Inferno Soul

A troubled teen named Melody struggles to find her inner self on a life changing quest regarding her true identity after her parents tragic death. Misfortune and disaster follows the girl everywhere she goes making it hard for her to trust anyone she comes in contact with. She learns of the horrible secrets and deception that has clouded her judgment for many years that her family kept dormant; now as the girl starts to realize everything is not what it seems to be her life is filled with hatred, anger, sadness & doubt. Will Melody find peace not only within herself, but in the world surrounding her?

....Sometimes you take destiny into you own hands, and determine your own fate...


14. Victor



Chapter 14: Victor



His eyes were marvelous, his stance was proud. Holding his chin up as he walked through the hall passed all of the students who gaped. Whispers soon followed behind him, as the voices of everyone who witnessed him almost fainted. With his long golden mane, he smiled an honest smile. His face was of a noble king’s or someone of royalty. He was definitely set apart from the rest of the guys who were there, the inferior socialites slowly moved out of his way, as he strolled pompously.


He was just so beautiful, but not in a vain way. Jason muttered under his breath while his sister and I stood beside his revolting pride.


“And who is he supposed to be, walking down this hallway like he owns it—.’’ Mariah rolled her eyes, definitely crushing on him.


I watched him as he purposely made direct eye contact with me, and headed my way. I backed against the cold school locker feeling afraid and unsure. This strange feeling felt breath taking, and I wasn’t going to let my foolishness embarrass me.


I lowered my head to the floor, as I felt two fingers lift my chin gently into the air. A smooth accent soon followed, his voice was so honest and respectful. His dignity was definitely intact as I let out a soft gasp. He now had a more serious expression concentrating on my reaction I got from his gallantry.


“Melody you do not have to look at the ground that I stand upon, I have come for you.” “And so it is, as I said it would be before, I have traveled a long ways to reunite with you.”


Jason’s face had sadden in a manner that I was unfamiliar with. Jason stood upright, and stood face to face with Victor.


“You are not doing anything, for she is already spoken for—and you are not her speaker.”


Victor haughtiness appeared, as he roared a superior tone.


“Ha! And you are what, speaking for her? [Laughs] Does she feel as you feel, or are you just being a bit ridiculous?’’


Victor chortled, as he bowed down slightly. “Melody, it’s a pleasure for me to bestow in your acquaintance once more.


“May I have the honor of doing so properly; perhaps another day--, and my request of forgiveness for displaying my haughtiness and pride?”


He held out his right arm and extended his hand.


“Farewell Melody,’’ he then nodded his head at Mariah and Jason and turned away.


The first thing I thought about was my dream I had with the wings in the sky. His voice and manner was very similar, and he also quoted the same line. “I will come for you.” What if he is one of the people my mama warned me about? I was completely lost for words, as I looked at Mariah and Jason in complete awe.


“I gotta--I gotta go right now, I don’t wanna be late for first period again.” I scampered off, as Jason grabbed my hand. My face suddenly became a rosy red, as I smiled at him.


“Hey man, what’s wrong, are you okay?’’ “We are gonna be late for class, and our Spanish History Project is almost due!’’

Jason began to walk beside me, I could tell something was really bothering him. He never acted like this, it was weird. He almost seemed worried about something, and when you let worry control you, you become a shackled servant to it. Being bound to its every fear and command.


 I still couldn’t find my backpack, someone must’ve stolen it, and I was going to find out who. I suddenly changed the thought in my mind into a positive thought, thinking of my new friends. I winked at Jason as we entered into Miss Fernandez’s class, with just one second to spare.


“Now class you have two more days for your six week project. I expect some creativity, and—Caleb! Turn your body to me, face this way sweetheart.”


“Sorry for the rude interruption but, on another notion if you guys successfully complete your project, I am planning an after school summer vacation to Honduras, in South America. I want us to visit the Bay Islands, where we can talk to some of the locals and view their history about folklore, and The Mayan’s lost civilization.”


