Inferno Soul

A troubled teen named Melody struggles to find her inner self on a life changing quest regarding her true identity after her parents tragic death. Misfortune and disaster follows the girl everywhere she goes making it hard for her to trust anyone she comes in contact with. She learns of the horrible secrets and deception that has clouded her judgment for many years that her family kept dormant; now as the girl starts to realize everything is not what it seems to be her life is filled with hatred, anger, sadness & doubt. Will Melody find peace not only within herself, but in the world surrounding her?

....Sometimes you take destiny into you own hands, and determine your own fate...


10. All Will See


Chapter 10: All Will See



Her face was stunned to see me here standing right before her with a bag in my hand. Oh, and a small fountain cup with that disgusting frosty I managed to gulp down. The panicky feeling made me thirst, like a blood thirsty vampire in the dark shadows of the night. My skirt was all wrinkled and dingy from the hot summer’s day. I managed to put up a safe smile, with my right hand holding my left arm. My legs were slender and strong, with one knee rubbing against the other. My hair crimped, and kinked. I was a sure nervous wreck.



My granny ran out to hug me on the porch. Her strength was unbelievable to be an older woman. I buckled from the abrasiveness of her tight grip. I then felt like I couldn’t breathe.


“Okay…okay—nana, nana…NANA!! I’ve missed you too, how have you been?’’


She backed away slowly, looking at me from head to toe, remembering I’ve grown up.


“Mel, I have thought about you, ya know? Just yesterday I was thinking about you and your mother. Is everything okay? Come in and talk to me, I’ll bake us a nice batch of chocolate chip cookies. They are still your favorite right?’’



I entered into her welcoming abode, just bursting with intense emotions. I wanted to share all of my troubles with her. But I knew I couldn’t involve her in that madness. I wanted help, but who could I turn too? That was so very long ago, my mother had warned me about something very dark and evil was after me. She said it wanted to possess me, Avril also mentioned something like that in that manner. To come to think about it, I’ve heard her name somewhere before.



[Melody thinks calmly to herself]



Avril? Avril Jack…where have I heard that name before?’’


She went where her nana was, the smell of fresh baked cookies made her stomach moan. Her nana sat at the dining table, smiling at Melody.


“So DeDe, tell me what lead you here. I haven’t saw you and your mother in a very long time. I have missed you both dearly.”


“Gran, my name is Mel, remember? Melody as in your granddaughter.’’


“I know who you are dear; you are DeDe, you have always been DeDe little lady-- don’t be so silly child.’’


Knowing I wasn’t going to be able to change her mind, I decided it was time to lay everything down on the table. I needed for the past to be out in the open, so I wouldn’t feel the need to hide anything from her.


[Melody sits up straight, glaring into her grandmother’s peaceful eyes.]



“Nana—I have to tell you something important, but I just don’t know how.’’



“What is it my dear, what troubles your heart?”


Nana looked confused, but willing to hear what lay heavy on my heart. I wasn’t ready to spill, but since I had her undivided attention, I had no other choice.


I shoved the cookies on the white plate aside to the corner of the table. I pushed my black hair from my face, feeling hurt. There was a ball of pain in my throat. It felt like I had swallowed an ice cube, the way the freezing hard lump was stiff in my throat. I could feel the ache in my lungs. The icy cold pain meandered through my veins. I felt distant, but I knew it was in my place to tell her, since no one else made it their business to do so.



“Mama… [Voice indistinct and trembling] mama-- and daddy are dead. You didn’t come to the funer—‘’ I placed my hand over my mouth, overwhelmed from the sad truth.



“Nana, you didn’t attend the funeral, and I didn’t know if you knew about their deaths or not. I had no one to run too. I stayed with my daddy’s younger brother Marcus, and I just couldn’t live there anymore.’’



The stream of tears flowed down my face, looking up at my nana as she came to comfort and console me. She was heartbroken it seemed from those words I cried out. It was almost as if she’d seen death herself. Her eyes began to swell and water. The redness I saw within her assured me she was very upset.



“How could they not tell me of my own daughter’s death?! Those bastards!”


