disaster follows the girl everywhere she goes making it hard for her to trust anyone she comes in contact with. She learns of the horrible secrets and deception that has clouded her judgment for many years that her family kept dormant; now as the girl starts to realize everything is not what it seems to be her life is filled with hatred, anger, sadness & doubt. Will Melody find peace not only within herself, but in the world surrounding her?

....Sometimes you take destiny into you own hands, and determine your own fate...


6. Waking Up


Chapter 6: Waking Up


Sometimes I hated visiting nana, she always reminded me of the past. I loved her so much, but there was so much I wish I could forget. Some things I blanked out of my head. I refused to relive my pain. As I went into the shower, the shower curtain slid back. I immediately ran out of the restroom. My heart raced with a strange beat. I was no longer comfortable in my grandma’s home. Nana watched television, rocking in her chair eased her of her worries. When I looked at my grandmother there was always a soothing presence around her. I felt at ease with nana. She always talked to me with assurance. I gave her a kiss, warning her I may not be back that night.


I realized Sammy & my dad had something in common, both of them were sadistic assholes. I couldn’t believe my life thus far. I became my own victim, yet I hid from my very own existence. I hated the thought of love. I had no empathy nor pity for myself. I began to think I deserved all that was blown my way. Sometimes I found myself wandering along the sidelines of life. Every step I felt lost, I didn’t know where I belonged. I gathered myself together to see an old acquaintance of mines from a while back. I met her in junior high, her name was Samelle. She bumped into me at the grocery store one day and she wanted us to catch up on things.



Samelle lived on the east side of town. After I transitioned to the city life after a childhood of country settling, fitting in with the other kids here was even harder to do. But Samelle was very sweet on the other hand. She lived with her dad’s girlfriend, Ramona. See we were in seventh grade, but we weren’t blind. Ramona didn’t love Samelle’s dad, but since he was partner with a local firm she believed she was entitled to receive all of her benefits. Ramona and Mr.Chestner (Samelle’s dad) were filthy cheaters. Both were married when they began a scandalous affair. Mr.Chestner got Ramona pregnant, not to mention she was his secretary. Like duh…things like this happens all of the time. But when I first met Samelle I had no idea she was going through so much. She always seemed to smile, and she always seemed happy.



 It made us think of love to be scary, or horrific. Just because someone may love a person it doesn’t necessarily mean that person may love them back. Samelle had a little sister named Jenna. Jenna was about 3 or so. I don’t really think Jenna understood why her parents wanted to separate. When you are young like that you never understand the reasons why, you only can understand the effect it will have on you because of someone else’s actions. Samelle was like the sun’s rays. She shined vividly in everything she did. She always wore her hair in a ponytail. Samelle’s eyes were green just like the gem, emerald. She rarely wore jewelry, but she always wore her necklace that her dad gave to her. I wanted to understand the way she had felt about him leaving, did it bother her like my parents faults bothered me? Jenna always held the utmost respect for Mr.Chestner. I could understand why I guess a little bit, he was her father. But I mean how many of the idiotic assholes in life destroy a nice loving family? I mean how common is that?



Seventh grade, wow seventh grade was okay. I spent most of my time gazing from the outside world. This girl in particular was noticeable. Terri, Terri Levigne. See Terri, she was everything all of the girls wanted to be. She had nice breasts, gorgeous skin and all of the guys were on her team. She was a cheerleader as well. Terri was in almost every single organization you can think of that was in junior high. Now Terri was the type of girl who believed her looks would pave her success. She wasn’t all brains, but she could indeed dress the part. She would talk about how her mother was going to get her a car for her 16th birthday. Man, Terri was just Terri. She still was an iconic idol that the whole school ran after. She was snobby, and really shallow but hey it looked like everything in life at the moment was going well for her.



Jason Aston. Jason was the quarterback of course. It seemed like him and Terri were a match made in heaven. Jason was the cool guy. But the only thing about Jason was he was truly smart. He used to try to hide his intelligence with sarcastic remarks, or crude jokes. But I paid specific attention to him. I wanted him to notice me, or at least acknowledge my existence. But on planet earth I just knew that wasn’t destined to happen. Guys like him and me---nope never, not in a trillion years. That was just theoretically impossible. Jason had an older sister named Mariah. Mariah and Terri were best friends, they had always been since I could remember. Mariah was just a more established plastic of course. Now Mariah really didn’t like Terri to hang around her crew and all, but it was Terri’s cousin Brent who asked a specific favor of Terri. Brent was the star of the school, he was very athletic and promising. It was even rumors going around the school that Brent’s father was part owner of the largest game software that had ever been marketed; FlightStar Ent. Hey, I just listened to the rumors—that doesn’t necessarily mean I believed everything that slithered from the whispering tongues of Farrow Creek Junior High. So basically Terri hooked Mariah up with Brent, or that’s the part of the story I’ve heard. I saw Terri as Mariah’s footstool, what such lovely place.



Friends come a dime a dozen. Everyone who acclaims to be the best friend is probably the worst enemy. In ninth grade the same rules applied, just with many different lost adolescent psychopaths. My friend Samelle and I were still cool. Unfortunately Samelle made a big mistake that caused the best friends from hell to hate her. I know you have a good imagination so I am going to let you figure out what the hell happened with that story. Every day it seemed I was being tormented for Samelle’s wreckful actions. Even though the odds were against us we still held our composure. I found it hard to believe one person could follow behind another so easily. I mean we have our own minds to worry and think about. It is so much going on in there that how can one truly think for someone else? I have enough problems of my own. Now I am going to tell you that this may be shocking to hear the truth, but it is so. My life was a constantly changing scenario, and even though I wanted to live a normal life, normal wasn’t just in my nature.

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