Inferno Soul

A troubled teen named Melody struggles to find her inner self on a life changing quest regarding her true identity after her parents tragic death. Misfortune and disaster follows the girl everywhere she goes making it hard for her to trust anyone she comes in contact with. She learns of the horrible secrets and deception that has clouded her judgment for many years that her family kept dormant; now as the girl starts to realize everything is not what it seems to be her life is filled with hatred, anger, sadness & doubt. Will Melody find peace not only within herself, but in the world surrounding her?

....Sometimes you take destiny into you own hands, and determine your own fate...


13. Gaurded

Chapter 13: Guarded


[Melody’s P.O.V.]


As I awoke from my sleep, I saw something unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it was him. How did I end up here with Jason, in what seemed to be his home? I stared at the boy worried about my role I played in all of this. He was also peculiar in a way, as he fumbled things around in the living room.


He had a huge home, his house seemed like a mansion. I mean the antiqueness within its structure, and the model. This had to be built back in the 1800’s or so. It may have even been older than that as I took a quick glance at all of his paintings around his wall.


“You kind of passed out, so I brought you here.”


He eyed me full of concern and compassion, looking deeply within my eyes. But I noticed something different about him, it was his teeth. They looked like fangs, but that is just silly. Or maybe I had one of my weird nightmares again. These things were becoming terrible, I couldn’t decide what was real or fake anymore.


“Well Jason, thank you for rescuing me, but I have to go now.”


Jason stood up instantly from an old antique velvet chair. “Well I’ll take you home where do you live?’’


Now why would he ask me that silly question? I wasn’t really gonna tell him where I lived. The last thing I need is for nana to be upset about me bringing an uninvited guest to her home. Especially a male uninvited guest.


“No, it is fine—besides my nana doesn’t really like company she doesn’t know, but thanks again…anyway. It was very kind of you to do.”


Come on, what are the odds of a hot guy such as Jason being cool with me? Mariah was his sister, and she wouldn’t approve of me being friends with her little brother. And besides I thought he was dating Terri Levigne. I would not place myself in a situation like that. And just because I am the new girl, I don’t think it is right for him to take advantage of me. He has no right, so this nice guy’s act he’s playing—he can discontinue.


I uncrossed my weak legs, feeling drained. I quickly put on my shoes, concentrating on the time.


“Well thanks again Jason, my gran’ will be expecting me to walk in her house any minute now.”


“I hope I wasn’t much of a nuisance, or distraction for you.”


I put up a decent smile, as he showed me out the door. I wanted to be quite frank with him, so he wouldn’t get any weird impressions. I mean he’s cute, but there’s this new boy, and he is stunning. I can remember his face, and voice. He had a bit of an accent. I think his name was Victor. I don’t know, it’s just something about him. He made me feel strange, like I’ve met him somewhere else before. Well if I have, it wasn’t in this life.


As I made my way home, a strange presence surrounded me. But as I turned around, nothing was there. I almost felt like I was being stalked, or watched. So I picked up speed. Feeling my shoulder for my bag I notice I don’t have it. It’s gone! I must’ve left it at Jason’s. I had to make another trip, though I didn’t want to go back.  But we know what’s in my bag, and I can’t afford for it to get in the wrong hands.


I arrive at Jason’s doorstep, ringing the doorbell. While I looked up, waiting for an answer—she came to the door. I was so unprepared to see her plastic face. The only thing that roamed through my mind was bitchy-skank. She warped her facial expression from a smirk, to a scowl.


“What do you want Melody, why are you here?’’


I knew she wouldn’t approve of me being here, but it really wasn’t my fault.


“Will you get Jason, I have to ask him something.” I placed one hand on my hip, standing my ground.


Mariah was definitely sick, I know she wasn’t going to approve me being friends with her brother. She ran upstairs to fetch him. He managed to get down swiftly, as he looked sort of shocked. Mariah lurked in a distance, looking quite fidget.


“Sorry to bother you again, but did I have my schoolbag with me?’’


Jason looked sort of confused, “No—I didn’t see you with anything.”


“But you can come and see anyway, just to ease your mind.”


“Well I believe you,” looking at Mariah stick her nose in the air--I waved goodbye. Now where could my bag be? I hurried home, feeling so angry, and unsure. I always kept my bag with me no matter what.


Earlier today I met a boy named Victor. He said he was new to the school, and he seemed very different. I had never met him before. Earlier at school I was with him. I know it sounds strange and all, but he kind of pressured me into talking with him.


As I walked home I reminisced to myself about him. He was very different from Jason, his demeanor was pure like. I mean not like nerdy or anything, but he had a sweet tone about him. He was very inimitable. And out of all the other people that stood around, he neared me. He just wouldn’t leave me alone. But not in a stalker way, I just couldn’t help but to feel an immanent connection with him. We kind of were stuck together, I deeply believed I was meant to meet Vic today.


[Jason’s P.O.V.]


Mariah sneered at me, sucking her bottom lip.


“You dirty dog you, I saw what happened here today. Why did you delay?!’’


“Father is going to be so upset when he hears about this!’’ She bluntly scoffed, “You’re a failure!’’


“Father would have never backed down!’’


Looking at my sister with all of the tart vice I had built within my soul I cursed! My eyes transformed into a bloody red, and my fangs shredded through my hurting gums. She backed away from me because she knew how upset she’d made me. And though she had mind talents, her strength was nothing compared to mines when I was amped.


“You selfish, silly girl you!’’ “How dare you fix your narrow tongue to call me a failure?!’’ “Father never gave a damn about us, look at us!’’ “Look what he’s done to us, he wants us to kill each other—do you not see it?’’


“Our pure hatred for one another, it is not right.”


Mariah backed in the corner, kneeling to the ground.


“I just want to make him proud Jase’ that’s all. I just want him to be happy with us.”


I comforted my sister, I loved her and she was all I had. I knew the pain she longed from father being here with her. It was the same type of love I wanted from mother. She sometimes upset me for not being here, and abandoning us. My big sister couldn’t let that pain go, after all she clung to him under his special circumstances.


Sobbing, Mariah wiped her teary eyes bringing a ringing sound screeching in the depths of my head. It felt like a million voices penetrated my mind, giving me an unbearable headache. Every time she cried this would happen. I felt like little tiny pins were stuck inside my brain, as I hurdled to the floor—in excruciating pain.

She wiped her eyes now fixated on the terrible pain she was signaling to me. I called her The Sireness. She had her way with mind tension.


“Well Jason I saw you with her today. You felt love for her, and you felt sorry as well. We are not supposed to feel any emotions such as those, it is forbidden in our coven. They will have you prosecuted, and sentenced if they find out you are feeling for a fallen girl. It has always been forbade, we mustn’t ever hear our conscious. There is no voice Jason.


“And by the way, he is here to claim her.”


I looked every bit of surprised.


“Mariah how can you be sure?’’ I sat down blankly as a bit of worry spoiled my feelings.


“I saw him, well earlier when she was looking for her bag, I saw him talking with her.”


“That is why she didn’t come to class Jase’, she was with him.”


“Okay, okay—Mariah what did they talk about?’’


“Well that part was unclear, it was blank.” “I couldn’t make out anything.’’


Jason placed his hand over his head, rubbing his fingers through his hair—“We are too late.”


She couldn’t tell father about this. I felt so vulnerable. If he’s here that means it’s time for her to transform into herself. Time is winding down at a full speed.


“We are doomed Jason if they pair up.”

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