My nana was enraged. She cursed, yelled, and cried at the same time.



“All I wanted was her to be at peace with me Mel, and she didn’t even have enough time to do that. They took her away from me.”



She sobbed, and vented. And I felt extremely bad. I was very upset inside I had to be the one to tell nana her daughter was no longer living on this earth. And what was even more so unbelievable, my mother and father had been dead for about six years. I spared the details, the how…and the who found them. My nana and I only had each other. I was glad after all of those years we reunited with each other. My uncle Marcus lied to me, along with the rest of them. I didn’t need my nana involved in this chosen one ridiculousness—she had already dealt with enough problems already.



I stumbled in my room, the same way it was after I left that summer. I missed those days with her. But in my mind there was still time, we had nothing but time left to be together. I wouldn’t know what I’d do if I was to ever part from her. I finally had a loving person in my life again. I was going to be stable, and peaceful again.



My old paintings hung above all over the soft pink walls. I loved to draw everything in those days. My bed still had that yellow quilt my nana knitted on her own two hands for me. Dust was everywhere in that lonely room. I felt relieved of those troubles that mounted my spirit. Looking at my cellphone, I saw the time. It was forty five minutes after three. I then snapped back into reality. I had almost forgotten I was to meet Avril at the coffee shop that afternoon. I tossed on my shoes, and grabbed my backpack off of the dead bed. I was weary of this trip, so I wanted to confront Avril about the unnecessary recklessness. I just wanted some rest, and all of the trouble I could live without.



[Avril’s P.O.V.]



Avril sat at the coffee table at the far end in the corner. Red and yellow tiles filled the place. There weren’t too many people there. She studied the clock, looking at her phone expecting a buzz.



[Melody walks in, searching around for Avril]


I waved my hand to get her attention. I had to be careful though, you never know who is watching your every move.


“Mel!’’ My voice was a high pitched yell. I could see I stole her attention, as she walked a constant pace towards me.


Melody was beyond beautiful. She looked just like Faith except shorter. Melody had long jet black hair, as dark as the midnight ebony sky that lit up with her brightening stars. Her eyes were a hazel color, or they might’ve even been bronze. She had a gorgeous smile that she tended to hide from all of her grievances. The girl packed baggage around, and her low self-esteem only told me she didn’t fancy herself that much. She managed to put up a fake smile. I was just glad she arrived to hear me out. I kind of hoped she was going to lean towards the easy way, instead of my way. If I had to drag her out of her grandmother’s house, that was exactly what I was going to do, but thank God we avoided that. I didn’t want us getting off on the wrong foot so early in our relationship.



“So thank you Melody for arriving. You are right on time. We must mind our voices that is why I sat here in the back. I have so many things to tell you about.”



Sipping my latte, I could see I was beginning to annoy her. I tried to move along with the reason I needed her with me.

“Well Mel, first thing is first. You are probably wondering who I am, but that is not important. Just know your mother and I were very good friends. I am sort of like your fairy god-mother you never knew you had, or existed.’’



Still, I received no buzz. Melody just sat there looking frustrated. I questioned her about the paper.


“Did you throw away that paper Melody?”


Melody snapped sarcastically, “I discarded the paper…now what is this about lady?’’


Wow! This girl really has some kick-butt in her after all.


“Well Melody, you must do as I say or-“cutting me off she demanded, “OR WHAT?!’’


I gestured for her to lower her tone. [Whispers] “Shhh…they can hear you girl.”


Melody whispers… “Who can hear me Avril? I don’t have time for this, now this is insane.”


I wanted to convince Melody with all of my might but I knew she had to see for her own two eyes to believe. She slumped down in her seat shielding her face. Her hair mopped the checkered table.


“Okay Avril, I am all ears but can I just live my life like it was before all of this chosen one crap. Can they just choose somebody else for this predestined prophecy fulfillment thingy?’’


I looked at her innocent face, hoping she wouldn’t fall astray as her mother did in her earlier years. When Faith had found out her true calling, it was just about too late. That’s the thing with this freewill crap, and determination. The Fallen should have eliminated the lust for freewill.