“If some of you guys want to decline the trip, there will be more chances when you get to high school. You will have more free time on your hands, because you will be older—hopefully mature, and responsible. “By a show of hands, por favor—who wants to go to Honduras in the summer?’’

I really was unsure about it, I didn’t expect to go somewhere so far off. It sounded nice, but it wasn’t for me. Jason asked me if I was going to the trip. I told him that it sounded beautiful, but I wasn’t quite ready to travel alone so far from my nana.


“I’ve been to the Bay Islands many of times. I can tell you how beautiful it is myself you know.” He sat up straight, with his dark brown eyes fixed on me. I stared back at him with poise, as I smiled uncontrollably. The students chattered loudly, so very excited about an upcoming vacation to Honduras. The thought of Jason telling me visiting Honduras was so astonishing to me.


“Well I haven’t really got a chance to go anywhere but here, sadly.”


A glow appeared in Jason, as he scooted his desk a little closer to mines. “Okay Melody, since I don’t know much about you, how about you tell me more about yourself. What is your never ending life story?’’


His curiosity was already smothering my words. I was not going to be so new with telling my life to him, as general companions do from time to time. It has been so much that has happened to me, and I just want to be me. I want to fit in during normal gatherings, and social events. Nana sent me to this more exclusive school that she had to pay tuition annually. They weren’t so much strict with school clothes, but the high school I was probably going to attend was.

These kids here lived life carefree. Their parents probably sat on their ass all day in front of an A/C unit scratching ballpoint pens on designer desks. His father may have had his own little office, with a BMW parked in an expensive garage somewhere. They didn’t know what hard was, because everything was handed to them on a silver spoon. I envied a bit, thinking my life should be just like theirs right now.

I suddenly emerged from my criticism and stereotyping to see Jason was still gawking at me. He expected an answer, and honestly I didn’t want to concur.

I opened my mouth, trying to jumble up sounds together hoping he’d make some sense out of them.

“I—I—was born on a Sunday, and my birthday is March 11th.’’ “Now what about you, what is your background Detective Aston?’’ I nervously waited for his response tapping my pen lightly on my desk. I felt a soft nudge on my foot. I gave Jason an awkward look, hoping he’d get the message. I was just trying to distract all of the attention I could possibly receive, especially after what that new guy Vic did to me earlier. He was so full of himself. I don’t get these guys here—they are so glitzy. I mean no modesty what so ever.


Kiara walked to my desk, throwing up small talk to get more information from me. I willingly participated while Jason sat in a shallow silence.


“So hey Mel, you going to The Islands this summer? I bet it is going to be so much fun!’’ [Smacks gum annoyingly.]

Kiara was very gorgeous, but she didn’t see so herself. She was a petite girl, with thick dark and curly hair threw up in a ponytail. She wore green contacts that corresponded with her caramel skin. The problem with Kiara was she tried extremely too hard. She twirled her curls around her finger. Blowing a huge bubble near Jason’s face.  Before I could answer her, she flops in front of Jason, while he tries desperately to ignore her.


“Hi Jason—are you going to The Islands?” She attempts to make a sly crude look towards me, hoping to make me jealous. It did not work at all, though I admit, I was getting irritable. Now I see what her goal was in the first place. I got up from my desk, leaving the both of them alone as I flew over to Miss Fernandez. I inquired more about the history project that was just about due.


As I reaped the last strain of information I could, the bell finally decided to ring. Jason practically ran out of the classroom into the hallway. I guess Kiara almost bored him to death. I silently snickered, receiving a text from Samelle.


“Hey girly, don’t go anywhere I am right around the corner!” I eyed for her lively ponytail to flicker through the crowds, then she rammed into me and hurried to give me a huge bear hug.

[Ugh….you are damaging me Samelle! Stop….it!] I giggled, so what’s up? “Why are you so hyperactive today?”


