Inferno Soul

A troubled teen named Melody struggles to find her inner self on a life changing quest regarding her true identity after her parents tragic death. Misfortune and disaster follows the girl everywhere she goes making it hard for her to trust anyone she comes in contact with. She learns of the horrible secrets and deception that has clouded her judgment for many years that her family kept dormant; now as the girl starts to realize everything is not what it seems to be her life is filled with hatred, anger, sadness & doubt. Will Melody find peace not only within herself, but in the world surrounding her?

....Sometimes you take destiny into you own hands, and determine your own fate...


11. New World


Chapter 11: New World


Well the summer is officially over. Melody hops out of bed being alarmed from the sun light that shone out of her slightly opened drapes. She rubs her baggy eyes, barely awake. Looking at the time, she notices it’s about seven.


[Yawns, & stretches]


She walked over to her closet, gaping at her shadowy backpack that slept in the corner of her dark closet. She had never forgotten about it, she just wanted to start anew. Strange things were becoming normal every single day. With her steaming hot temper, to the headaches and night visions.


She never told her grandma of the dark figure that charted her. She didn’t want her nana to feel like she’d gone completely insane.


Melody moved clothes around, trying to figure out what was going to be best to wear for the first day of seventh grade. “School sucks…” She moped to herself, looking in disgust at the patterned tank top. Throwing the shirt down to the floor, she found a violet tee. Grabbing some grey skinny leg jeans, and her all black converse she piled them on her bed. Melody was the type of girl who didn’t even look in the mirror. Okay if that wasn’t peculiar enough—she didn’t even think twice to fix her hair that sat highly in a ponytail on top of her head. Little strands of hair frizzed about. Pink polish chipped off of her fingernails. She reached on top of her dresser, grabbing her white pearl like earrings.


That backpack was the next to follow. Picking it up, and throwing it over her shoulder; nana screams—“Come get your breakfast Melody!’’

As she walks into the kitchen where her nana eagerly was, she put up a frown.


“Do I have to go on the first day nana? I really wanna wait—really.”


Nana face twisted in a funny way, as she grabbed some napkins from the pale green cupboard.

“Why dear, the first day of school is just as important as your last day. First impressions are everything, speaking of first impressions--’’ She brushed the loose strands of hair with her fingers, back on Melody’s head.

“To cheer you up, I am making you some hot cakes! Don’t sulk girl.”

I hated school. I was especially nervous because I was new, and I didn’t know what to expect from those city kids. What if I would be called simple, or stupid?  Nana didn’t know of my worries I withheld. I was kind of sucky at school back home, I just know this place ain’t gonna be much different.


She tossed me a plate with three smoking hot pancakes. The butter was on top of the pancakes, with maple syrup drenched all over. I had some strawberries on the side of my plate, and I can tell my nana knew how to pick ‘em! I admit, she knew how to put a smile on my face. I took my butter knife, and fork and headed in. Those things didn’t stand a chance.

Looking at my grandma was a site to see, her jaws had sunken to the floor. She had both hands on her hips with one foot pointed out. “Little Missy, next time you chew your food!”

I snickered, wiping the syrup off of my mouth, licking my hands. “Bye nana, see you later.” I tried my best to zoom out of the door, because my nana never missed anything.


“MEL-ODY! She screamed at the top of her lungs—“Did you forget to wash your face?!’’


I scampered out of the gate, running towards my bus stop.  I hear a loud engine roar, “It’s just around the corner, I can make it…” I really pushed it, as I saw the big yellow school bus turning towards my stop.  I was out of breath, but I don’t think the other kids saw me. I would be the laughing stock on the first day of school if they’d seen me racing for the bus.


The bus roared my way, making a complete stop. The compressed air from the door whooshed in my face, blowing my strands of hair out of place again. See that’s why I didn’t bother to comb it the first time; with good reasons.  I peered up at the bus driver. My bus driver was a man? I heard male bus drivers were the meanest.


He welcomed me aboard, “Good morning little lady, my name is Kemp. You are my last stop, I’m gonna get y’all to Farrow Creek now, take a seat upfront.”


Not second guessing where I’d sit, I did as he suggested. I heard the others, talking loudly and snickering. I was so not ready for this day. But I knew I was going to have to get used to it.  There was a girl who sat right across from me. She looked my way a bit.  This girl looked spunky, and lively enough. She didn’t look like she belonged in the front. Everyone knew the very front was for loner kids, and weirdoes.  I turned my attention out of the bus window, watching all that scurried in the busy streets. I heard a whisper.


