Inferno Soul

A troubled teen named Melody struggles to find her inner self on a life changing quest regarding her true identity after her parents tragic death. Misfortune and disaster follows the girl everywhere she goes making it hard for her to trust anyone she comes in contact with. She learns of the horrible secrets and deception that has clouded her judgment for many years that her family kept dormant; now as the girl starts to realize everything is not what it seems to be her life is filled with hatred, anger, sadness & doubt. Will Melody find peace not only within herself, but in the world surrounding her?

....Sometimes you take destiny into you own hands, and determine your own fate...


5. Hell House


Chapter 5: Hell House


Daddy became very anxious all of a sudden. He became withdrawn, at one point or another. I kind of figured something was the matter, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it yet. Mama on the other hand became weary & sad. Everything was falling apart little by little; and the little things overwhelmed her. She just couldn’t bear the thought of life anymore. Her & my father was beginning to die, and they both were killing me right along with them. Mother cried so much, it was like rivers flooded our home. The dimness was back, we were burning out. Daddy stopped coming home some nights altogether. And gradually his belongings in our home were becoming unaccounted for. He never told me how he was feeling. He really stopped communicating with me for some time. The weakness was reproaching again. I began to feel that disgust once more for him. That fucking BASTARD! He was beginning to leave mama & me in that lonely ass house again while he sulked in his problems. How could he leave me to fend for myself with mama like that?


Mama concealed herself in her bedroom. She was like a vampire, only coming out in the nighttime whereas she thought I wouldn’t be able to see her. Dad, when he was with us, he really wasn’t with us. He found himself working on cars, letting time pass him by hoping nightfall would approach sooner; so he could escape once again. I began to get picked on by all the other kids’ even worst. They said my daddy was a drunk who terrorized the town. It only disturbed my well-being even more.


Weeks seem to pass by like hours, and days passed by like minutes, and the hours were like seconds. Everything was just happening to us so fast, all at once like a big disaster. I wasn’t expecting the best from anyone anymore. Mama was barely here…the lady was hanging on by a tiny little thread.


My birthday came and went that year and neither mama nor daddy acknowledged it. It was almost like they’d forgotten I was ever born. But I can also remember being that little girl that hoped and wished for a Santa Clause. I could remember wanting to see the tooth fairy. But what I deeply yearned for the most was my family back together again. I wanted us happy just like we used to be. It was a point where I wish I wasn’t born into this horrid world. I didn’t ask for my dysfunctional family. I was still in the dark, trying to scratch deeper beneath the surface. What was really going on inside my house, I mean I was there but it was almost as if I wasn’t. I was like a ghost wandering in the shallow hallways. I lurked in every corner, wallowing in my own despair. Finally I stopped going to school altogether, just like my daddy stopped coming home. I was becoming part of something less, something dreadful. I stopped going into my mama’s room to check on her. Love was no longer mentioned in our house. I think we all forgot about that meaning; the way it felt. No one embraced one another anymore. We were like perfect strangers, dwelling together in an abandoned house. The refrigerator was empty now; there was no food on the kitchen table. The refrigerator was a reflection of our souls.



One day I came home from my most favorite place in the whole world, the stream. It gave me happiness, the happiness that I couldn’t find from home. But I soon realized my little piece of Heaven was over, and the abyss waited to grab me. When I entered into my house it was quiet, yet distraught. Anger masked the windows with its powerful manifestations. A gloom shadowed every door, and I then knew chaos was in attendance. I hear nothing, so I walk from door to door. I could feel in it my bones, something unspeakable happened here today. My feet were becoming heavier & heavier as I treaded down my awful hallway. I felt something gawking at me, wanting me to see what was the matter in my home. Suddenly, out of nowhere at all my daddy hopped in front of me. He staggered and stumbled through every step, and every word.


‘‘Wha…do ya WANT MELLLLLLL….MELLLLLLL….hahahahahahahahahahaha; don’t telllllllllllll….’’


 I could tell he was disgustingly plastered. The foul smell that leaked out of his breath was ghastly. I almost wanted to vomit, but I held my composure. I mean you cannot reason with insanity. I couldn’t see myself talking to this thing that stood in front of me ogling me. This thing was from the pits of hell, he couldn’t be my father. I moved aside and walked past the thing. Everything in my body trembled, I was so afraid.


 I saw a shadow in the corner of my mama’s room. It was her, laid down naked and distraught. She was barely conscious, trying to regain her strength as she realized I was in her company. The room was a mess; everything had been turned over, smashed or knocked down. Her window was broken, and her door was completely off the hinges. She no longer had a hiding place anymore, she had been found. Mama was just like a baby timid of everything of this world. Blood leaked from her lips, and her eye was swollen. I couldn’t even recognize my mama anymore. I rummaged the room for her some clothes. I was getting ready to leave him behind, like he’d left us time and time again. I looked at mama, she was silent as a lamb, but she cautioned me. I then look to the door, and it was standing there, holding a beer bottle.



‘‘I can’t stand you little bitches… (It muttered) you little whores think you can run off whenever you want to? (The grin it smirked was so horrible to me, it was utterly wrong) Well I got news for the both of you, I am not going anywhere…and neither are you! We are a big happy family, say it with me…WE ARE A BIG HAPPY FAMILY!’’


That was it, my father went completely insane. It was almost like it was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. I had enough. I had enough of my life, my weak mother cowering in a dark corner with no type of sensitivity for the situation. I was tired of my ridiculous father tormenting the both of us. My numbness began. I looked at both of my parents with sadness & disgust. I was sickened to the core; it was almost like I’d been damned. Damned to this world, damned to this life, damned to be that scared little girl that witnessed so much pain. I turned to the door, as I saw my daddy hunched over; he began to vomit all of that vile poison that clinched to his soul. I slightly and swiftly walked passed him into the hallway, where it seemed my room was nowhere to be seen.


In life some things will not be explained, but we must learn all things happen for a reason. It’s really no reality about it. Fate is like another dimension that allows us to react in such a way that is unexplainable. Was I suffering from my parent’s mistakes they made previously in their lives? Did they not love me anymore? Am I really their child…my mind raced with a thousand questions? I opened my room door, the bed was so inviting. My day had become a nightmare.


All I hoped for was my family to be back happy again. My parents had moved into the living room. Their distress was overwhelming. Then I hear my mother’s cries. It sounds as if she is struggling or gasping for air. My dad is breathing heavy, and I feel scared. They are fighting once again. I wanted to stop this once and for all. How could they be so unfair to me? I put on my slippers, and head for the front room. My daddy lay on top of my mother, as he moved back and forth. I screamed, ‘’Please daddy STOP IT!’’  He yelled at me, ‘’Mel go to your room now!’’ Mama never said anything. I was so very frightened, I hurried to my room and shielded myself under my covers. I wept in the darkness. I was unsure of what to do, how could I save her? My mama needed me and I ran away from her. I sniveled in my little snot bubbles until my head began to ache, then finally I rocked myself to sleep.

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