Samelle eyes twinkled, “Please pinky square you are gonna agree to this.” Her eyes blinked especially fast, like she was up to something. I always knew when Samelle tried to manipulate me.


“What do you want Samelle, I cannot pinky square to something if I don’t know what it is, you and me both know it doesn’t work like that--.”


Samelle constantly begged, “Pretty, pretty, pleeease….pleasy, pleasy Melody?!’’


She knew I hated when she did that. [Ughhhhhhhhhhh!!!!]


“Okay Samelle, what—I pinky square, now tell me!’’


With no sense of guilt she rejoiced, “I signed us up for Cheerleading Try-outs!’’ She jumped up and down joyously. She was like a rabbit, while I was upset.


“YOU DID WHAT?!!’’ “Samelle you know I am not cut out to be a cheerleader, am I cheerleader material to you?’’ Looking down at my clothes, Samelle twisted her face. Her eyes fixated on me from top to bottom.


“Well not exactly, but I can fix you!’’ She grabbed me by the hand and dragged me down the hallway. “Miss Fernandez is our coach and sponsor.” “Hi Miss Fernandez!’’


She was like a race car game or something, I couldn’t control her. Miss Fernandez waved eagerly back at us, while grading assignments. Samelle was crazy man, I was hopeless.


“So who is this totally hot ‘Vic-tser’ the school has been going bananas over?’’ She nudged me on my arm. I rubbed my arm as I blushed a little.


“Hmm…I hear he has been all over the school talking about you. He says he wants to be friends.” “What do you think Mel, you want me to arrange a little get-together on your behalf with him?’’ I shook my head no, fearing the unknown about him.


“What about Jason, I just can’t blow him off for some new guy I barely even know.’’

“Mel, I’m just being honest—screw Jason, Mariah, Terri, & that douchebag Brent.’’ Samelle sounded so hateful.

I questioned her reasons, I mean I knew they were a tough crowd, but they haven’t done anything against me for me not to respect them. Samelle rolled her eyes and assured me, I wasn’t missing out on anything. And she believed Victor would be good for me.

“Speaking of Victor--.” She slyly smirked, as he walked by and politely greeted our presence, I sulked.

We walked to our next period, on two different pages.


[Victor’s P.O.V.]




Oh how I wonder, she is stunning. I just despise her taste in company so shall I say. She has accompanied that evil, bloodsucking demon Jason. I guess that’s who he wants to be. A young boy with spikey hair, and a naughty boy reputation. A rotten little brat he is. The thought of him turns my soul. He uses Melody for his on advantage, he’s just sick.


When I passed by her in the hallway, she smelled so lovely. I am here to protect her from all who are against her. She is a sheep amongst the wolves. They will show no mercy to an innocent, they want her blood any means necessary.


I headed to my next period, looking at my schedule. Second period is M. Kirsey. It is upstairs in room 266. Okay—here it is…

Putting his paper into his pocket, he saw Samelle, and Melody from the corner of his eye. Vic turns their way, and he winks.

“So you guys have Mr. Kirsey as well do you? I am glad I am not in here alone.’’ [Grins] Jason coldly passes him by slightly


bumping into his shoulder. Victor smirks, “Oh so I see the idiot has this class as well. We are going to have so much fun.’’ [Grunts sarcastically.]


I walked into the classroom, feeling tired of this silly game Jason wanted me to play. I handed a slim teacher my schedule. He appeared pretty young to be teaching about history, but I guess I could deal. I knew for a fact I knew more history than him. I shook the teacher’s hand, feeling his essence. I wanted to know what kind of man he was. When I shook his hand, I felt no warmth—nor pulse. I slightly gazed into his golden contacts. He was definitely a vampire—demon. [Hmm…] What kind of school did Melody get sent too? I mean the ideal of supernatural entities does exist around these parts, but why were so many people acting so lame about it? I mean c’mon, this was ridiculous. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of role the principal played here.


