Fixing Her

Sequel to Forgiveness.


1. I really hope she won't get air headed



“WAKE UP WILL YOU?” I heard. I opened my eyes and saw Chloe’s mom standing over me. “Mrs. Simpson, hey!” I said. We had gotten back together a week ago, and so far everything had been great. “Chloe has a signing and she needs you there it starts in five minutes Justin.” Her mom said. Oh crap I totally forgot. “Don’t just lay in bed Justin.” Her mom said icily. I got up and pulled on a random outfit then rand downstairs, grabbed breakfast, and got in my Karma Fisker. I hadn’t gotten around to fixing it yet but whatever, my fiancé needs me there and I will be there for her, and I honestly could care less about what my car looks like. Okay I bet you’re wondering why she’s having a signing. Well she was in the mall one day, got noticed, and now is a model for Cover Girl, Chanel, and Prada. I was so amazed when she told me, well I was proud, and amazed. I just hoped she stayed grounded, you know who she was before? I don’t wanna have to leave her, but I will if she…gets like Nicki Minaj or someone like that. “Justin, right back here.” Chloe’s mum said. I pulled in and ran inside, seeing a huge crowd of people. I ran towards it to realize it was Eminem. Oops. I saw a beautiful girl, then another one, and another one. I followed where the beautiful girls were and saw Chloe. I smiled. She was signing things and making people happy. I waited for about an hour in the line and finally got to the front. “Would you like a signing sir?” Chloe asked. I took off my hat, and smiled. “I’d like a kiss ma’am, but I have a girlfriend.” I said. “I’d kiss you, but I have a boyfriend.” Chloe said, playing along. I laughed and she smiled. “Dork.” Chloe said. “Your dork.” I said. “Yepp. All mine.” Chloe said. I smiled, and got behind the table with her. “Want some help?” I asked. “Yeah sure.” Chloe said sarcastically. Okay then. I sighed and sat down. I felt like sleeping. So that’s what I did, until I heard. “CHAZ WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! I SAID DON’T TOUCH THAT YOUR SUCH A HAZARD!!!!” I opened my eyes and saw Chloe freaking out at Chaz. “Babe, calm down.” I said. She nodded and apologized. I really hope she isn’t getting air headed. Really, I do. 

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