“Mel, if you refuse to do as I say, just hear me out. Your father James had some skeletons in his closet. I don’t know how much you knew about him. But let me tell you, he wasn’t your father.’’


Melody’s unhappy face was now a dramatic blur.


“What?!’’ She exclaimed in disbelief.


“You lie! It isn’t true’’, she sobbed wiping the trickle of tears from her eyes.


“It is so Melody, and you must accept.’’ I passed her a napkin from the tray of mixes, and sweeteners that sat in the middle of the table.


“Well--? Well who is my real father, and is he alive?”


This is where the part got weird. Telling her this was sure to break her. She had gone through enough already. But she had to face the facts. So much doubt, and hatred was in her heart because of the series of unfortunate events. I sat abroad, looking distinctively in Melody’s eyes.


“What I am about to tell you may be too much for you to handle. Either you can accept, or deny. But either way I am here to protect and warn you until he arrives.’’


He, who is he Avril?’’ Melody now was lost in a sea of doubt.


“You have saw your father before. You know him. Does this ring a bell?’’


“NO! Stop playing mind games with me, the only man I have--‘’She stopped dead in her train of thought.


“Oh my God…it can’t be him, he’s my daddy’s little brother. I thought I looked a little too much like him, but I always brushed it off. Please tell me this is some sick twisted nightmare, and wake me up.”


“No Melody, this isn’t a nightmare. Marcus is your biological father, and I am sorry you had to find out this way.”


I could tell the poor girl had enough. But she had to know that Marcus was her biological father. I knew there was strife between the two already, because she had mentioned he didn’t care about her. I felt remotely guilty because I wasn’t exactly true about myself, and my situation. But I had a mission to complete, and I was going to do just that—no matter how I did it.


Melody pushed away from the table coldly with her sorrowful arms, clearly disappointed about her situation.

“That only means on the bus, you knew—you knew who I was the whole time…’’


Melody’s blood boiled, I could tell from the vein bulging from her temple. She was about to lose it, I cautioned her.



“Hey now, you are fine. You are just fine, everything is going to be okay.”


She became so upset, she shattered all of the windows into little tiny pieces. Screams of agonizing pain lingered in the shop. Specks of blood scattered all over the floor. There were people searching for answers, wondering what the cause of the obliteration was. I knew. I knew it wouldn’t be long before they found us.


And like a thousand razor blade cuts, drenched in alcohol—she sliced through the skin of those who were there. She left into the hot summer day, feeling the pain of hatred. That sin of jealousy she spoke, damning her family; cursing herself to damnation. It wasn’t in her rite.


The clouds turned black, as she looked up into the sky. Thunder roared, and lightning flashed. She waited for the worst.


[Melody’s P.O.V.]


Now what happened in that coffee shop today?

She rubbed her temple in a circular motion, feeling drained. Did I have my first adrenaline rush or what? Something is definitely the matter with me. Looking in her pocket mirror, she noticed her eyes were a different color. They were violet, the same color as the stone Avril gave her. She closed her eyes tightly, hoping really hard that they would go away, and return back to normal. When she reopened her eyes, they were a soft hazel that they were before.


I was unsure about everything. So all of this hocus-pocus predestined chosen one crap isn’t in fact fake at all. My heart started a rumble in my chest. I felt a horrible ache in my rib cage. I didn’t know what was becoming of me.


I felt my mother betrayed me a little. Nothing really didn’t seem logical. My nana’s home wasn’t that far from the coffee shop. It took me a good fifteen minutes to get there, and that was because I walked slowly.


I entered into her brown wooden gate, looking down. Avril mentioned a “he’’ who was she referring to, Marcus?


I knocked on my nana’s door, still in disarray from the incident that happened before at that coffee shop. I twisted the doorknob, hungering for solitude. My mind needed a rest. My body felt like I was trying to move the whole world. And I know that is impossible.


I needed some rest, tomorrow my grandma was gonna take me shopping. I could at least still feel like the typical teenager, and have some type of fun right?                                                                                                                                                                                                      



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