I could tell Kirsey felt something peculiar about me as well. For I am the light that illuminates the darkness. I am the angel of protection, faith, and love. I have been sent here on a mission, though I am in a human’s body; which is very uncomfortable might I add.


I breath out, you know those things they call zippers. Okay, I feel like I am zipped inside of this body, my spirit is becoming intolerantly. I see Kirsey can recognize I am no human child, and he shakes in his little pants. Poor him, I bet they only told him I was a mere little fairytale that could do no harm to him, and his kind.


Mr. Kirsey shrieks a little. “Okay Victor Ace` please introduce yourself to the class.”


I stood in front of the blackboard, smiling my favorite smile. I knew I had Mr. Kirsey in the palm of my hands. I wanted to web him in a tangle of doubt, and wonder. He didn’t stand a chance against me.


“Hi everyone, for I am Victor and I am originally from London. I moved to America a while back with my eldest brother Michael. He attends Farrow Falls High.’’


I could see the detestable look within Mr. Kirsey’s eyes. He had no idea I had an older brother. But what they didn’t know was my purpose for coming to this dimwitted school in the first place. Jason didn’t know I scoped out his handy little salope; Mariah. I had a surprise I wanted to give to this entire school if they laid one of their filthy, stinking fingers on Melody—I would clean this hell hole of all its impurities.


Sitting down slowly in the seat Mr. Kirsey assigned me, I mocked. I had to sit next to that foul, disgusting frozen meat sack? But on the other hand Melody was right in front of us, looking more gorgeous every time my eyes fancied her. She was definitely a daughter of our kind.


There were many daughters given unto the flesh sons of man in those times. There was Shira, Inui, Faith, and a few others. They were supposed to cleanse the man’s heart of his wickedness. In time their passion for sorrowful mankind blossomed. So it is told these angels had fell in love with the sons of the earth.  Blah, blah, blah—that is why we are in this mess right now, because of passion. Even though we are capable of many wonders, humans are as well. And they can be quite tempting.


See unlike myself, Melody doesn’t need a human’s body. She was conceived on earth, therefore born here on earth as herself. She is kind of like a gate between Heaven, Earth, & the Inferno. That girl had something we did not possess. She had the ability to balance all three worlds, including physical, spiritual, and the emotional boundary loops.


I dreamt of this moment from the time I was created. She was my assigned spirit-mate. She wandered alone on this earth, feeling so miserable and unloved. But I was here for her, and I was going to protect her no matter what. I saw she was timid of me a bit, maybe because I approached her softness a little too strong. But believe me, the last thing I ever wanted to do was frighten her.


Kirsey walked by my desk, handing me a syllabus. I looked at him and smiled. Ready to annihilate his puny little body I simply thanked him for allowing me to be in his class. How does one such as himself become a teacher anyway? Vampires were so sneaky, and arrogant. I wonder how many teachers and faculty were vampires.


Michael had to see Melody, she was just as father molded her to be. I had to tell him about the faculty as well. I didn’t know teachers the teachers were involved as well. So that means they have successfully infiltrated the city. Witty little things they were, I had to get her out of this city soon.


The bell sounded, as I managed to pull Samelle to the side.


[Please walk with me.]


“We need somewhere quiet to talk Samelle, do you know any place?’’


“Well here there really isn’t nowhere safe to talk because—[She points to her ears] they are always listening to every single word I say.’’


“So you mean…,’’


“—Yes, unfortunately. They want us to hand over Melody immediately.” She winks her eye to let me know she is being tracked.


She then grabs my hand, “Okay let’s get outta here now.’’


We make it safely off of campus into a little den down the way from the school. The streets were empty, only a few cars scattered about. I studied Samelle, and I thought about Melody. We walked at a faster rate, until we sat behind a dumpster.

Now Samelle had an even more serious look on her face.

“Look Vic, they already know.”

“Know what—what you mean, what do they know?’’

