Just Takes Time

Rosie and Annabelle have being friends for as long as they can remember and as they start their last year at high school they decide to make a rule that nothing or nobody is going to get in the way of them having a good time. But when they are grouped with 2 boys from Direction that they have never met before, there one rule may be about to be broken.......


5. While you have the chance

Annabelle's P.O.V ~ Me and Zayn had being together now for a couple of months and things were going great. I loved him with all my heart and knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

It was lunchtime when Rosie first came up to me, she explained how Louis had asked her out and that she didn't know what to do. I felt truly sorry for her as I knew the pain and grief she was going through. After all it was less than a year ago that she lost Jack. "I really like Louis but don't know whether I can do it so close after what's happened." They were the last words she said to me before heading off to her last lesson. 

It was around 4pm when my phone vibrated in my pocket. An unknown number flashed on the screen. "Hello" I spoke down the phone. "Hello Is that Annabelle Thomas?" The woman replied in a soft voice.  "Yes it is, can I help you?" I asked curiously. "Your best friend Rosie has being in a serious car crash. It happened around 2:45pm and she is in a critical condition. PLease would you gather up her closest family and friends, so you can visit her while you have the chance." I was speechless, the words wouldn't escape from my mouth and all I managed to say was "Oh..." before I hung up the phone.

My fingers fumbled with the numbers as I quickly typed in the first number that entered my head. "Hey Louis it's Annabelle, meet me in the hospital in 30 minutes. It's Rosie she's being in a crash." I sobbed down the phone to him. "OMG is she okay? I am on my way now." he finished before ending the call. After calling Rosie's mum and dad, I grabbed my phone, purse and keys before rushing to my car. 

Opening the door to Rosie's room, the smell of bleach and disinfectant burnt my nostrils. She lay weakly on the bed, with wires and tubes suffocating her body. The monitor in the corner of the room reassured me she was going to be okay; even though my spirits were low. I sat down in the uncomfortable chair, and took her hand in mine. Her skin was the colour of snow and her forehead was covered in scars and grazes. "Rosie its Annabelle, I don't know if you can hear me but everything is going to be alright. I told her in a gentle voice. "We are going to get you healthy and fit again because you have a very important party to attend in a week!" I swear the corner of her month slightly lifted as I said the last sentence. 

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