The Perfect Murder

Creating the perfect murder isn't easy. Not even when you're a genious with the highest IQ level ever seen.


2. Prologue.


Recipe for the perfect murder:

Have no connection to the victim what so ever. Leave no trace. Wear gloves, hat, and plastic bags over your shoes. Make sure to get rid of your clothes fast. Stalk the victim before the murder. Make sure you know when the victim gets home on a Tuesday, or whenever you plan to do the murder. Make sure you know if there’s anyone with him/her at that night. Use something you can put in the trash easily or something already in the victim’s home. Best of all is to use something with another person’s fingerprints all over it, and then leave it at the crime scene. Leave no / or wrong footprints. The best thing would be to make sure your victim lives in a place where there’s nothing to leave footprints in, or wear shoes that are two sizes too big, and then leave them at the trashcan or some random person’s home. Make sure that there are no fingerprints or DNA on your shoes! If you can, wear clothes that are too big, and shove some pillows or similar things under your clothes, to make you look bigger. That way there won’t be a matching description. Wear contacts. If there are any witnesses to the crime, they might remember your eye color. If you wear contacts, and throw them away in another person’s trashcan they won’t lead to you. Stay cool. Don’t get all over the place and buy every single newspaper where there’s an article about the murder. If you act suspicious the police will hold an eye on you, and you don’t want that. Plan it, so that it fits into your calendar. Make sure you won’t have to cancel any appointments, and that you don’t miss out on something important. Make sure that you don’t just kill on sort of persons, like black, old, women etc. And make sure that there’s a fair ratio of time between the murders. And never kill in the same way twice! Kill in different places, at different times of the day, and all sorts of people. Going back to the “leave no trace at all” thing, if you want you can wear a wig, so that you leave wrong traces on the crime scene. When you stalk the victim, don’t use your own car. You shouldn’t rent one as well. Dress up, so that you cannot be recognized and then by foot, or bike, follow the person home. When you know the address, everything becomes a lot easier!  
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