Inferno Soul

A troubled teen named Melody struggles to find her inner self on a life changing quest regarding her true identity after her parents tragic death. Misfortune and disaster follows the girl everywhere she goes making it hard for her to trust anyone she comes in contact with. She learns of the horrible secrets and deception that has clouded her judgment for many years that her family kept dormant; now as the girl starts to realize everything is not what it seems to be her life is filled with hatred, anger, sadness & doubt. Will Melody find peace not only within herself, but in the world surrounding her?

....Sometimes you take destiny into you own hands, and determine your own fate...


2. Home Is Where The Heart Is

Chapter 2: Home Is Where the Heart Is


There were many people on the bus. Different creeds they were, different nationalities lingered. One guy stared at me with a disturbing scowl, it really made me uneasy. I approached my stop desperately, waiting to depart from that strange man’s presence. But to my surprise he got off the bus with me. He wore a black coat, black painted nails…or maybe they were just filthy. His hood was over his head, but you could see his black locks that fell toward his lean shoulders. I kind of panicked, hurrying to walk at a faster pace. In the corner of my eye I see him pick up his pace while reaching his shaking hands in his jacket pocket. I was lost for thought, I’m scared to death. What is this guy’s problem; I mean what the hell he is doing. He quickly passed me by, looking me right in the eyes as he lit his cigarette. I’m at ease now, but I am also humiliated. Wow, I must have bad judgment, first it was the little girl, now it’s a random guy on the street. Damn either I have bad judgment, or people are that misleading.


I get to my apartment, & I see Sammy’s car. I’m thinking to myself, he’s gonna want to know where the hell I’ve been.


Then I think to myself, ‘’My…what have I been doing all day long?’’


As I walk in my house it seems empty, but I know he’s here. I throw my keys on the coffee table & I walk upstairs to my bedroom. I open the door, [PAUSE] I just watched in horror, I couldn’t believe him.



I scream & scream running out of the house, not grabbing anything. Sammy ran after me trying to explain what was going on, but I refused to hear his side of the story, from what I saw it was already said & done. Sammy grabbed my arm,


‘’Mel, listen to me, it’s my entire fault. I thought you were with someone else, & I got jealous…I’m really sorry.’’


I couldn’t stand to look at him, I was just still, but also shattered.


I left to go to my grandmother’s house; she always listened when no one else would. I got there & tears soaked my clothes. My granny rocked in her chair all of the time, but when she stopped she just knew there was something always wrong.


‘’Mel my dear, what is the matter, come talk to me, come give nana a hug.’’


There was a soothing calm to my nana, she loved me very dearly, & I loved her just the same.


‘’Nana, I’m just….I’m just sleepy nana that’s all.’’

I gave her a hug & a kiss on the cheek & went to my old room & lay back on my bed.


‘’A broken heart my dear will always find a way to make amends if only the soul wills it so.’’


My nana always knew when something troubled me, & I really despised that. Because when I tried to hide from myself, she always pointed myself back out.


I gazed at old drawings, & pictures that hung in my room for years. My room was the same way, & no one had ever touched it. It seemed I laid there for hours at a time, just reminiscing about the good times I shared at my nana’s home. I left from house to house in my earlier years. I never understood why I wasn’t one of the fortunate kids who were blessed with a loving family. Although I was so young, some of my past memories are very bright & vivid. Other memories are faint & scarce and I cannot gather them all.

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