“Pssst—psst…hey you, hey!’’ Someone definitely wanted my attention. I quickly turned my head towards the whispering voice that was right across from me. I waved my hand at her nervously, hoping she wouldn’t think I was some type of geek. I didn’t mean to look awkward, with my eyes squinted in a confused way; being unsure of the situation. I was absolutely shocked, and lost for words. I didn’t expect anyone to speak to me on the very first day of school. Maybe my day was going to be okay after all.


I mean she was really pretty. She wore her hair in a high ponytail, but her hair was much neater than mines. She had these beautiful green eyes that sparkled in way that was so uncanny. She was definitely different in a way. She wasn’t supposed to be chatting with me, I mean she seemed perfect.


“Hi my name is Samelle.” [Chuckles] “I am usually not this forward but I know how hard it can be attending a new school without knowing anyone; on the first day.”


“You must be new around here, I never saw you before. Hey are you new here?’’


Looking surprised that someone had even noticed me I replied, “Yes I kind of am. See I visit my nana from time to time so--.’’

Samelle was mesmerized with all that I said. Who knew someone would be interested in me? I was just so happy someone had started a conversation with me. Especially this girl that sat across from me, she seemed so popular, and I was so bland. To me she was everything that I wasn’t.


“Hi Samelle, my name is Melody.”

“And is it that obvious?’’ [Giggles] “Do I have new girl on my forehead or something?’’


Samelle smiled, “Well I wouldn’t say that it’s just you kind of standout apart from everyone else here.”


“Hmmm…I wasn’t going for the different look, I thought I would fit right in.” I looked down at my clothes disappointedly.


“Well it’s a good thing, definitely.” Samelle grabbed her things, and headed my way. We talked and talked about how nervous we were about starting the first day of school. As we conversed, I knew this would be a beginning to an everlasting companionship. The bus pulled into the front entrance of the school yard. We had finally made it, the reality was sure to hit us all smack in the face. I gazed upon the school’s sign that guarded the front gate. There was a black bird for a mascot on it, with bold red and gold letters. This school was magnificent, and huge! While back in Jack Town, both of my school combined still didn’t amount to this building,


As Samelle and I exited the school bus we stuck our noses into the air.

[Both sighs] “Here goes nothing….’’

Samelle smiled, “You ready Mel?’’

I sighed, “No…not yet.”

She hurried to grab me by the arm, “Come on scaredy-cat, the school is not gonna bite!’’


The time was finally here, and I just wished it’d go away. As we made our entrance into the cafeteria, I noticed so many students. There were so many different faces, and personalities that were here. I knew the school was huge, but I didn’t know it was going to have so many, so naturally I was quite nervous. There were students in groups with papers in their hands. I believe orientation was being held.


A very thin old woman with a big long pointy nose screamed out names. She had tiny glasses that she wore with a long skirt and navy blue blouse. Her hair was in a bun, and it was all white! How old was this lady? She really looked mean. Oh yeah, I was totally gonna avoid that lady as much as possible. I tapped Samelle.


“Hey Sam, who is the weird mean looking lady giving out schedules?’’


“Oh, that’s Mrs. Nova, she’s a real splinter that one.” “She is awfully mean, you better hope you don’t have her for anything.”


“—Aston, Jason! Please come forward to receive your class schedule!’’ “Aston, Jason—report to the front of the cafeteria immediately!”


It felt like a big gush of wind hit me. He was the most beautiful thing I’d ever saw in my life. My mouth was wide open, gawking at his angelic presence. I was completely lost for words until Sam waved her hand in my face.


“Hey Mel, snap out of it! Are you okay?!”


I quickly turned my attention to Sam while still looking at that boy from the corner of my eye.


“Okay Sam, who is that angelic being over there grabbing his schedule?’’


Sam smacked her lips, “Tsk, tsk—you my friend have caught a virus called Jasonitis. You may feel a little overwhelmed, incoherent, delusional, and lost for words for long periods at a time.”


Jason was so dreamy, with his bad boyish looks. His golden blonde spikey hair was to die for. He was so handsome, and charming. While I was lost in my trance, I hear a cheeky voice in the background.


“You might as well forget about him Mel.” “He is no good for you.’’


I buzzed out of my spell and headed towards orientation. In a way Samelle was completely right, because unfortunately we were from two distant worlds. As we tottered to the crowd, I can hear gossiping from a pack of plastics sitting on top of a red lunch table.


