Inferno Soul

A troubled teen named Melody struggles to find her inner self on a life changing quest regarding her true identity after her parents tragic death. Misfortune and disaster follows the girl everywhere she goes making it hard for her to trust anyone she comes in contact with. She learns of the horrible secrets and deception that has clouded her judgment for many years that her family kept dormant; now as the girl starts to realize everything is not what it seems to be her life is filled with hatred, anger, sadness & doubt. Will Melody find peace not only within herself, but in the world surrounding her?

....Sometimes you take destiny into you own hands, and determine your own fate...


7. Secrets of Time


Chapter 7: Secrets of Time


You know when you feel so anxious about something and you begin to shake? Well this feeling is amplified one hundred times more than that. I was burrowed under the sheets, scared afraid to look. My heart felt like it was going to explode. A thousand bolts struck through my mind. As a child you become so fragile at times. I call it the dependence factor. How can you depend on something that is undependable? We then have two choices either depend on the undependable; or reach within your soul and depend on yourself. But that is where something of a higher power becomes involved in the situation. When you can’t do something alone, there may be a little help involved. The bed was cold, I was cold. Nearly shaking feeling like my soul was freezing over. I felt a terrible strength that I feared I had no control over. My mother entered in my room, looking like never before. I really didn’t understand what was going on now. I took a quick glimpse at her still hidden under my blankets. She was energetic, she was alive…?! She was, she was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. She had something important to tell me, and I was all ears.



“Mel dear, listen to these words carefully, though I know you are still very young so you will not be able to understand them now. You are one of the chosen from a long list of The Fallen. Don’t ask me what I mean girl, just listen. Your bloodline is pure. Never mix with the impure bloodlines, when I say this to you, you must take heed and understand. Some dangerous people are out to get you. They want to kill you, and they want to harness your gift for themselves. Be aware of everything and everyone around you. All things are never what they seem to be. Remember this name Avril Jack. I will not be able to be around with you for much longer. I will need you to go into the garage and grab your father’s gun. Be very careful, and mind it may be loaded.’’ Those words sliced through my heart, but somehow I was aware of my mission.



I sat up slowly, removing the blanket from my body edging off of my bed. There was a blankness in my head, no questions to be asked of my unconscious consciousness. Every step I took was heavy, but I made it there to my garage. I spotted his gun, being careful not to drop it. And like holding hot water, my hands burned with anticipation. I crept into the house, while my mother waited by the door for me. Her exact words were, “Go child, now!’’ Without grabbing anything, she shoved me out of the house and told me I couldn’t return. Now tears started flowing from my eyes, and I didn’t understand her abandonment, I wanted to come inside. She was all that I had left. She made me leave, with her piercing eyes, causing me to be adrift. I had no choice but to leave, and I did just that.



While I drifted in my own despair and tears, nighttime fell. I knew I must return home then, they never allowed me to roam in the jacket of the night. An eerie feeling overwhelmed me as the door creaked open. No lights were on, and all I could here was silence. The silence was so still that nothing fluttered, nothing moved. I pulled the light switch, trying to be aware of my surroundings. Dad’s truck was outside so I figured maybe they were both sleep. I walked into the hallway, headed towards my parent’s room. I hope they’ve fixed everything.




Now a single grain of hope has arrived, I am glad the hope I felt was there. I opened the bedroom door, and saw my daddy there laid out on the cold hard floor. Blood was everywhere. My pain was so intense, I couldn’t even scream. I ran to him, and I grabbed a towel trying to wipe the blood stains off of him. But I saw something peculiar about his death, there was a strange marking surrounding him. A necklace I had never seen before was cringed into his grasping hands. I hurried to grab the necklace from him, kissing his forehead; knowing that was my last time seeing him. That image burnt into my soul, as I felt I would never forget that horrible picture. I put the necklace into my pocket, keeping it in a safe place so I wouldn’t lose it. I noticed something strange, the bathroom lights flickered rapidly off and on. Now I already was frightened about my father, and yet my mother was nowhere to be found. I kind of felt she would be okay, after all daddy was no longer in the picture anymore.



 I tiptoed into the bathroom, and with every step I took there was a creek. My heart pumped right out of my chest, because the whole while I was uneasy about the situation. As I entered into the restroom, I noticed a bodily presence sitting in the tub, and the shower curtain was sealed. I placed my fear into my pocket, and snatched the shower curtain back! My God, she had blood everywhere as well. She was in a bathtub of blood, eyes still piercing back at me. Those daggers frightened me, her darkness showered over me.



Though in my mind I still heard her words scattering about wrecking every other good thought that I held onto. “Go child, now!’’



 I crawled unto the side of the tub, searching for answers. Where were the culprit’s footprints? I then pictured the horrible scene in my head. See mama knew I was in grave danger, so she told me to flee. I had to listen, it was my only way and chance of survival. Daddy came home drunk, that is why she told me to grab the gun, and he was planning on killing all of us. The tears ran down my cheeks. Everything was starting to make sense now. Daddy found the gun mama tried to hide, with a knife in his possession. She refused to give him the gun, so he slit her throat, and placed her in the bathtub, while afterwards he wallowed in his pain and evilness and shot himself in the chest. Mother saved me, I just wish I could have saved her in time, she could have left with me, why didn’t she come with me?



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