Just Takes Time

Rosie and Annabelle have being friends for as long as they can remember and as they start their last year at high school they decide to make a rule that nothing or nobody is going to get in the way of them having a good time. But when they are grouped with 2 boys from Direction that they have never met before, there one rule may be about to be broken.......


2. "Hey I'm Louis"

"So class I am going to put you into groups of four to do this project." Miss Brownwood droned. "So would Rosie, Annabelle, Zayn and Louis please go sit over there." I quickly walked over to the table and claimed the seat next to Annabelle while Zayn sat on the other side of her and Louis sat next to me. "Hey, don't think I have met you before. I am Louis how are you?" He said as he reached out to shake my hand. "Hey I am Rosie and this is my friend Annabelle" I replied as I shook his hand. Five minutes later we were talking like I had known him all my life. Turning my head I spotted Annabelle fluttering her eyelashes at Zayn and he defiantly looked interested in her too. The moment the school bell rang I grabbed Annabelle and pulled her outside. "Sooooo" I asked her. "Well I know we said we would let no boys mess us around, but he asked me out and I said yes!" She started jumping up and down excitably. "So what do you think of Louis then?" she questioned me. "He is really cute but I am sure he isn't interested in me, so it doesn't matter anyway" I answered her. "Anyway lets get going we need a bit of retail therapy, me thinks" We both started laughing and all the thoughts were forgotten.


Just as I buttoned up my onesie there was an unsuspected knock at the door. "I'll get it" my mum shouted from the hallway. "Hey is Rosie in, I really need to speak to her?" I knew I recognised the voice but couldn't put my finger on who it was. "Yes just up the stairs, second door to the right." My mum replied. "Thanks Mrs Mason." The voice said. I quickly ran and retrieved the clothes that were on my floor and plonked on my bed, just as the door opened opened.

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