Fixing Her

Sequel to Forgiveness.


2. He Doesn't Know....


He didn’t know. He knew nothing. We lived together and he didn’t know. “You okay girl?” My friend, Cara asked me. “Yeah, fine.” I said in a high voice. “Tell me.” Cara said. “Cara, he doesn’t know!” I said. “So stop with this anorexia nonsense and eat something, anything!” Cara said. “Cara, I can’t just…stop not eating this has been going on for three months.” I whispered. “YOU TOLD ME ABOUT THIS YESTERDAY AND YOU SAID IT WAS UNDER CONTROL!!!!” Cara yelled. I let tears fill my eyes. “Chloe, boo what’s wrong?” I heard. I turned around and saw Justin. I shrugged and sighed. “Babe something’s wrong, I know you better than this.” Justin said. “Justin…I’m just really stressed and tired.” I said. “And so ready for that photo shoot in Hawaii right Chloe?” Cara asked. I smiled and nodded. “So come home with me we can get some food in you, and let you rest.” Justin said. “Yes, go with Justin I can finish up the shopping.” Cara said. I jumped on his back and he gasped. “Babe have you been eating?” Justin asked. “Yeah, just been exercising more you know, for the job.” I lied, easily. “Oh yeah, I remember now.” Justin said with a smile. I laughed and kissed his cheek. Well I was meant to kiss his cheek, he moved his head at the same time I leaned in and we ended up kissing, which turned into a make out session and then we found a closet. I think you know what happens next so I won’t bother telling you. After, we went to Panda Express. Great, I have to eat now. “Whattaya want baby?” Justin asked. “Erm….I’ll just have a water my stomach really hurts.” I said. “Alrighty, water it is then!” Justin said, looking worried. “Babe it’s fine I’ll be better by the morning.” I said. This was the excuse I used most of the time. I felt like he had to at least realize what was happening…didn’t he? I mean isn’t he supposed to…he IS my boyfriend and all. “Baby why don’t you go find us seats, I’ll be over there really quick.” Justin said. I smiled and nodded, making my way over to two empty seats. I sat in one of them and put my feet in the other one. “Hey are you Chloe Simpson?” I heard someone say. I looked up and saw two girls with Bieber shirts on. Oh well here comes the hate might as well get it over with. “Yes I am, what do you need loves?” I asked. “We just wanted to tell you that we hope you stop being anorexic…we love you and all and it hurts most of us Beliebers to see the girl Justin loves hurting herself…please stop. If not for Justin, for yourself.” One said. The other one nodded and smiled sympathetically. “Is there a reason you’re telling me this loves?” I asked kindly. “We both used to have eating disorders and it ruined our lives, and I mean like we lost our friends, our families didn’t like to be around us, the only thing we had were each other and we got each other through it and we want you to get through this too.” The one that was nodding said. “What are your names?” I asked. “I’m Rachel, and she is Kaitlyn.” Rachel I guess said. I nodded and hugged each of them. “I will try my best girls…would you like to meet Justin?” I asked. “He doesn’t know does he?” Rachel asked. I sighed and nodded. “TELL HIM!!!!!!” Kaitlyn yelled. “Tell me what?” I heard. I looked over my shoulder to see Justin standing there. “Oh just that-“ “She has something important to tell you.” Kaitlyn said. “Who are you two?” Justin asked. “Justin these are some of your fans, their names are Rachel and Kaitlyn.” I said while smiling. “Oh. Hello girls. How are you?” Justin asked. “We’ve been better. I mean we did just find out that-“ “Kaitlyn means we’ve been better.” Rachel interrupted. “Yeah.” Rachel said. “And why’s that?” Justin asked.  “Well we found out that your girlfriend-“ “What Rachel means-“ “No I want to hear Rachel’s thoughts Kaitlyn not yours.” Justin interrupted. “We found out today that Chloe struggles with the same thing we struggle with.” Rachel said, almost inaudibly. “And what’s that?” Justin asked. “Justin she’s only drinking water what do you think?” Kaitlyn asked softly. I let a breath out. “Baby please tell me you’re not.” Justin said. “I can’t lie to you.” I whispered, tears filling my eyes. “Girls can you give us some time?” Justin asked. “Yes, its fine.” Rachel said, and then they left. I was scared a little that he might hit me and I was scared he’d leave me. But what he did surprised me beyond belief. “We’re getting through this together babe. I will not leave you, I will be right by your side okay? I love you and I’m here for you.” Justin said, wiping my tears away gently. I smiled a little which made him break out in a smile. “That’s what I wanted to see.” Justin whispered, kissing my forehead. I blushed which made him smile again. “When we get home you’re gonna eat something.” Justin whispered. “But-“ “Baby do you want to get better?” Justin asked. I nodded because I did…I never meant to go anorexic. I just wanted to lose weight…and it turned into anorexia. “Babe you okay?” Justin asked. I shook my head and he sighed. I frowned and he grabbed my face, pushing my mouth into a smile. “We have to stay positive baby, that’s the only way you’ll get better.” Justin said. I forced a smile and he hugged me and held me close. I let him hold me, knowing I had to leave in a few hours and that I wouldn’t see him for the next three weeks.



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