“They know I am no longer on their side anymore. I will not stand by watching an innocent girl get hurt like that, I don’t want any parts of it. I told her to stay away from Jason, but he keeps following her around like some type of hungry puppy.”

I could understand where Samelle was coming from I guess, but it just didn’t add up to me. A guilty conscious? What was her connect in all of this? How could I trust her—I mean how didn’t I know this was some sick twisted plot for her to entrap poor Melody. I wasn’t thinking! I left Mel at the school alone.

“Okay Samelle, we must go back now. We cannot leave her at the school by herself, without our protection.’’

We made it back to the school, searching for Melody.

By the time we arrive back, it’s already time for lunch. I scan all of the students who are there, connecting my spirit to Melody’s mind.

“Okay let’s wait Samelle, she would now come to us.”

Out of the mix of all of the other students she arrived, with a confused look.

“Samelle?’’ Melody tilted her head sideways, and squinted her beautiful violet eyes. She was in fact in a daze, as she inched towards me.

“What are you guys doing?’’ Her words weren’t boggled anymore, as she returned back to her normal quirky state.

I told Samelle to give Melody and I some time alone, I needed to talk to Melody in private. Samelle then walked away, waving bye. My eyes were glued to Melody’s, in return she happily grinned. My human body felt more relaxing, and I was getting use to the lack of space.

Grasping unto her, we both walked to the snack bar, many students were still hurdling like busy bees. We had a few minutes to escape the crowd and talk a bit.

“Melody, I must tell you something very important. You must promise me you will listen in return.”

Melody agreed, soul still lingering towards me.

“I have something of yours that I took without permission…”


Victor goes on to tell Melody he has her missing backpack. She hyperventilates, not knowing what to do. Melody gets so upset, she rings the ears of all of the students. The chairs and tables start to rattle, as her eyes reaped vengeance. Her soul felt like it was burning inside of her, as she felt the flames on the outside scorching her skin. She stood up instantly, looking at Victor directly in his eyes.


[Voice high pitched like]


“Give it back! It is mines!!!’’ Melody threw a chair at Victor.

Victor dodged the chair, shaking his head no.

“Let me explain Melody, we must leave here right away.” “They will come for you.”

It was very silly of me to tell her this in the school, but I did it for my own little selfish reasons, I actually wanted to see how strong she actually was.  All of the students hid in fear, laying on the floor knocked unconscious. Others terrified in corners, hoping for protection.

There were some who stood their ground like Jason, Mariah and some cafeteria servers. Eyes pierced the girl, feeling threatened. Many fangs appeared, with a loud hissing screech as they surrounded Melody and I.


[Scattered murmurs]


“--It is her...’’ [Girl’s voice]

“—it can’t be!’’ [Mariah’s voice]

“—He said she wasn’t real.” [Boy’s voice]

The vampires wanted to cave us inside of the cafeteria. Jumping from the walls, licking their teeth. I grabbed Melody by the arm, dispersing my vivid golden white light. All who were there was blinded by the powerful beam. Illuminating all who witnessed my presence suddenly fell in awe, protected through my unearthly array. Sadly all who attested the miracle I delivered was going to forget that moment in time. It was going to be lost in space forever, as I floated out of the school’s building, with Melody in my arms.


Examining Melody in the sky, I can feel her light dimming as she becomes unconscious. The sunlight feels so lovely, as I coast through the clouds. The birds fly in harmony with me, and they all start to dance. I never perceived Melody to be so angry inside, and I know angry people. When I first came to this city, I didn’t pick up on that vibe. This had to be something unknown, something new.


We arrive at Farrow Falls High, in search of my brother; Michael. Melody was still insensible. As I landed on the warm ground, I stood her up, scoping the area around us. I don’t believe anyone followed us, so we head in the school.


[Melody’s head is on Vic’s shoulder]


Michael comes out of the main office, “Brother I heard your call.”


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