Fixing Her

Sequel to Forgiveness.


4. Leaving....

Justin I woke up the next morning, hearing the sounds of someone cooking. Chloe wasn’t in bed beside me, so I figured she’d be in the kitchen. I walked down and saw her eating pancakes and eggs. “Morning beautiful.” I said. “Hey sleeping beauty.” Chloe said with a smile. “You wish I was sleeping beauty.” I said with a smirk. She laughed, choking on her milk. I hurried over and patted her back until she stopped laughing and choking. “You okay babe?” I asked. “Yeah just a little shocked.” She said. That was kind of obvious. “I’m sorry babe.” I said. “It’s not your fault?” Chloe asked. “But I made you laugh?” I asked back. She sighed. “Sass is my thing Justin not yours!” Chloe said. I smirked and kissed her cheek. “Justin stop!” Chloe said. I continued putting kisses all over her face. She finally moved her head and gave me what I wanted…her lips. We kissed for about a minute until. “Hey lovebirds, Chloe we’re leaving love.” I heard. I turned around and saw Cara, Chris who looked like he was in heaven, and her agent. “But…” Chloe said. “Babe I’ll be here when you get back.” I said. She shook her head, and pulled me aside. “I don’t want to go.” She said. “But you have to go babe its your job.” I said. “But-“ “Chloe we’re leaving.” Cara whispered. “Baby I’ll see you every night and I love you ok? I will be there soon as well because I’m coming to Hawaii one of the three weeks ok?” I said, kissing her forehead. She nodded and went with Cara. There was immediately an empty space in my heart. “Cara?” I said a little loud. Cara turned around. “Yes?” She asked. “Take care of Chloe…make sure she eats?” I said. “How many meals per day?” She asked. “How many have you been trying to get her to eat?” I asked. “About two per day.” Cara said. I nodded. “Two per day and if she gives you trouble, Skype me and I’ll get her to eat.” I said. “Alright. What if she doesn’t let me call you?” Cara asked. “Then call Scooter tell him the situation and see if I can come down for about 48 hours. It might also be carsickness if you drove in a car recently, and if that happens just let her throw up until she stops, and then have her call me.” I said. “And if she doesn’t want to call you?” Cara asked. “I’m gonna wanna call him. I’m gonna wanna Skype him. The only thing I’ll not want is the distance between us.” I heard Chloe say. I pulled her into me. “Baby I’m gonna see you soon, we can Skype all day every day if you like.” I said. “I just wanna stay here with you.” Chloe whispered. “Chlo, come on he’s gonna follow you to Hawaii his flight is supposed to land tomorrow evening.” Her mum said. “But I wanna stay.” Chloe said. “Miss Simpson, she wouldn’t miss a lot.” Cara said. “She’d miss the first night of filming the show!” Her mum yelled. “We aren’t actually filming tonight.” Cara said. They had a new series called Chloe and Cara. It was already more popular than Keeping Up With The Kardashians. “Oh. So why are you going today?” Her mom asked. “Because we want to have fun before we start filming.” Cara said. I was featured on the show a lot, so I know what they meant. They wanted to have fun before all the cameras got there. “Alright. Chloe sweetie you’re going to miss your flight.” Her mom said. “When’s Justin coming?” Chloe asked. “In two days baby. I have an interview and then I’ll be on my way.” I said. “Will you call me so I can come pick you up?” Chloe asked. “As soon as I land I will.” I promised. “So I won’t hear of any Selena rumors?” Chloe whispered. “Baby she may be pretty but you’re gorgeous. She has nothing on you. She has my number, but you have my heart.” I said. It was true. I loved her. Not in a past tense. “Chris is joining you.” Cara said. “CHRIS?!” Chloe yelled. I laughed. Those two have the cutest friendship. And Cara and Chris are the best couple. “Yes my idiot boyfriend is joining us.” Cara said playfully. “I wasn’t aware I was an idiot. Although I am aware I have a best friend named Chloe…hmm she’s right here by my….who is that Chloe do you recognize her?” Cody said as he walked in impersonating Chris. “Bro I love you but if you ever do that again I’ll tell Chris you’re obsessed with him.” Chloe said. “But I’m not.” Cody said. “He doesn’t know that!” Chloe said. “Babe your flight leaves in an hour.” I said. “And lucky for us, we live like ten minutes away from LAX.” Chloe said sassily. I laughed and kissed her. “Chloe.” I heard a minute later. “Chloe.” Again, louder, about two minutes later. “CHLOE!” Someone yelled. She pulled away. “Goodness sakes what do you need?!?!” I asked. “Um my best friend and girlfriend are about to miss their flight Bieber.” Chris said. “CHRISSY!” Chloe yelled. “Yes?” Chris asked. “You’re a jerk.” She said. “I know love.” Chris said with a smirk. “Whatever. Cody’s obsessed with you.” Chloe said. “I am not.” Cody said. “Oh yeah that’s why you impersonate him.” Chloe said. “Chloe go get in the car babe.” I said. “Noooo.” Chloe said. “Babe get in the car or I’m not coming to Hawaii at all.” I said. She sighed and walked out to the car. I followed her. “Baby I’m coming soon okay?” I said, holding her from behind. She nodded and I saw a tear trickle down her cheek. “Baby what’s wrong?” I asked softly. “I didn’t want to be anorexic J. I just wanted to lose weight so Miranda wouldn’t bother me.” She said, sounding like she was about to cry. “I know shawty, I know.” I whispered, holding her tighter. She nodded and attempted a smile. I took my thumbs and gently pushed her lips into a smile. “There.” I said. She laughed and pushed my hands away, holding onto them. “OI! Lovebirds!” Someone yelled. I turned to see Cara. “I guess I have to leave now?” I asked. Cara nodded. I sighed and walked inside. The last thing I saw when I turned back at the door was the car leaving the drive. “I’ll see you soon princess.” I said softly. "WAIT DON'T LEAVE WITHOUT ME!!!" I heard someone yell. The car pulled back into the drive and Chris got in the car. "You're such an idiot boo." I heard Chloe say. "Only for you boo!" Chris replied. You may think that bothers me but that doesn't because I know Chris wouldn't steal her from me. TBC
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