“--I see Samelle from hell found a new pet.” A girl with hot fiery red hair sneered.


“Can we pet your pet Sammy shame?” This girl had long blonde hair that touched her back, with golden tan streaks. All of the girls taunted ferociously, causing a bit of a stir.


Samelle nudged my arm, “Hey watch me tackle the BFL’s [Bitches for Life.] ‘’She laughed disturbingly. I felt so uncomfortable at the point. I knew there was no turning back as my stomach balled in huge knots, and my knees began to weaken. My heart was filled with adrenaline, as my pulse raced and raced.


“Heyyy Bitches for Life, how can I ever get a new pet and I have all of you.” Two other girls that sat unnoticed before appeared. Terri and the other girl rolled their eyes, with their arms folded across their chest.


[Background chants loudly]


“We can do this right now Terri, you disgust me—oh and Mariah you…” I interrupted Sam cautiously.

“Samelle, there cannot be a massacre on the first day of school.''



Mrs. Nova stepped from her podium, and headed towards our way. As she marched towards us, the other girls stepped out of the flames. Her eyes pierced, and her arms switched up and down as a look of repugnance showered over her face.



The crowd Uh-oh’d in harmony. “OHHHHH.”


“—SILENCE! ALL OF YOU NOW!’’ Mrs. Nova barked at the crowd immediately, still throwing her attention at us. The crowd scattered about, as only a few quiet ones remained; wanting to see what was our dreadful punishment.


“Did you use profane language in my cafeteria to mock Terri Levigne, and Mariah Aston?”


I looked to the ground in hope she would leave me out of the mix. “And you young lady, I have never seen the likes of you around here before, what is your name?’’


Her voice completely transitioned as she leaned down to me like a piece of limb off of a tree.


“Hi ma’am, my name is Melody—Melody Jack.” My voice was so nervous and shaky. Hoping she’d leave it at that an awkward silence loitered, as she looked through her notepad.


“Oh I see--[looking suspiciously] hmmm…. Melody Jack, you have me for English Lit. II, third period.” “Here’s your schedule Melody.”  As she managed to uphold some type of sick twisted smile, she handed my schedule to me still grasping it a bit—still holding weird eye contact with me. Samelle shook her head in disagreement.


“And you Samelle, unfortunately we don’t get a chance to actually be in a regular class together, but you do have homeroom with me.”


Looking at Samelle’s actions were hilarious, I then shook my head in disagreement. Sam placed her hand on her forehead, looking bemused.


--“Oh, and you young ladies try to stay out of trouble, and please no more explicit scenes and buffoonery in my school. I do hold class after school as well, in The Study Hall.” As soon as she winked her eye and was beginning to walk away, a very handsome man stopped her in her tracks.


Mrs. Nova was lost for words! “Oh-oh, Mr. Savre—how are you?’’ She nervously spoke. He came a little closer to where we stood.


“Your school huh?’’ [Chuckles sarcastically]


“No—no Mr. Savre, I was just figuratively speaking.’’ “I just wanted the girls to mind their manners!” She suddenly gave us a goodbye, and escaped her embarrassment.


I then glanced at Mr. Savre, I was guessing he was the school’s principal. He marveled at me, looking secretive. I then studied him, from his walk, to his face. You wouldn’t believe who Mr. Savre looked exactly like. My mind was in a fog. How was this even possible? There couldn’t have been a reasonable explanation.


Mr. Savre smirked, “What’s the matter little lady?'’ And his voice—his voice frightened me. I ran out of the cafeteria door, through the crowds towards the front gate. Samelle chased after me.


As I stood at the gate, a hand touched my shoulder. I nearly jumped out of my skin.


“What’s the matter Mel? You had totally freaked like you’d just seen a ghost—is everything okay?’’


“Was it something Mr. Savre said, or did—was it that bitch Mrs. Nova? What’s the matter, you can tell me.” Sounding so assuring I then knew I couldn’t trust anyone. I wiped my eyes and told Samelle it was just new school jitters.


Samelle escorted me inside, and compared our schedules. We only had three classes together. We had history, algebra, and gym together. Due to orientation homeroom was cancelled, so we headed straight for first period. “Okay you have Spanish A for your first class, the teacher in there is pretty cool. Her name is Miss Fernandez, I will show you where it’s at.” Samelle lead the way.



I couldn’t help but think there was nowhere safe, nowhere to hide. My life was just starting to get a little bit more complex. I didn’t understand what was happening. If I decide to leave, it’d be pointless because let me guess, they are everywhere.


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