Fixing Her

Sequel to Forgiveness.


5. Cute and Interesting Conversations

Chloe We had landed an hour ago, and Chris was really getting on my nerves. “Babe wanna go shopping?!” He yelled, waking me up. “Chrissss shhh!” I said. “But boo Cara’s asleep and I wanna see the sights of Hawaii!” Chris said. “Fine.” I snapped. “Boo are you okay?” He asked. “I’m fine Chris just tired.” I said. The truth was, I wasn’t just tired. “Boo the truth please.” He said, pinching my cheeks. “I think I’m pregnant.” I whispered. ”What?!?” He yelled. “Justin and I have been active lately.” I said with no shame. “And you aren’t on the pill?!” Chris asked. “I was but I had a bad allergic reaction and I had to come off it.” I said. “Did he use a condom last time?!!?” Chris yelled. “I told him not to.” I whispered. “WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING?!?!” Chris yelled. “So that I wouldn’t have to see Miranda. If I get maternity leave I still have my contract and I can go on tour with J and see him a lot more and so that I won’t be as depressed.” I said. Little did I know that my words were being filmed already, and that it was being uploaded onto the TV live. And I also didn’t know that in that moment, Justin was watching it. Justin Pregnant? But she’s anorexic. “SCOOTER!” I yelled. He ran in. “Yes?” He asked. “I need an earlier flight to Hawaii.” I said. “Why?” He asked. “Chloe’s pregnant.” I whispered. “Who’s is it?” Scooter asked. “Mine who else would it belong to?” I asked. He nodded. “You have a point.” Scooter said. I nodded. “I need a flight Scoot I can’t just let her be there alone I mean the Beliebers, if they find her…” I said. “Alright. But she has to stay after you go. Don’t worry, we’re sending Kenny to protect her.” Scooter said. I nodded. “And after they’re done shooting she’ll come join you on tour.” Scooter said. “How long is that gonna take?” I asked. “About a week after you leave so you’re there for 2 weeks, and then you get a week to prepare for her.” Scooter said. “Preparing what for her?” I asked. “Yourself, pregnant girls are really moody especially anorexic ones.” Scooter said. “Is that a jab at my girl?” I asked. “Seeing as you would hit me if I was jabbing at her, no.” Scooter said. “Oh ok.” I said. He nodded and I smirked. “What’s with the smirk Bieber?” Ryan asked as he walked in. “Butsy what’re you doing here?” I asked, chuckling. “You invited me jerk!” Ryan said. “My name is Justin though!” I whined. “No I think it’s Jerk Face Bieber.” Ryan said with a straight face and sassy voice. “Get my girlfriend to back you up on that and I’ll believe you.” I said. “WHERE WOULD I BE IF YOU DIDN’T BELIEVE!” Ryan yelled. I facepalmed. “Ryan are you drunk bro?” I asked. He laughed and shook his head. I sighed and dialed Chloe’s number. Chloe We were sitting in the bedroom, all of us. I’d just told Cara and she flipped out as well. “Chloe your phone is ringing.” Cara said, bringing me out of my thoughts. I nodded and picked it up. “Hello?” I asked. “Babe…” Justin said softly. My eyes immediately filled with tears. “Justin I’m sorry…” I said, hoping he hadn’t seen. “I know. I know it’s okay boo. It’ll be ok.” Justin said. He knew. “How do you know?” I whispered. “It’s all over the news.” Justin said. I opened my laptop and got on twitter. “J the hate is already starting.” I whispered. “Baby it’ll be okay.” He said. I let a tear fall. “I want you here.” I said. “I know. I know. I’m coming out tonight alright?” Justin said softly. “Justin I’m sorry.” I said tearfully. “It’s okay babe.” Justin said. “But Scooter said it could ruin your career.” I said. “Scooter said that about dating you, and we took that risk remember?” Justin asked. “I know but this could really destroy your career.” I said. “Babe is Chris there?” Justin asked. “Yes. Why?” I asked. “Lemme talk to him.” Justin said. I handed the phone to Chris. Chris “Hey Justin...” I said. “Chris I don’t want Chloe getting hurt while I’m not there. She thinks I’m coming out tonight and I am but it’ll be around 7 am tomorrow when I get in.” Justin said. “And what do you want me to do?” I asked, confused. “She’s having issues again. Make sure she eats.” Justin replied. “What if she doesn’t?” I asked. “She will.” Justin said. “How do you know?” I challenged. “Because she knows I won’t come if she doesn’t eat, look I miss her a lot I love her a lot, but I need her to eat so I really don’t have a huge issue with you bribing her to eat.” Justin said. “Why are you doing this?” I asked. “Because she’s pregnant, and anorexic and you and I both know that that just doesn’t mix.” Justin said. That was true. “You have a point.” I said. “I know.” Justin said. “I still don’t get what I have to do with this.” I said. “You know how you can get her to do anything?” Justin asked. “No Justin I’m not doing that not in this situation.” I said. “Please Chris…” Justin said. “So you want me to tell your girl that I will kill myself if she doesn’t eat? That’s how I got her to do it last time.” I said. “If it’ll make her eat then yeah.” Justin said. “She is going to hate you.” I said. “She will?” Justin asked. “Yeah she hates when I say that I wanna die and if someone makes me say it she usually cusses them out just like I cuss her haters out.” I said truthfully. “You two have a very…unique friendship.” Justin said. I chuckled. “Or one could say messed up.” I said. “Unique is nicer.” Justin said. “Bro, even Chloe and I call it messed up. We don’t care cause it’s true.” I said. “Well I have to go catch a plane. All you kids have a nice sleep.” Justin said. “You better Skype Chloe after this phone call and tell her goodnight or else she won’t-“ “Sleep, eat, move, talk, or do anything.” Justin finished for me. “You know her well.” I said. “Yes. Not as well as you or Cara though.” Justin said. “Actually Carter knows her best.” I said. “How do you know this information?” Justin asked. “He can tell her mood just by how she types “hi” bro.” I said. “…I can’t even tell her mood in person sometimes.” Justin said. “I can tell her mood that way too.” I said. “How?” Justin asked. “When she says “hi” she’s depressed, when she says “hey boo” she’s happy to see me but had a bad day, when she says “CHRISSYBOO” she’s like really happy and had a great day and when she says “hey…” she’s trying to hide something.” I said. “That makes sense. Well I have to go now. And I don’t have time to Skype her so just tell her I love her and I said to sleep.” Justin said. “Alright bro. Night.” I said. “Night.” Justin replied. I hung up and walked over to Chloe. “Boo Justin wants you to know that he loves you and that he wants you to get a good nights sleep.” I said. “Oh okay.” Chloe said. She walked to her room and a few minutes later, I looked in and she was asleep. TBC
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