Just Takes Time

Rosie and Annabelle have being friends for as long as they can remember and as they start their last year at high school they decide to make a rule that nothing or nobody is going to get in the way of them having a good time. But when they are grouped with 2 boys from Direction that they have never met before, there one rule may be about to be broken.......


4. I am not ready yet

It was monday morning when I returned to school. I had promised myself that after last time I wouldn't date a boy for a long time. Me and Jack had being together for 3 years. It happened one night when I was in bed, my phone rang and when I answered it, my boyfriends mum sobbed down the phone. She told me that Jack had gone to the shop to get some milk and he never came back. When the police where searching they found Jack's body at the bottom of the lake in our village. After gathering evidence they discovered that someone had pushed him and he had drowned to death.  The video footage wasn't clear enough to define the murderer but all they knew is that it was a tall man. It took many months to face school and even my closest of friends. 


At lunch, I was walking down the corridor when a strong arm pulled me into one of the science laboratories. I turned to see Louis standing in front of me. "Hey I haven't stopped thinking about you since that time we worked in a group and I really need to ask you something." Louis explained nervously "Will you be my girlfriend?" I didn't know what to say, I didn't wan to hurt his feelings but it was too soon for me. "I am really sorry Louis but I am not ready for a relationship yet." I turned on my heels and searched for Annabelle.


When I found Annabelle I explained everything to her and told her how I felt about Louis. "Anyway enough of my moaning, how are you are Zayn getting on?" I asked cheerfully. "We are so great together, I feel like I have known him forever and I think he is the one for me." She grinned at me before the bell rang. I made my way to my lesson to find Niall was outside the door waiting for me. "Rosie I am really sorry about the other night, can we just forget that it ever happened and start fresh. I have something to ask you." Niall looked at me seriously. "Will you be my girlfriend?" After giving him the same answer as I gave Louis, I walked out of the school gates and down the footpath. When I arrived in my favourite place, I sat down on the bench and stared out at the sea. I thought of the last time me and Jack came here, the night before he died. We sat here for hours just laughing and enjoying each others company. I was so happy that night why did it all have to change?

Still deep in thought, I stood up and took three steps forward. I was in the middle of the road. The last thing I heard was a car horn and then the world went black..............


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